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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coming Soon to the PGA Tour: The McGladrey Classic!

For the past couple of years, McGladrey's Golf Marketing Platform has gone a long way to help grow our name in the marketplace and among our client base. Team McGladrey members Zach Johnson, Chris DiMarco & Natalie Gulbis, along with the McGladrey Team Championship have been exciting to follow and have made the firm proud.

Yesterday however marked the official launch of our firm's newest commitment to golf as we will be sponsoring a new stop on the PGA Tour Fall Series, The McGladrey Classic, which will be held October 4th-10th in Sea Island, GA.

According to our President, C.E. Andrews, "We are poised to make The McGladrey Classic an event that our clients, employees, golf fans, the Sea Island community and professional golfers will look forward to each year. In addition, teaming with the PGA tour and the Davis Love Foundation will increase global awareness of the McGladrey brand name while giving back to the community." Proceeds from the event will benefit the Special Olympics and the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia and Safe Harbor.

I for one am very excited about this event. Not only will it bring great exposure to our firm, but it already includes two top names on the tour (and Sea Island residents) as hosts in Zach Johnson and Davis Love III, which hopefully will draw in other big names on the tour too. I for one hope to get the opportunity to go, regardless we will cover the event on this blog come October.

In the meantime, you can become a Fan of The McGladrey Classic on Facebook, follow the event on Twitter, and read more about McGladrey's commitment to golf overall at the McGladrey Golf Blog.

Friday, March 19, 2010

McGladrey Once Again Named 5th Largest Firm on Accounting Today List

For the fourth consecutive year, RSM McGladrey has been named as the fifth largest Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting firm by Accounting Today (free registration required). The firm and the industry as a whole faced a number of challenges this past year, so to maintain our standing on this list was a good representation of our overall strength. Of particular note in the Accounting Today article was although the top seven firms had a decrease in revenue, McGladrey’s was the smallest decrease at -0.47 percent.

We bring this up here to validate once again our standing within the industry, which in some situations is still underestimated. We are truly a national firm, with international reach, a local approach, and a strong commitment to our mid-market clientele. And on top of that, we are still hiring, with over over 160 jobs currently posted. To learn more and apply, please visit http://www.rsmmcgladreyjobs.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

McGladrey President Speaks At His Alma Mater

On Monday, March 1, McGladrey President C.E. Andrews had the opportunity to give a speech on business ethics at his alma mater, Virginia Tech, where he spoke to approximately 1,500 students and faculty at the Pamplin College of Business.

According to C.E., “Business Ethics is a topic that is personally very important to me and paramount to our profession. I think that most of us who work here at McGladrey already have a strong moral compass and operate with a high degree of ethics and integrity. Our clients expect that from us each and every day. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I joined the firm. We need to strive to provide our clients with the strongest and most ethical service capability in the industry. Each client interaction is a window into who we are, and we can never be better than our reputation. A high ethical standard is more fundamental to our business than many others, and is something we should aspire to be famous for.”

C.E. opened his speech with a Hokie Cheer, then shared his wisdom of over 30 years of experience as he spoke passionately about the ethical dilemmas that businesses face every day. At one point in the speech, C.E. offered a few suggestions to strengthen one’s ‘moral compass’:

  • First, your instinct is a powerful guide. If something doesn’t seem right, but you’re not quite sure why, don’t rationalize it away. Don’t look for reasons to let something pass. If something is bugging you about whether someone is being truthful or acting ethically, listen to your gut. It’s telling you something. Remember, it’s not just what you do, but what you do in response to the actions of others, that marks you as an ethical person.
  • Second, don’t be an island. As a leader, no matter where you go, you have to set the highest example, and make sure your people follow your lead.
  • Third, take your time. Even if you are faced with an ethical decision which seems straightforward, don’t rush. Sleep on it. Resist the urge to be fast. It’s far more important to be right. And take the counsel of others.
  • Fourth, think of your ethics as the bedrock of your reputation. At the company I lead, we evaluate people on many different metrics. One important measure is how much revenue they bring in and manage – their book of business. But I also care a lot about their ethical book of business.
  • Fifth, even if you think you’re right, don’t assume you’re always right. It’s often very wise to counsel with others – what are you missing, what does someone else see that you don’t?
  • Finally, no matter the ethical decision you are about to make, think how your decision will look. Someone out there who has a very strong interest in making sure you act ethically. Think of what they would say.

Great advice indeed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

McGladrey is Officially Flex-Friendly

McGladrey joined today an impressive list of other companies including Accenture, American Express, and Honest Tea in being recognized as a certified Flex-Friendly organization. Flex-Friendly's list of employers represents a wide array of companies and industries that are committed to "offering a range of flex work options as well as a belief that offering flexibility when possible is not only good for their workers but also for the bottom line..." especially considering the current state of the economy.

Recognition for our work-life flexibility programs certainly is nothing new for us as we have made numerous lists over the past couple of years. This certification however is new, and provides yet another reaffirmation as to our commitment to work-life flexibility. It's also special for us in that we are the only company in our industry that was honored to make the inaugural list.

About Flex-Friendly:

The Flex-Friendly media campaign and third-party certification program helps businesses interested in finding cost effective ways to promote their flexible work options to a range of stakeholders. Experts in the flexible workspace, Flex-Friendly founders combine their decades of experience advising employers and employees about work/life and how to achieve workplace success. The rolling application process is simple and can be done online. To learn more about the program, visit:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updating your McGladrey Profile or Resume & Forgotten Passwords

Are you having trouble accessing or updating your McGladrey Career Center account?

If you have a profile already created on our Career Center, but you have forgotten your password, simply enter your email address at the bottom of the log-in page where it says ‘Forgotten Password’ and hit the submit button. You will be asked to provide the answers to the two ‘security questions’ you entered at the time you created your account. Upon answering the ‘security questions’, you will then be prompted to enter a new password for your account. Once you have done this, you will get a confirmation on the screen that your password has successfully been re-set, and you can proceed to log-in using that new password.

If you need to update your profile, or attach an updated copy of your resume, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Career Center profile
2. Select the ‘Edit Profile’ button
3. You can import a new copy of your resume at this time, or you can copy and paste the text of your resume in the space provided below your profile data
4. You also can directly update any of the data fields (such as phone numbers, addresses, etc) on your profile.

Be sure that when updating your resume through the ‘import’ option, your pop-up blockers are turned off and that you are uploading a document that is in Microsoft Word document (.doc), Adobe PDF (.pdf), or text file (.txt) format. For MS Word 2007 resumes (.docx), you will need to copy and paste your information in the resume box at the bottom of the page, or re-save your document in to the .doc format prior to importing.

If you should run into any additional problems, you can hit the ‘contact’ us link at the bottom of any of the site pages and enter your information along with a brief description as to the issue, so that somebody within our firm can directly assist you.