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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

McGladrey's Indiana Holiday Adoption Program

Written by Karen Wagner
HR Manager
Elkhart, IN

The McGladrey Elkhart & South Bend offices once again adopted 100 children for the holidays from a local behavioral center.  It is always amazing to witness the generosity and kindness from our employees to help make a child’s holiday a little bit brighter.  These are children that without our support probably would not have a present to open on Christmas morning. The center provides us with a wish list for each child which is written on a “mitten” for adoption. An employee can adopt a child by either taking a “mitten” and buying the gift or donating money and the “office elves” will purchase the gifts.  Due to the overwhelming giving, we had to limit each child to receive gifts worth a $25 value in order to keep the gift giving balanced. 

The gifts are all brought to the Elkhart office unwrapped.  The office then partakes in a fun filled pizza/gift wrapping party.  Since most children get at least two presents, that’s a lot of gifts to wrap! We had an abundance of money donated this year so in addition to the children’s gifts, we were able to donate a large quantity of mittens, hats, socks and popcorn tins to the center. It usually takes at least two large vehicles to deliver all the gifts to the center.  However, this year one of the partners volunteered to deliver them in his large SUV.  After the presents were carefully stacked in his vehicle, the only space left was the driver’s seat! 

Due to confidentiality reasons, we are not able to meet the children but they do send wonderful thank you notes that pull at your heart strings.  This program is truly an amazing way to give back to our community by making 100 children happy – that’s the true meaning of the holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

McGladrey Talent Community: Staying in touch with Career Opportunities at McGladrey

Written by Dan Gradel
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

We recently launched a new way for anyone to stay in touch with McGladrey and our career opportunities called the McGladrey Talent Community. The job search process has many factors that need to be met to provide success, and timing is often one of the wildcard variables that can’t be controlled, especially in public accounting. As a recruiter, I network with many people throughout the year for a variety of reasons such as recruiting for open positions, networking events, completing references and following up on voicemails. The result of a lot of these calls is that people are not quite ready to make a move from their current employer due to the time of year. In public accounting we all know that we have “seasons” in which it is hard to leave due to work load and being a stand up employee so as not to leave your current company in a tight spot.

We have launched the McGladrey Talent Community to make this easier for you. The McGladrey Talent Community will keep you informed of current and future career opportunities that match your preferences, it is a fully customizable job alert that allows you to chose when you want to make that move or learn more without making a commitment today. If you are in tax, assurance, consulting or another group within public accounting we can keep you in the loop on the exact opportunities that you want to hear about and help make that timing issue a little easier and less painful by bringing the opportunities to you on the timeframe you determine. Take a moment to look at what we have to offer and sign up for your job updates: Join The McGladrey Talent Community today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McGladrey Spends the Day Working at the Beach… for Real!

Written by LoriAnn Boyer
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

On November 17th, the Los Angeles and Irvine, CA offices met on the sands of the Long Beach, Belmont Pier to participate in a Volunteer Beach Clean-Up Day.  McGladrey is an avid supporter and participant in community outreach and this event was no exception.  Donned with McGladrey tee shirts, plastic gloves, grabbers, trash bags and a strong spirit of good will, we hit the beach like a cleaning force to be reckoned with.  Within three hours we had filled several trash bags with our findings.  It was amazing to see how much debris we recovered and was able to rid the beach of.  The biggest and most intriguing find was an old suitcase, found by our Marketing Director, Ben Boyer.  He got the prize for the biggest piece of trash found.

Aside from having fun, while taking part in cleaning the beach, we came away with a deeper understanding and renewed respect of how we can all do our part to take care of our fragile marine environment.  We learned about the vital impact the debris causes on our biggest natural resource.  We all share the beach and, as such, we need to collectively care for our coastline, not only for ourselves but for the sea life that inhabit these waters.  We’re all part of a delicate eco-system and something as simple as not littering our beaches can help in our preservation. 

We also came away with a tremendous sense of community and accomplishment, and are looking forward to our next volunteer event. Several of our volunteers commented on how random people biking, running, or walking by, stopped to thank them for supporting California’s beach cleanup efforts.  Clearly McGladrey made a huge impact on the Long Beach community that day.

If you’d like to be part of a world class organization that genuinely enjoys and actively participates in given back to the community, then check our job openings at

Monday, December 19, 2011

McGladrey Orientation and Training: "I have worked with a variety of clients"

Written by Amy Gilbert
Assurance Associate
Baltimore, MD

I am McGladrey! This slogan was repeated many times by the new hires at orientation this fall attended by 450 of us at the Q Center in Chicago. After the week and half of orientation and training I truly felt as if I was becoming McGladrey. As I prepared to leave for training many thoughts ran through my head as to who I would meet, what opportunities may be presented to me, and where I might end up in the next few years in my career.

