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Thursday, July 28, 2011

McGladrey Pasadena Office Moves to Los Angeles

Written by LoriAnn Boyer
Regional Recruitment Business Partner
Los Angeles, CA

This past June, the Pasadena office of McGladrey packed up their wares and moved to the bustling city of Los Angeles.  Any of you who have been part of an office move know all too well what a daunting undertaking this is. The Pasadena office was established over 20 years ago and was a recognized business leader in the community.  A few years ago, Joe Mazza, Office Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office, became an advocate of McGladrey having a footprint in the Los Angeles market and became the driving force behind moving the office to Los Angeles.  Not because we’d run out of great places to have lunch, but due to needing to be closer to our current clients, and future clients, as well as establish a stronger presence amongst our competitors.  As a result we’ve been able to ascertain new business and a well deserved validity that has been a long time coming.  After the Big 4, McGladrey is the only other public accounting firm to have our name on a building in Los Angeles.  Positioned squarely in the heart of Los Angeles, the office will strengthen our firm’s ability to serve clients throughout the region, as well as enhance our efforts in recruiting talent and networking with other firms. 

As with any move, there’s a sense of risk.  At present, the positives have far outweighed any concerns initially had.  We’ve even secured a couple of new clients as a result of being based in Los Angeles, which is a huge win.  Key decision makers in the business community have taken notice that McGladrey has earned its rightful place at the table and they’re beginning to dialogue more strongly with us about partnering together.  Additionally, there’s a palpable energy that exists on the streets of Los Angeles that gets easily transferred to the office.  Employees come into work excited and energized about working here.  In a day and age when so many firms are facing low morale and weak growth, it’s exciting to be part of a firm that’s on the cutting edge, where people enjoy coming into work and contributing to the overall growth and success of the firm.

If you’d like to work with the great folks of our Los Angeles office, or any of our offices, please feel free to visit our careers page at  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McGladrey Intern’s Blog from Client Engagement

Written by Louis Musto
Risk Advisory Services Intern
New York, NY

When I first heard that I was going to have the opportunity to travel for a client during my internship with McGladrey I was very excited. I was even more excited to hear that I would be spending most of my summer in a subtropical climate. I learned that I would be performing a Full-Scope Internal Audit for a client in two of their locations, and would be able to gain a large amount of experience in a short amount of time.

I just finished my first week of travel which included a trip to New Orleans and Hattiesburg. The weather the first day was a little rainy, but the rest of the week was beautiful and sunny. It was a little hot for dress clothes, but the rest of the country was going through the same thing anyway. Everyone I met in both New Orleans and Hattiesburg was extremely nice to the point that I almost thought they were sarcastic. I felt like I was in a twilight zone the first couple days, but once I got used to being showed some manners it was very pleasant. I am definitely not used to that on a day to day basis in NYC.

Both of my flights each way were smooth and on-time. I was also able to visit Memphis on a connecting flight on my way to New Orleans (and eat some “real” BBQ). New Orleans is a great city. Everyone takes a lot of pride in New Orleans and in their football team, The Saints. I was able to score a mini tour from the hotel shuttle driver on my way to check in. It was saddening to see the water line on the buildings from Katrina and all the remaining debris that still hasn’t been fixed. This city has so much history and it was a shame to see what the disaster did. On a more positive note the city was able to bounce back and rebuild the more historic areas. That night I met my senior co-workers Jason Alexander and Josh LaSov, and we grabbed a bite to eat. I was able to have a “Taste of Louisiana” which included alligator and red drum. We all stayed in the W French Quarter which was only a stone’s throw away from Bourbon Street.

The following day we all met in the lobby. I also met Julie Bertoia, an intern from the DC office; we got in the cars and drove to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where we stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn. The client’s location was outside the city, but only a short drive from the hotel. Everyone was a little scared when we first showed up and it took a couple days for them to warm up to us, but by the end of the week we were all best buds and we even went out to lunch with them. We were also able to tour their facility and go in the test lab and see the steps they take to assure the quality of their products. We were able to sample some ice cream that they made too.

Work was a little tough at first because I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I was asking a lot of questions while trying to be as resourceful as possible and I was able to get in the swing of things by the second day. I feel like when you’re traveling you are more energetic, which helps a lot when you’re also working. The days went by so quick and we were able to get so much done and we worked from 8:30 to 5:30 daily.

