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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Footprints on McGladrey through Pathways

Written by Farah Hussain
Assurance Associate
Charlotte, NC

Being in your last year of college can be the very intimidating. Trying to do well in your classes, cramming for the CPA Exam, and even working part time; sleep is a luxury, and the end seems never-reaching. The most nerve-wracking aspect in this period of your life is just hoping and praying that you’ll be recruited to work for the accounting firm of your desire.

Now that was probably a large aspect in my life, and may mirror yours. Luckily, I was recruited to interview for the Summer Pathways program with McGladrey. A lot of times, students attend conferences and later wonder what they really took away from it, sometimes not taking away anything. However, attending the McGladrey Pathways program was far from anything I expected. The speakers were engaging and participants had opportunities to mingle with other students and employees. The organizers of the conference kept it engaging with fun trivia nights, question and answer sessions with partners, and personal strength discussions. The networking aspect of the conference was fantastic, as participants had numerous one-on-one opportunities with partners, directors, and employees throughout the sessions.

Being part of the recruiting process is a two-way street. Not only are we trying to find firms who would want to hire us, but we are also trying to find a place where we would fit. Knowing that I would start working during busy season and be around my co-workers constantly, it was imperative for me to get a feel of McGladrey. A lot of times during the interview process, you may not have the best idea of the office culture aside from what is told to you and what you may experience during an office visit. The great thing about Pathways was that I got a first-hand insider look into how working with McGladrey would be. From bowling with the partners (which I failed at miserably) and white-water rafting with employees from the local and national office, I was able to gauge the work culture at McGladrey. Now as a first year Associate, I can say that my impression of McGladrey was accurate.

After Pathways, I waited for recruiting season to begin. Fortunately for me, attending Pathways not only allowed me to network with everyone at McGladrey, but led me to receive an offer with the firm. I remember sitting at an airport in Phoenix, receiving a call from a partner in regards to my offer. My exact words were “I’m about to do cartwheels.” I of course accepted and in the end, I firmly believe attending Pathways was what led me to receive an offer.

I started working at the end of August, so I’m currently at the two month mark. It was a relief to have some recognizable faces starting with me (as they attended Pathways as well). I can’t share much experience, as I haven’t had a busy season under my belt yet, but a word of advice to all new hires, there is a learning curve starting a career. A lot of the material you have learned throughout college applies, but the real world application may slightly differ. Don’t get discouraged! Just remember to ask a lot of questions, understand why you are doing what you are doing, and you should be on the road to success!

Looking for a sneak peek inside our firm and our industry? McGladrey's Pathways programs is a 2-3 day unpaid externship including orientation, client service experience, and Pathways program events.

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