During orientation and training, I was able to be introduced to many individuals that had established a lasting career with McGladrey; this gave me hope for my future. As the training days continued I realized there were 449 other individuals in the exact same position as me. These individuals were starting a new career, anxious about the workload and busy season and also at the stressful point in life of trying to balance work life, social life and studying for the dreaded CPA exam. Even though we came from all over the country and we had different stories about why we chose McGladrey, we were all the same; we were the new hire class of 2011, we are McGladrey.

Training did not stop as I departed from the Q Center, real training had only begun. It was time to visit the office as a “real employee” and to prepare for my first client visit. This can be a stressful time for new hires especially for those that never experienced a client visit through an internship.  During training when I was told that the learning curve at McGladrey was high the first year, I was not sure what to think. Now, I know what they mean. Every day that I visit a client or go to the office to work, I know about twice as much as I knew the day before. There are simple tasks that can appear to be repetitive, but they are skills that are extremely important and will be utilized every day - becoming a master at these basic skills will prove you to be an asset to your team.

I have worked with a variety of clients from car dealerships, to wholesale clients, to logistics trucking companies and not one of them have been the same as the others. This is a great experience because I get to learn about a variety of businesses and this will help me to tailor my specialties in the future.

McGladrey does an excellent job at providing support to the employees. Each employee has a navigator and a career advisor to help answer questions. These individuals will sit down with their advisee and discuss goals, opportunities and their future with McGladrey. There is also the opportunity to participate in training within McGladrey, with help of a career advisor; each employee is able to tailor their selection of training to the goal that they set for themselves. I was also able to participate in a panel discussion with my navigator to learn more about what my first busy season might be like. This was a very informative Q&A session.

I am happy that I was able to find a career that mixed professionalism with other important aspects of life, such as community service. I have had the opportunity to participate in many service events with McGladrey including: Habitat for Humanity, making blankets for the Salvation Army, making teddy bears for a children’s hospital and helping to restore the wetland of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Every one of these service projects have not only helped my community, but have also taught me more about myself and my team members. These events have been a lot of fun to participate in and have made my career choice even more worthwhile knowing that I will have the time to participate in the events while working on developing my career.

Overall, I have found that McGladrey is full of employees that are willing to help with any questions that I may have. The culture within the firm is a very comfortable culture that I feel will be a stimulating learning and working environment. As opportunities become available to work with different clients or in different locations, I plan to welcome them with an open mind, this way I can develop my working portfolio and decide what path is right for me within McGladrey. As I begin my journey down the path toward professional development, every day I can feel that I am becoming McGladrey.

Join McGladrey! Check out McGladrey's Career Site for students.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The McGladrey Atlanta Office is New, Growing and Hiring!

Written by Bill Gorman
Regional Managing Partner - Southeast Region

Atlanta Office
There is no wonder why Atlanta is held in such high regard in the Southeast; it is a beautiful, vibrant city with great people and a tremendous business environment that is growing.  The McGladrey office is located mid-town and we moved in just a few months ago.  The spirit and hospitality of our people there embody the reputation of the South and of McGladrey.  The office has evolved as a fresh start up and we have added clients and people at a brisk pace.  

As this momentum builds, we are seeing increased interest from client prospects and outstanding talent who want to be a part of the McGladrey experience.  As our journey continues to build the McGladrey presence to become the dominant firm in the Atlanta market, we are looking to add talent on all levels and Audit, Tax and Consulting,  particularly partners and managers looking to take their career to the next level.  If you, or someone you know, would be a good addition to McGladrey in Atlanta, please contact Jennifer Busse at  You set your sights high.  So does McGladrey.  Imagine what we will achieve together!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Q&A with McGladrey Baltimore Managing Director - Murat Tasel

Written by Kristie Lee
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore office team room

McGladrey is the largest accounting firm in Baltimore (source: Baltimore Business Journal).   Lead Tax Services partner Murat Tasel has contributed to this success. Murat has been in the Baltimore office for 7 ½ years. 

A graduate from University of Baltimore, Murat has over 20 years of public accounting experience specializing in managing tax compliance and consulting engagements for large,  publicly traded and mid-sized companies in manufacturing, construction, services, real estate, high-tech and healthcare industries. 
Murat leads tax services for all risk management/SOX 404 engagements in the Mid-Atlantic region, and assists clients with proper tax documentation, implementation of controls and testing for SOX 404 consulting engagements.  Murat also is part of the National Manufacturing and Distribution LeadershipTeam as well as an industry leader in the electronic industry.  

