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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How is RSM different than the other firms?

Bahana Ashraf
Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist
Irvine, CA
As a Recruiter, I think the one question we are asked the most is: What makes RSM different than all of the other firms out there? And let's face it - there is a lot of competition that for the most part do the exact same thing we do.

So I decided to do a little research and asked our current employees and the candidates that are applying, why they were interested in coming to our firm, and this is what I heard almost every time-

1. Culture Fit
2. Work/Life Balance

Almost every single time, I heard the exact same answers. So you may be thinking - what is so great about the culture fit, and what is your definition of work/life balance? Well, here it is -

The Culture Fit - Although I cannot speak for every single office - for the most part the culture fit at RSM is one that is very down to earth, where everyone seems to really be friends at work, but even outside of work. Partners plan camping trips with their families, and invite the office and their families to attend. The tax staff eat lunch together - EVERY SINGLE DAY, and the others plan trips to Vegas, or weekend getaways all the time. There is probably happy hours going on every week, and almost always a reason to get together. With RSM you have the opportunity to work directly with the Partners, and yes just walk into their office if you have a question - regardless of your level. RSM is a large, internationally recognized firm that has a lot of resources, but when you walk in, you won’t just feel like a number. RSM acts more like a “mom and pop business” - where everyone really knows everyone, and great friendships are made.

The Work/Life Balance - When you’re starting your career in public accounting, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Yes, you will go through busy season and regardless of which firm you go to, you will work a lot of hours. However I can tell you this, it is typically A LOT LESS than you would if you worked at a larger firm. That is why we are recognized for the “Best Places to Work for New Dads”, “Mother’s Best Companies List” etc.

So here is my advice to you whether you’re a Partner, or even a recent college grad looking to get your foot in the door - take some time to do your research. If all CPA firms do the same thing, understand what their differences are, and make that the reason to start your career with that firm.