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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

McGladrey's Indiana Holiday Adoption Program

Written by Karen Wagner
HR Manager
Elkhart, IN

The McGladrey Elkhart & South Bend offices once again adopted 100 children for the holidays from a local behavioral center.  It is always amazing to witness the generosity and kindness from our employees to help make a child’s holiday a little bit brighter.  These are children that without our support probably would not have a present to open on Christmas morning. The center provides us with a wish list for each child which is written on a “mitten” for adoption. An employee can adopt a child by either taking a “mitten” and buying the gift or donating money and the “office elves” will purchase the gifts.  Due to the overwhelming giving, we had to limit each child to receive gifts worth a $25 value in order to keep the gift giving balanced. 

The gifts are all brought to the Elkhart office unwrapped.  The office then partakes in a fun filled pizza/gift wrapping party.  Since most children get at least two presents, that’s a lot of gifts to wrap! We had an abundance of money donated this year so in addition to the children’s gifts, we were able to donate a large quantity of mittens, hats, socks and popcorn tins to the center. It usually takes at least two large vehicles to deliver all the gifts to the center.  However, this year one of the partners volunteered to deliver them in his large SUV.  After the presents were carefully stacked in his vehicle, the only space left was the driver’s seat! 

Due to confidentiality reasons, we are not able to meet the children but they do send wonderful thank you notes that pull at your heart strings.  This program is truly an amazing way to give back to our community by making 100 children happy – that’s the true meaning of the holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

McGladrey Talent Community: Staying in touch with Career Opportunities at McGladrey

Written by Dan Gradel
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

We recently launched a new way for anyone to stay in touch with McGladrey and our career opportunities called the McGladrey Talent Community. The job search process has many factors that need to be met to provide success, and timing is often one of the wildcard variables that can’t be controlled, especially in public accounting. As a recruiter, I network with many people throughout the year for a variety of reasons such as recruiting for open positions, networking events, completing references and following up on voicemails. The result of a lot of these calls is that people are not quite ready to make a move from their current employer due to the time of year. In public accounting we all know that we have “seasons” in which it is hard to leave due to work load and being a stand up employee so as not to leave your current company in a tight spot.

We have launched the McGladrey Talent Community to make this easier for you. The McGladrey Talent Community will keep you informed of current and future career opportunities that match your preferences, it is a fully customizable job alert that allows you to chose when you want to make that move or learn more without making a commitment today. If you are in tax, assurance, consulting or another group within public accounting we can keep you in the loop on the exact opportunities that you want to hear about and help make that timing issue a little easier and less painful by bringing the opportunities to you on the timeframe you determine. Take a moment to look at what we have to offer and sign up for your job updates: Join The McGladrey Talent Community today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McGladrey Spends the Day Working at the Beach… for Real!

Written by LoriAnn Boyer
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

On November 17th, the Los Angeles and Irvine, CA offices met on the sands of the Long Beach, Belmont Pier to participate in a Volunteer Beach Clean-Up Day.  McGladrey is an avid supporter and participant in community outreach and this event was no exception.  Donned with McGladrey tee shirts, plastic gloves, grabbers, trash bags and a strong spirit of good will, we hit the beach like a cleaning force to be reckoned with.  Within three hours we had filled several trash bags with our findings.  It was amazing to see how much debris we recovered and was able to rid the beach of.  The biggest and most intriguing find was an old suitcase, found by our Marketing Director, Ben Boyer.  He got the prize for the biggest piece of trash found.

Aside from having fun, while taking part in cleaning the beach, we came away with a deeper understanding and renewed respect of how we can all do our part to take care of our fragile marine environment.  We learned about the vital impact the debris causes on our biggest natural resource.  We all share the beach and, as such, we need to collectively care for our coastline, not only for ourselves but for the sea life that inhabit these waters.  We’re all part of a delicate eco-system and something as simple as not littering our beaches can help in our preservation. 

We also came away with a tremendous sense of community and accomplishment, and are looking forward to our next volunteer event. Several of our volunteers commented on how random people biking, running, or walking by, stopped to thank them for supporting California’s beach cleanup efforts.  Clearly McGladrey made a huge impact on the Long Beach community that day.

If you’d like to be part of a world class organization that genuinely enjoys and actively participates in given back to the community, then check our job openings at

Monday, December 19, 2011

McGladrey Orientation and Training: "I have worked with a variety of clients"

Written by Amy Gilbert
Assurance Associate
Baltimore, MD

I am McGladrey! This slogan was repeated many times by the new hires at orientation this fall attended by 450 of us at the Q Center in Chicago. After the week and half of orientation and training I truly felt as if I was becoming McGladrey. As I prepared to leave for training many thoughts ran through my head as to who I would meet, what opportunities may be presented to me, and where I might end up in the next few years in my career.

During orientation and training, I was able to be introduced to many individuals that had established a lasting career with McGladrey; this gave me hope for my future. As the training days continued I realized there were 449 other individuals in the exact same position as me. These individuals were starting a new career, anxious about the workload and busy season and also at the stressful point in life of trying to balance work life, social life and studying for the dreaded CPA exam. Even though we came from all over the country and we had different stories about why we chose McGladrey, we were all the same; we were the new hire class of 2011, we are McGladrey.