When Murat is not working, you are likely to find him spending time with his family, on a soccer field, or coaching his children’s soccer teams.  Murat plays soccer for 2 teams and is extremely involved in different recreational leagues with his children. In addition, he is very active in his community.

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Murat and ask a few questions about his thoughts on McGladrey.  Below is an excerpt of our recent conversation:

Kristie: How long have you been working with McGladrey?
Murat: I joined McGladrey 7 ½ years ago. I previously served as a senior tax manager at a Big Four firm.

K: What do you enjoy most about working for McGladrey?
M: I love the culture and our people.  We have a great culture and extremely sincere people. McGladrey is very client focused and very entrepreneurial which is another reason why I enjoy working at McGladrey.

K: What advice would you give a professional who is considering making a move to McGladrey?
M: Consider the people you will be working with and the types of clients you will be serving.  McGladrey’s staff and clients are world class.  McGladrey is in tune with market needs and can adapt very quickly which is a great benefit.  

K: What is your involvement with the McGladrey Classic PGA Tour?
M: The McGladrey Classic is a good venue.  It gives us an opportunity to thank our clients and build relationships.  The brand building is great as well.

K: What are the biggest growth opportunities in Baltimore?
M: McGladrey is positioned to attract emerging middle market companies that are doing business throughout the country.  These companies need access to a wide range of subject matter experts including, but not limited to, state and local tax and international tax consulting and compliance. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

McGladrey Rotation Program: “A very valuable experience”

Written by Milton Marcotte
Managing Director
Chicago, IL

Milton Marcotte, Managing Director

Last May marked the beginning of an exciting new rotation program that enabled 17 McGladrey assurance staff members to experience what it’s like to be a part of the business consulting transaction advisory services practice during audit’s traditional non-busy season. The program helps McGladrey become the leader in serving private equity groups (PEGs) and their portfolio companies and enhances the skill sets of our PEG client servers.  
Mike Stuckey, senior audit associate-Boston, says the program was a very valuable experience. He learned how to perform more analytics and analysis using graphs and also interpret data in many different ways.

“Another thing I really liked was the team atmosphere,” says Mike. “You really get the sense of how big the firm actually is. Coming from audit, you work with people from your local office and local engagement teams. But in transaction advisory services you could be working one week with people from our New York and Chicago offices, and the next week you might be working and networking with people from different offices all over the United States and the world.”

Would he do it again?

“Yes, definitely,” Mike says. “I’m planning on it, and I encourage others to try it if they’re looking to branch out from audit because it’s an entirely new experience.” 

The program’s four primary goals include:
  • Develop additional resources and capabilities to support our PEG growth efforts in transaction advisory services and audit
  • Provide employees with additional learning opportunities and career alternatives
  • Increase retention of high-performing employees
  • Enhance  service quality to PEGs and portfolio companies by broadening the capabilities of our people
Two rotation program participants enjoyed the experience so much; they elected to transfer full-time into the transaction advisory services group. In addition, two recent transaction advisory services hires will do an audit rotation during the 2012 busy season.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Associate Reflects on McGladrey Orientation

Written by Allie Orlando
Assurance Associate
Boston, MA
I was anxious and excited in the weeks leading up to our first day of training in the Boston office. The evening before, I ironed every piece of business casual attire I own and modeled each one to find the perfect “first impression” outfit.  That morning, I checked what I was bringing at least five times to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything before finally walking out the door, only to find that everything I needed was provided for me when I got there.  I also quickly realized that everyone was nervous - about meeting new people, about what our week-long training would be like, about our future with McGladrey.  Our nerves were calmed at the end of the day, when we had the opportunity to meet other members of the firm in a relaxed environment of cocktails and appetizers.
The next day, we flew out to Chicago.  I slept for three hours the night before.  After settling into the Q Center, we walked down to a large hall and joined more than 400 other new hires.  The experience was overwhelming at first, but after a few days, I felt that I had made the right decision with McGladrey.  Everyone I met was so nice, and Karaoke Night at the Q Center’s pub was proof that we could have fun together.  The Boston office quickly became known as the outgoing group among our peers.
The week at the Q Center was a time to learn, but learning was only one part of our orientation.  We made connections with people in our office as well as others around the country.  One evening, we all participated in a charity event to make Build-A-Bears for a local children’s hospital.  This event was an entertaining way for us to forge bonds between different offices, while getting in touch with our inner child.
We also had plenty of opportunities to spend free time with our own officemates.  We ate meals together, exercised, and relaxed together.  We even organized a trip to Chicago one evening, stylishly traveling in four limousines.  When we returned to Boston, we admitted that we would miss each other and we began looking forward to our next training, when we would all be together again. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Social Media Success Story: Hired through LinkedIn at McGladrey