The city of Hattiesburg is home to the University of Southern Mississippi (Home of Brett Favre). It is a bustling college town, something I didn’t really expect when I first heard I was heading there. Every day after work we went to eat and had all different types of southern cuisine. My favorite place was “The Shed” where we played trivia on Thursday. Our team name was the McGladriators. We wound up taking a solid fourth (of 12).

By the end of the week I felt like the team was family. It was truly a pleasure to work with them. It was a really great experience for me and I was able to learn so much about internal auditing and client service in one week. I am glad to have this opportunity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Becoming Comfortable with McGladrey

Written by Ryan Dalpiaz
Assurance Associate
Cleveland, OH

As I was going through the search for my first full-time job out of college, I was looking for a few things in any company that I was thinking about working for. I wanted to stay in the Cleveland area, which I have called home for my whole life. I wanted to work for a company where I could learn as much as possible, and most importantly, I wanted to work for a company that was a good match for my personality. When I started looking more into McGladrey, the more I became convinced that it was a place that would be a good fit for me.

As I went through the recruitment process, I was very impressed with the human resources personnel and recruiters that I spoke with. They came across as friendly, honest, and personable. That was very important and made a great impression on me. Once I made my visit to the Cleveland office and met with some of the people from that office, I was convinced that this was where I wanted to work. The interviewers made me feel comfortable and I really was able to be myself in the interview. They were great about talking to me in-depth about the position (Assurance Associate) and about McGladrey itself. I left the interviews feeling like I had a very good grasp on the responsibilities of the position, the culture of the Cleveland office, and values that were important to the firm. Some of the associates took me out to lunch as well, which was a great way to meet more people from the firm, ask more questions, and get more comfortable with the Cleveland office.

I was called the next day and offered the position, and there really wasn’t any question in my mind that I was going to accept. I felt totally comfortable with everything and knew McGladrey was where I wanted to work. My first two days with McGladrey were at orientation in the Chicago office, which was very helpful in terms of fully understanding the firm, along with being able to learn about some of the software which I would be using. After that, I was in the Cleveland office the rest of the week. I was slightly nervous going into my first day in the office (who wouldn’t be?) but that feeling quickly dissipated after every single person I met welcomed me to the firm and let me know they were always available to answer questions. I felt like they were genuinely excited to have me there and that meant a lot to me.

I hope this quick narrative of my recruitment and first days at McGladrey can help someone looking to work at the firm understand what to expect going through the process. My best advice is to just be yourself – I think being able to do that helped me feel more comfortable with McGladrey and helped them feel more comfortable with me. Interviewing and starting a new job can be a difficult process that can create a feeling of nervousness, but McGladrey helped make everything go smooth and made me feel comfortable and welcome.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Sure Your New Job is the Right Fit

Written by Terra Carbert
Senior Recruiter
Minneapolis, MN

Many times when I speak with candidates about opportunities here at McGladrey, I’m very surprised at how little they do to ensure they are making the right decision for them.  I often guide that discussion to determine if there is a fit on both sides and to ensure they really think through their interest both in the role and our firm.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that address both your personal and your professional desires in an interview.  Some candidates do a great job of this and leave me thinking, “This person really wants to make the right choice for them and if they become an employee it will be a long term fit.”  Here are a few of them:

1.     My experience at firm x laid a great foundation for me to get exposure to a variety of industries but I would really like to specialize in an industry. Can I do that here?
2.     It’s important for me personally to spend time volunteering in the local community.  Does McGladrey provide opportunities to do this during working hours occasionally?  What causes, if any does McGladrey support?
3.     I’m currently working in a role that keeps me focused on limited sections of an audit, although I’m early in my career, I’d like more client exposure.  Will I get that with McGladrey?
4.     One of the things I really miss about my time in public accounting is the variety of clients both in industry and size.  Will this team provide wide variety or will I work on just a few large engagements?
5.     I have a passion for non-profit clients that are small in size.  Is that part of the client base I could be assigned to?
6.     How do you handle ethical concerns?
7.     I understand that busy season is a lot of hours, given the field of work I’m in.  What kind of off-busy season hours do people at my level typically work?  I’d like to have a little more down time than I get with my current firm.
8.     I really want to move out east in three or four years.  Do you support internal transfers?

I’m happy to answer these questions for candidates who ask them.  In fact, I wish more people did. 