Training did not stop as I departed from the Q Center, real training had only begun. It was time to visit the office as a “real employee” and to prepare for my first client visit. This can be a stressful time for new hires especially for those that never experienced a client visit through an internship.  During training when I was told that the learning curve at McGladrey was high the first year, I was not sure what to think. Now, I know what they mean. Every day that I visit a client or go to the office to work, I know about twice as much as I knew the day before. There are simple tasks that can appear to be repetitive, but they are skills that are extremely important and will be utilized every day - becoming a master at these basic skills will prove you to be an asset to your team.

I have worked with a variety of clients from car dealerships, to wholesale clients, to logistics trucking companies and not one of them have been the same as the others. This is a great experience because I get to learn about a variety of businesses and this will help me to tailor my specialties in the future.

McGladrey does an excellent job at providing support to the employees. Each employee has a navigator and a career advisor to help answer questions. These individuals will sit down with their advisee and discuss goals, opportunities and their future with McGladrey. There is also the opportunity to participate in training within McGladrey, with help of a career advisor; each employee is able to tailor their selection of training to the goal that they set for themselves. I was also able to participate in a panel discussion with my navigator to learn more about what my first busy season might be like. This was a very informative Q&A session.

I am happy that I was able to find a career that mixed professionalism with other important aspects of life, such as community service. I have had the opportunity to participate in many service events with McGladrey including: Habitat for Humanity, making blankets for the Salvation Army, making teddy bears for a children’s hospital and helping to restore the wetland of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Every one of these service projects have not only helped my community, but have also taught me more about myself and my team members. These events have been a lot of fun to participate in and have made my career choice even more worthwhile knowing that I will have the time to participate in the events while working on developing my career.

Overall, I have found that McGladrey is full of employees that are willing to help with any questions that I may have. The culture within the firm is a very comfortable culture that I feel will be a stimulating learning and working environment. As opportunities become available to work with different clients or in different locations, I plan to welcome them with an open mind, this way I can develop my working portfolio and decide what path is right for me within McGladrey. As I begin my journey down the path toward professional development, every day I can feel that I am becoming McGladrey.

Join McGladrey! Check out McGladrey's Career Site for students.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The McGladrey Atlanta Office is New, Growing and Hiring!

Written by Bill Gorman
Regional Managing Partner - Southeast Region

Atlanta Office
There is no wonder why Atlanta is held in such high regard in the Southeast; it is a beautiful, vibrant city with great people and a tremendous business environment that is growing.  The McGladrey office is located mid-town and we moved in just a few months ago.  The spirit and hospitality of our people there embody the reputation of the South and of McGladrey.  The office has evolved as a fresh start up and we have added clients and people at a brisk pace.  

As this momentum builds, we are seeing increased interest from client prospects and outstanding talent who want to be a part of the McGladrey experience.  As our journey continues to build the McGladrey presence to become the dominant firm in the Atlanta market, we are looking to add talent on all levels and Audit, Tax and Consulting,  particularly partners and managers looking to take their career to the next level.  If you, or someone you know, would be a good addition to McGladrey in Atlanta, please contact Jennifer Busse at  You set your sights high.  So does McGladrey.  Imagine what we will achieve together!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Q&A with McGladrey Baltimore Managing Director - Murat Tasel

Written by Kristie Lee
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore office team room

McGladrey is the largest accounting firm in Baltimore (source: Baltimore Business Journal).   Lead Tax Services partner Murat Tasel has contributed to this success. Murat has been in the Baltimore office for 7 ½ years. 

A graduate from University of Baltimore, Murat has over 20 years of public accounting experience specializing in managing tax compliance and consulting engagements for large,  publicly traded and mid-sized companies in manufacturing, construction, services, real estate, high-tech and healthcare industries. 
Murat leads tax services for all risk management/SOX 404 engagements in the Mid-Atlantic region, and assists clients with proper tax documentation, implementation of controls and testing for SOX 404 consulting engagements.  Murat also is part of the National Manufacturing and Distribution LeadershipTeam as well as an industry leader in the electronic industry.  

When Murat is not working, you are likely to find him spending time with his family, on a soccer field, or coaching his children’s soccer teams.  Murat plays soccer for 2 teams and is extremely involved in different recreational leagues with his children. In addition, he is very active in his community.

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Murat and ask a few questions about his thoughts on McGladrey.  Below is an excerpt of our recent conversation:

Kristie: How long have you been working with McGladrey?
Murat: I joined McGladrey 7 ½ years ago. I previously served as a senior tax manager at a Big Four firm.

K: What do you enjoy most about working for McGladrey?
M: I love the culture and our people.  We have a great culture and extremely sincere people. McGladrey is very client focused and very entrepreneurial which is another reason why I enjoy working at McGladrey.

K: What advice would you give a professional who is considering making a move to McGladrey?
M: Consider the people you will be working with and the types of clients you will be serving.  McGladrey’s staff and clients are world class.  McGladrey is in tune with market needs and can adapt very quickly which is a great benefit.  

K: What is your involvement with the McGladrey Classic PGA Tour?
M: The McGladrey Classic is a good venue.  It gives us an opportunity to thank our clients and build relationships.  The brand building is great as well.

K: What are the biggest growth opportunities in Baltimore?
M: McGladrey is positioned to attract emerging middle market companies that are doing business throughout the country.  These companies need access to a wide range of subject matter experts including, but not limited to, state and local tax and international tax consulting and compliance.