Written by Courtney Blonigan
Talent Acquisition, Minneapolis

John De Goey
Recruitment Source: LinkedIn
Assurance Associate
Milwaukee, WI

Earlier this year, John De Goey was apprehensive about signing up for LinkedIn, but ended up deciding it couldn’t hurt, right? Just two months after creating a profile on LinkedIn, McGladrey first reached out to John via LinkedIn InMail. Our recruiter noticed John’s profile and saw that although he was currently employed, he had the kind of experience we were looking for. Even if John wasn’t searching for a new job, our recruiter thought he might know someone that would be a good fit for a position we were hiring for in Minneapolis.  When our recruiter reached out to John, it turned out that he was in fact looking for an opportunity with a public accounting firm that would allow him to transfer to Milwaukee. John and McGladrey recruiters kept in touch over the next few months to discuss opportunities in Milwaukee. In September, six months after LinkedIn communications began, John started on McGladrey’s assurance team in Milwaukee.

John said that he didn’t realize LinkedIn would be as great of a tool for him as it ended up being. He explained another benefit of using LinkedIn is finding contacts you thought you had lost touch with. John went to college at UW-La Crosse and while he was there he developed a good relationship with a Director in McGladrey’s La Crosse office. But unfortunately he no longer had this contact’s information. When we reached out to John, he was able to use LinkedIn to contact the Director in La Crosse who provided a reference for John. “Had it not been for LinkedIn, it would have been a lot harder for me to get in contact with him,” explains John.

John says, “Be open to any communication on LinkedIn, because you never know what it might lead to!”

Connect with McGladrey and a McGladrey recruiter on LinkedIn:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Footprints on McGladrey through Pathways

Written by Farah Hussain
Assurance Associate
Charlotte, NC

Being in your last year of college can be the very intimidating. Trying to do well in your classes, cramming for the CPA Exam, and even working part time; sleep is a luxury, and the end seems never-reaching. The most nerve-wracking aspect in this period of your life is just hoping and praying that you’ll be recruited to work for the accounting firm of your desire.

Now that was probably a large aspect in my life, and may mirror yours. Luckily, I was recruited to interview for the Summer Pathways program with McGladrey. A lot of times, students attend conferences and later wonder what they really took away from it, sometimes not taking away anything. However, attending the McGladrey Pathways program was far from anything I expected. The speakers were engaging and participants had opportunities to mingle with other students and employees. The organizers of the conference kept it engaging with fun trivia nights, question and answer sessions with partners, and personal strength discussions. The networking aspect of the conference was fantastic, as participants had numerous one-on-one opportunities with partners, directors, and employees throughout the sessions.

Being part of the recruiting process is a two-way street. Not only are we trying to find firms who would want to hire us, but we are also trying to find a place where we would fit. Knowing that I would start working during busy season and be around my co-workers constantly, it was imperative for me to get a feel of McGladrey. A lot of times during the interview process, you may not have the best idea of the office culture aside from what is told to you and what you may experience during an office visit. The great thing about Pathways was that I got a first-hand insider look into how working with McGladrey would be. From bowling with the partners (which I failed at miserably) and white-water rafting with employees from the local and national office, I was able to gauge the work culture at McGladrey. Now as a first year Associate, I can say that my impression of McGladrey was accurate.

After Pathways, I waited for recruiting season to begin. Fortunately for me, attending Pathways not only allowed me to network with everyone at McGladrey, but led me to receive an offer with the firm. I remember sitting at an airport in Phoenix, receiving a call from a partner in regards to my offer. My exact words were “I’m about to do cartwheels.” I of course accepted and in the end, I firmly believe attending Pathways was what led me to receive an offer.

I started working at the end of August, so I’m currently at the two month mark. It was a relief to have some recognizable faces starting with me (as they attended Pathways as well). I can’t share much experience, as I haven’t had a busy season under my belt yet, but a word of advice to all new hires, there is a learning curve starting a career. A lot of the material you have learned throughout college applies, but the real world application may slightly differ. Don’t get discouraged! Just remember to ask a lot of questions, understand why you are doing what you are doing, and you should be on the road to success!