Looking for a new job can be exciting, scary and frustrating.  No matter what the circumstances are surrounding a job search, it’s important for us to remember career decisions stay with us for a lifetime.  The earlier we are in our professional careers, the more our choices define us as professionals.  The further we get into our profession, our personal lives blend in and these choices become part of who we are both inside and outside of the office.  Ensuring a fit for ourselves is equally as important as convincing a potential employer that we are the right person for the position. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York State of Mind

Written by Robyn Brooks
New York, NY
Campus Recruiter

Since I arrived at McGladrey in November, I have been asked at least once per week, “What is it like to work in NYC?”

It’s a funny question for me, because I’ve lived here all my life, and what “it’s like,” is like home.  Working and living in NY is what I do, and can’t imagine it any other way.  I travel the subway each morning with New Yorkers, jammed into train cars, while they read the paper, or iPad version of it- others read over their seatmates shoulder until their stop.  From the subway I walk to 1185 Avenue of the Americas and place my ID card on a scanner to enter through the turn-style and approach the elevator bank.  At the fourth floor I say good morning to my colleagues and partners as I walk to my office.  

Our building has 42 floors, and McGladrey occupies six of them.  We share a building with the NHL, and from time to time, you’ll recognize a player or coach.  I hear the 21st Floor belongs to the Brazilian consulate, and I know that because security accidentally sent an intern candidate there.  After 20 minutes of conversations surrounding him in Portuguese, our intern candidate recognized something wasn’t quite right!

So what is it like working in New York City?  I was recently in Charlotte, NC with our 2011 Summer Intern class.  It was our first visit to the McGladrey office in North Carolina.  The first thing I noticed was that McGladrey employees have free parking there, but New Yorkers typically don’t drive!  Last week, I was in Boston for our Pathways Program.  Every hour we would hear the boom of the U.S.S. Constitution’s canon from the Harbor outside. In NY, you hear the taxi cabs honking as people rush between cars as the red light turns green again to get to Rockefeller Center or Times Square.  In the winter, hundreds crowd the streets to see the tree lighting, in March the St. Patrick’s Day Parade marches down the street and the summer brings free outdoor movies in Bryant Park.

Maybe I am not the best person to describe what it’s like working in NYC, since I’ve been working here all my life.  Perhaps some of the 31 interns in our office can give us an idea!

Assurance Intern, Todd Ferreira of Lehigh University, lives in CT and commutes to New York City each day. He says, “There is never a dull moment in the city itself which means there are endless options for activities after work.”

“I come from a small suburban town where the tallest building is probably a nursing home, so coming to and working in NYC was an experience to say the least. Everything from the sights, food and entertainment options of the city accent your work week. Trying something new is as hard as walking a few feet;  just yesterday I found a cart that sells really good Indian food right outside the office.

“Coming from a small town where you drive everywhere, living in the city is definitely a change of pace. I love the fast-paced atmosphere it brings though,” explains Matt Santucci, Assurance Intern, Syracuse University.

Melissa Rutkowski is a consulting intern attending Ursinus College and is originally from Pennsylvania.  She says, “Lunch breaks are always great because there is an endless amount of restaurants nearby. The commute is quick, but hectic on the subway in comparison to drives in farm-filled Lancaster. The location is the best because of its proximity to shops and parks.”

“Seeing people around you at all times, and watching the illuminated advertising panels around the buildings makes me feel energized,” describes Suen Campos, Assurance Intern, Rutgers Newark.  “I participated in volunteer activities supporting the McGladrey team such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate challenge to raise funds for the Central Park Conservancy.”

New York city delivers many opportunities!.  This summer, our interns will participate in a volunteer event at the Central Park Zoo.  And to complete our summer, we’re all going to a Mets game at the new CitiField! Our interns take full advantage of all that NYC has to offer, as our professionals do every day.  

I am still not sure how to answer the question, “What is it like working in New York City,” but I believe Consulting Intern, Louis Musto, St. John’s University answers it best when he says, “We live and work in the financial capital of the world….why go anywhere else?”

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Intern Conference - Day 3

Written by Maria Rivero
Assurance Intern
Fort Lauderdale, FL

As I sit in the Chicago Midway airport waiting to return home, I reflect on the amazing experiences I had at the Intern Conference. I look around at a few of my fellow interns, who I now call friends, and feel nothing but gratitude. It is hard to capture the feeling of achievement and self-discovery that this conference left in all of us, but as I hear the rest of the girls around me talk about how much fun they had, I feel quite inspired to give it a try.