Looking for a sneak peek inside our firm and our industry? McGladrey's Pathways programs is a 2-3 day unpaid externship including orientation, client service experience, and Pathways program events.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

McGladrey Secondee Celebrates Traditions and Gets a Taste of Home

George Allen has completed two months of a three month secondment program working in Melbourne, Australia at McGladrey's international affiliate, RSM Bird Cameron.
Written by George Allen
Sr. Consulting Associate
Miami, FL
Ahhhh…Happy Hour.
One of the forefathers of accounting (probably) said: the group that drinks together, thinks together. 
The partners of the Melbourne office have facilitated this bonding environment by hosting a recurring end-of-the-month happy hour in the office boardroom.  Not only was I lucky enough to experience my first monthly happy hour, but it was enhanced by Trivia Night —their annual celebration of the footy (Australian football) finals.  In true sporting spirit, we formed different teams and were asked by the game’s hosts (seemingly dressed as Pat Sajak and Vanna White) to answer random trivia questions about topics ranging from sports to movie theme songs.
Recently, the cold and rainy weather broke long enough to join some friends at another local celebration: the Cuban Jazz Festival (yes, I came all the way to Australia from Miami to attend a Cuban festival!) Hosted by a winery in the Yarra Valley, the festival offered plenty of wine, food, and music, not to mention a Segway course and helicopter rides. It was the perfect way to spend a gorgeous afternoon in Australia.
I had a different encounter when I got a little taste of home when the Occupy Melbourne protests set up camp (literally) in the middle of the city.  Similar to the protests held around the world, demonstrators set up tents and played music, sat in groups and talked, while others used bullhorns to speak their minds.  I was actually waiting for someone to stop and ask me where I was from—I wanted to say I am an American just to see where the conversation went, but the protesters were too busy spreading their message.  It was interesting to see everyone from hippies to well-dressed business people getting together for a common cause.
Speaking of well-dressed, another difference I’ve noted is the professional attire here.  Men’s suits are completed by “skinny” trousers, and women wear skirts and dresses that are about 3 inches above their knees, complete with fishnet and other patterned stockings (I’m guessing this article I read will only increase the number of skirts in the workplace!)
I’d like to close with a story about one of my first-hand experiences related to our “One McGladrey” philosophy.  One of the partners in the Melbourne office was approached by a client interested in obtaining information about the firm’s experience in dealing with the compliance requirements related to OMB Circular A-133 (federal grants).  Because part of the circular deals with GAAP reporting, I was approached as “the American in the office” about my knowledge of the requirements.  While I had no direct experience, I was able to reach out to Tom from the Maryland office, who in turn put me into contact with Sara (also from the Maryland office) and Michael from the North Carolina office.  Their quick responses and the information they provided was of great value and is a wonderful demonstration of the firm’s teamwork- even over international lines.  I’m sure once the brochures have been developed, they will evidence the deep range of firm experience and allow the Melbourne office to go to market and pitch this revenue-generating service to new and existing clients.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Join the Consulting Practice at McGladrey

Written by Matt Rasul
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

A lot of times I hear  – “I thought a CPA firm only provides Tax and Assurance Services.” Here at McGladrey we provide a full array of services to our clients which include Tax, Assurance, and Consulting. Our Consulting practice at McGladrey is in growth mode and we are looking to expand our services. Currently we have Technology Services, Financial Advisory, and Risk Advisory Services.  Some job functions in Consulting include Internal Auditing, Financial Fraud and Litigation, Valuation, SAP implementation, .NET, Performance Improvement, Healthcare Coders, and Data Analytics just to name a few. The Consulting Practice will give you a hands on approach with the clients we serve and the team you work with on a daily basis.  If you are interested in learning more about Consulting Services at McGladrey please feel free to reach out directly via email (, visit our LinkedIn page or the McGladrey Consulting website,

Interested in joining our Consulting team? McGladrey currently has over 170 consulting job openings. Visit to search and apply.

Friday, October 28, 2011

In Office Interviews - What to Expect

Written by Trina Moody
Talent Acquisition Manager
Dallas, TX

No matter what your major is in school, or what professional track you decide is your journey, one thing is for sure—to secure employment after graduation, everyone will have some form of an interview take place with their future employer.

The traditional interviewing process, for those graduating from school/college, consists of two very different components: 1.) On-Campus Interviewing and 2.) In-Office Interviewing. On-Campus interviewing normally takes place on school property. The interviewing length, date, and time with your “potential employer” is managed by someone in your school’s career center. In-Office Interviews, on the other hand, are managed by someone that actually works for the company that you are interviewing with (Human Resources, hiring manager, etc.).

What’s the difference between the two? One will be much more formal and longer (the office interview) than the other (the campus interview). When you are asked to attend an office visit, one thing is for sure, you’ve impressed the organization to the point where they would like to have you continue along in their recruitment process as a candidate. Now it’s time for you to finish out the process and get that job offer! Here is a list of the type of things that you can expect to experience during an office visit:

·  Tour of the Office
·  Breakfast, Lunch, or dinner with some of the employees that work for the organization
·  Multiple interviews with multiple people (one of your interviews may be with one of the leaders in the firm)
·  Additional explanation of the job, firm and industry
·  The opportunity for you to “sell yourself” and explain even further why you are the perfect fit for the job

The important things to remember throughout this process are to prepare, ask questions, and be yourself.

Good luck!

McGladrey is currently recruiting on campus for interns and associates. Learn more:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

McGladrey Recognized by AWSCPA for Championing Women’s Issues in the Workplace

Sherri Brillhart, Director, RSM McGladrey

McGladrey was recently presented with the "Leadership – Lead By Example Award" by the American Women's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) during the organization's 2011 Annual Conference for Women in Accounting luncheon at the Westin in Charlotte, North Carolina.
"We have more than 7,000 employees working from more than 80 offices to serve clients across the country," said Sheri Brillhart, a director with RSM McGladrey, who accepted the award on behalf of the firm. "Currently, nearly 500 of our 3,500 female employees are taking advantage of flexible work options. The real value comes through the dedication and commitment our employees demonstrate when they have the ability – and flexibility – to serve our clients in the way that best suits them and each individual client."
The award was presented by Ivy Defino, national president at AWSCPA, who stated McGladrey is a champion for women's issues in the CPA workplace. "McGladrey values different perspectives offered by people of varying backgrounds," said Defino. "The firm focuses on providing networking opportunities at national and local events, fostering business development skills critical to success, mentoring to provide support and guidance for employees and work/life integration."
About the AWSCPA
The American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) is a national organization dedicated to serving all women CPAs. The AWSCPA provides a supportive environment and valuable resources for members to achieve their personal and professional goals through various opportunities including leadership, networking and education.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Cross Country Recruiting Journey at McGladrey

Written by Logan Gans
Tax Associate
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Recruiting out-of-region can be an intimidating experience as it is certainly the road less traveled in campus recruiting.  Most students will usually try to work for offices close to their university as many have local ties to the area or choose their school based on its location in a city where they may want to live in the future.  I received a large scholarship from a prestigious program at Boston College that I could not turn down.  However, I needed to return to South Florida because of strong personal ties to the area.  I knew that I would be choosing the less-traveled road back home.  My goal is to share with you a few tips learned on the successful journey that led me from Boston College to a Tax Associate position in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As most students know, the steps to a successful on-campus recruiting season are to: 1. Network with the firm to lock in a first-round interview, 2. Receive a call-back after the first-round interview, and 3. Earn an offer after the second-round office interview.

With networking, the first step, it is best to make as many in-firm McGladrey connections as possible, regardless of the location of the office where you hope to work.  Going to school networkers and career fairs is a great idea.  Reaching out to McGladrey alumni from your undergraduate and/or graduate schools is also helpful.  Keep business cards and contact information.  Learn anything you can about the firm.

When going through on-campus recruiting, realize that the first-round interview will take place on campus at your school, and that the local office will have to refer you to the office of your regional preference.  Though it is likely that the Manager or Partner who initially interviews you will thus be from an office outside your preferred region, rest assured that McGladrey’s offices work closely with each other. 

During the on-campus interview, it is very important to establish strong ties to the region of the office where you hope to work.  For example, a strong affinity for the Los Angeles Lakers may not impress an East Coast interviewer, but noting your family lives in California may carry more weight. 

If you do well in your first-round interview, the interviewer will write you a referral to your desired office.  The desired office has the option to decline the referral, but if you are a strong candidate and did well in your interview, you may receive a call or email from the out-of-region office of your dreams inviting you to an office interview.

The in-person office interview is the longest interview and thus likely the most stressful, particularly if you are the only candidate from your school interviewing for that location.  As with the in-person campus interview, you should emphasize your connection to the region.

Through my recruiting experience, I learned how efficient McGladrey was, and that the lines of communication between offices are open.  After discussing my strong ties to South Florida during my campus interview, I received a referral from the Boston office for a position in Fort Lauderdale.  When I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Pre-Office Interview Social, I found the Fort Lauderdale office had a very personable culture, similar to the Boston office, which made me feel very at home.  I was thrilled to receive my offer just a few hours after my interview and to reach my dream of working in South Florida.

The out-of-region process can seem lonely, but networking, straightforwardness, and determination will help you to succeed.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

McGladrey Assurance Associate Heads Home After Working Abroad in Australia

Andrew has been working in Australia at McGladrey’s international affiliate, RSM Bird Cameron, for three months now. As he wraps up his visit, he reflects back on the past three months he spent participating in McGladrey’s Secondment program.
Written by Andrew Godfrey
Assurance, Sr. Associate
Vienna, VA
Today is the last day of my secondment in Sydney, Australia. The morning consisted of a farewell speech from one of the partners where the office thanked Rudy and me for our help during their busy season. They presented us with Australian jerseys, polo shirts and RSM Bird Cameron hats.  We then met with all of the partners on the team to discuss our secondment.
The way in which the Sydney office stands out seemed clear to me. There is a high level of camaraderie and closeness between the staff. The Sydney audit team meets often for ‘morning tea’, Friday drinks, and month-end drinks.  There were also several planned social events such as netball, an audit team lunch, and team trivia night during our secondment.  I think this benefits the Sydney office because despite the high level of billable hours everyone puts in; they still make time for relaxing and catching up with co-workers.
In the afternoon the seniors and grads took both Rudy and I out to a nice farewell lunch. This was our second farewell lunch, and we’ve also had a farewell dinner and farewell night on the town.  I’ve been surprised with how welcoming and hospitable everyone has been since we’ve arrived in Sydney, and the hospitality continued all the way through the end of our stay.  I consider everyone on my team (as well as the people I’ve met in insolvency and tax) to be good friends and I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone.
This was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime and I’m certainly going to miss Sydney (as well as the rest of Australia) but I’m excited to get home to see friends and family, eat American sized portions, drink 20 oz coffees, and drive on the right side of the road.  I think out of everything I’ve experienced here I’ll miss my Sydney friends the most, and the beautiful sights and weather second. I hope to come back and visit Sydney soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

At McGladrey, I’m a Tax Supervisor and now a PGA Caddie

Written by Matt Stoner
Tax Supervisor
Cedar Rapids, IA

For the past month my wife and I have been looking forward to our trip to The McGladrey Classic, but it really hit us when we crossed the bridge to Sea Island and saw a big sign advertising the tournament. It was hard to believe that the next day I would be Zach Johnson's guest caddie at the Pro-Am.

Our first night on the island we attended the RSM International pairings party at Davis Love III's home. The setting and the food were amazing, and it was fun getting to know some of the McGladrey leaders who were also in attendance. Some of them said they had seen my video and even voted for me. 

We had to wake up early this morning because Zach's tee time was at 8:10 a.m. When we arrived at the course it was neat to see the McGladrey logo everywhere, and the sports marketing team was very helpful and fun to talk to. We were then led to the driving range where we were introduced to Zach and his caddie Damon Green. After Zach finished warming up, we were off to the first tee and it was time for me to carry the bag.

I had a great day with Zach and Damon, and it was fun watching them interact with each other. You can tell that they truly understand each other and make a great team to represent McGladrey. They were both laid back and easy to talk to, which made for an exciting day on a beautiful course.

I appreciate everyone's support and couldn't have asked for a better trip!
The McGladrey Classic PGA Tour takes place October 10 – 16 at the Sea Island Golf Club in Saint Simons Island, GA. The tournament is hosted by the Davis Love Foundation, and charitable beneficiaries include Special Olympics and the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. Team McGladrey members Davis Love III, Zach Johnson and Chris DiMarco are being joined for the 2011 McGladrey Classic by 129 other PGA TOUR Professionals.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advantages to Using LinkedIn

Written by Nancy McCreery
Talent Acquisition Manager
Stamford, CT
While most of us participate in social networking through such websites as Facebook and Twitter, your information on those sites might be a little more focused on the personal side. If you are looking for a place to connect with old and new colleagues, LinkedIn is just the right social networking website for you. (As a Certified Linkedin Expert I should know!) It lets you put the personal life aside and present yourself in a more professional manner, along with retaining your business image. Think of it as an extensive online resume.
Linkedin allows you easily to find past employers, employees, colleagues or companies you worked for as well as search for opportunities at other companies. It is a great way to renew your connections with people with whom you’ve lost touch with along the way.
Networking through Linkedin with old colleagues doesn’t only serve the purpose of bringing back coffee talk chat. Chances are your old co-worker now has new colleagues and new connections. Use this to your advantage; let them open new doors and new opportunities for you!
Take a few minutes out of your busy day and check out Linkedin if you have not done so already and let me know your thoughts!
Get LinkedIn with me, Nancy…Click here:

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Clear to Me Why I Chose McGladrey to Begin My Career

Written by Heather Tangradi
Assurance Associate
Blue Bell, PA

I have been working at McGladrey for two years now.  As I look back, I can remember my first interview as if it were yesterday. It is still clear to me why I chose McGladrey over my other options. I was looking for an opportunity to work with individuals that operate in a team environment that encourages the success of others.  During the interview process, I was treated as part of the team and I could see myself coming to work here every day.  In addition, I felt that I would be provided with the opportunity to work on many different industries, and I would gain a well rounded experience while also being able to move up in within the company rather quickly.

At the beginning of my first busy season, I was anxious and a bit nervous as to what was expected of me. From the first engagement through the last engagement during my first busy season I received an incredible amount of encouragement and guidance. After my first busy season it was clear how important the CPA license is to the accounting profession. I was encouraged by my co-workers from associates through partners on the importance of completing the CPA exam. There are many opportunities available when you graduate college and I encourage you to get a jump start on the exam. Unlike other firms, McGladrey will make time available to you to study and take the test, by providing you with study days in addition to your test days.  I would encourage anyone starting out in accounting to take advantage of the time given to you to study and to pass the exam as soon as possible.  It will only become harder as you move up the chain and as your personal life begins to blossom. 

The amount of encouragement and opportunities that I have been given over the last couple of years has been astonishing. As I look back over the last two years I find it hard to believe how much I have grown my network and my accounting knowledge. At McGladrey, I was given the tools and resources to learn more about the accounting industry then I could have ever imagined.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

McGladrey Secondee Broadens His Horizons in Australia

Written by Andrew Godfrey
Sr. Associate
Vienna, VA
A few weeks ago it dawned on me that our time was running short in Sydney, so we really got in gear in terms of seeing the sites and trying to experience everything there was to experience in Australia.
Four weekends ago, I had Elisa & Holly from the Perth office come visit for the weekend. We tried to pack all of Sydney into one weekend. We started by taking a ferry to Manly (an island off the coast of Sydney), we went out for a nice dinner in the Harbour and then we saw all of the tourist sites in the city on the Sunday.
The following weekend I went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park where I was able to pet the koalas and kangaroos. The zoos are awesome in Australia because they let you touch most of the animals except for the dangerous ones and even then you are able to get within inches of them. 
Two weekends ago we went to a National Rugby League (NRL) game and to the Blue Mountains. NRL is the closest sport to American football in Australia. I don’t quite understand everything that’s going on during the game, but I still cheer like I do!
This past weekend we threw a party at our house and watched the Rugby World Cup. The game was Australia v. USA and we (USA) lost 67-5. On Saturday, I visited one of my friends in Penrith and cheered on his baseball team. Watching Australians play baseball is fun because most of them swing the bat like they’re playing cricket. The rules are the same in the US, but it’s obvious that they didn’t grow up playing the sport. 
It’s sad making a bunch of close friends here and then leaving in a few weeks, but I’ve already made plans to see several people in the office in the near future. I have one co-worker coming to visit me in the US in November and another in December. And others are hoping to come on secondment in the next few years; so I will definitely maintain most of my friendships made in Australia.
What clients have you worked on and what have you learned?
I’ve had three main clients (industries) in Australia: mining, finance, and manufacturing. Mining is a large industry in Australia; however, my client was performing exploration in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. When a mining company is in the exploration phase of the audit, there is no revenue recognized, instead the Company receives money from investors for exploration costs which are all capitalized until the minerals have been discovered and the mining begins. I found this industry interesting because it was interesting to see the costs incurred in order to gain permits to explore on people’s lands. In order to gain these permits the project managers would buy the landowners head dresses, flowers, and pigs.
My manufacturing client manufactures ‘port-a- potties’.  This client was interesting because it was way out in the bush. It was approximately a 3 hour commute from Sydney so I stayed in a roadside motel out in the country. This was a good experience because as the locals in Wyoming, Australia said, I was able to see “the real Australia.”
Finally, I’ve had two clients in the financial services industry. Both of these clients manage financial portfolios for mostly extraordinarily wealthy individuals in Australia. From a financial audit standpoint, these clients are extremely easy to audit. However, the more complex area was measuring if compliance with their ASFL license; which is a principle-based certification which certifies that the financial service provider is acting both competently and ethically on behalf of the parties its serving.
How does the office culture differ from the office culture in Vienna?
The culture in the Sydney office is very different from the office culture in the Vienna, Virginia office. I feel that the Sydney office has a much more rigid structure between partners, managers, and staff.  In Virginia managers will often help with managing the client and with some of the more complex areas of the audit. In Sydney, the managers will not look at a file until it has been signed off by the “in charge” and the partners will not look at the file until it has been fully reviewed by the manager.  It’s also very rare for a manager or a partner to visit the client in Sydney, but it seems that the partners and managers in Vienna try to come out to the client at least once during every audit.  The work life balance in the Sydney office seems to be a little more intact than in the US. It’s very rare for anyone to come into the office to work during the busy season, and almost everyone is back in the office at 5pm every Friday for Friday night drinks.
What do you have planned for the remainder of your secondment?
We have three weeks left of work on our secondment; two weeks of client work and the final week to wrap up. This upcoming weekend I’m going down to Melbourne to go to an AFL Grand Final party.  The following weekend we’re having a farewell dinner, and in the final week of my secondment my parents are coming to visit. Once my secondment is over, my family and I are going to Ayer’s Rock, and then to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef. The following week I’m touring New Zealand and then I’m off to Thailand and Hong Kong before returning to the US in mid-November.