My alarm goes off every day at 6:30 in the morning. Any other day, the first thing on my mind would have been: “It’s time already?” This morning, as my alarm went off, I woke up with a feeling of excitement, wondering what was in store for us.  I arrived at the Q Center two days ago with a carry-on bag full of high expectations… and a few business casual outfits. This morning, as I packed it all away, I realized that all those expectations I brought with me were greatly exceeded.

Today all the interns had the chance to become partners…yes, partners! (for a couple of hours, at least). We not only had the chance to build our own partnership in a simulation, but we learned the importance of a strong strategy to succeed in a market. Success cannot come about without knowing who you are and understanding those you are trying to serve.

My favorite event of the day was the presentation of our keynote speaker, Joel Zeff. He has an incredible power to reach people and share meaningful lessons through laughter. His presentation was based on a series of improvisation games where a few interns (the very brave ones), stood up in front of a full audience and made us laugh until we were almost crying.

He conveyed to us the importance of our “TA-DAH!!!” moments, which are those moments when we celebrate our achievements. Self-motivation is the key to passion, and decisions made with passion are bound to be good ones! 

One of the most important lessons I learned from Joel’s presentation is that the key to success lies in helping others succeed. It is important to establish a common goal and facilitate success for others. One of the simplest and strongest ways to do this is to provide positive support; we all need it, and we often do not get enough of it. Opportunity + positive support = full potential of success.

Without a doubt, the intern conference is an incredibly thought-provoking experience that will make you take a deeper look at yourself and make you question what you really value in your personal and professional life. I am now looking forward to putting my experience into action, and hopefully influencing others along the way. I will begin by giving a “TA-DAH!!” to McGladrey for investing so much in the personal development of their people, and another big “TA-DAH!!” of encouragement to you if you have decided to seek an internship with McGladrey, because you are about to embark on amazing journey!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Intern Conference - Day 2

Written by David Riley
Assurance Intern
Baltimore, MD

After breakfast on Day 2, all of the interns gathered into the St. Charles Amphitheatre to listen to members of the McGladrey Leadership Team.  C.E. Andrews, President of RSM McGladrey, along with five other leaders from the company, introduced themselves to us and opened up the floor for questions.  From this, we were given advice to follow throughout our internship, our career, and our personal life as well.  Joe Adams, the Managing Partner and CEO of McGladrey & Pullen, told us “the more we give, the more we will get back.”  He said it is important for us to take advantage of this opportunity and learn by asking questions.  C.E. Andrews added that having a good mentor and being a good mentor will help us frame our career.  The team was very enthusiastic and excited about our internship class and wanted to make sure that throughout our experience with McGladrey, we build and maintain relationships.  These relationships will support us and help us grow.  This was my favorite event of the day since we were able to ask questions and hear advice and personal stories directly from the leaders of the company.

Once we had finished talking to the leadership team, the interns broke up into three groups to attend three different workshops.  The first workshop that my group attended was about branding.  Jennifer Busse and Jay Olson told us that the difference between a person’s brand and their image is that an image can be faked, but a brand cannot.  We also learned what steps should be taken to build our own brand.  These steps include knowing yourself, being consistent, accepting failure and learning from it, speaking up, and developing a training plan.  As an activity, we had to write down three traits that we believed the person to our right possessed.  Later on in the workshop, we compared these traits to the traits that each person wrote down for themselves.  The presenters left us to think about our plan for the future and the actions we need to take to create and maintain our personal brand.

In between the first and second workshop, we had the chance to meet back up with the rest of the interns for lunch.  At lunch, everyone talked about how much they enjoyed the workshop they had been to, and were excited to go to the next two.  The second workshop that my group attended was about communication.  Ken Bansemer and Kim McLaughlin began the presentation by outlining McGladrey’s core competencies and what they meant to us as interns.  They focused the presentation and activities on listening and informing skills.  It was interesting to learn that you can listen too much.  It is good to listen, but it is just as important to be a part of the conversation and add input.  To demonstrate the importance of these two skills, we performed two activites at our tables.  The first activity was reverse Pictionary where two people looked at a picture and described to a third person how to draw the picture.  The other activity was called bureaucracy, and demonstrated the difficulty that a team encounters when not everyone in the team can be heard.  These activities truly made us aware of how effective communicating skills can benefit a team as a whole.

The third and final workshop that my group went to was the Bottom Line Simulation Introduction.  This presentation was run by Jen Poklemba, Karin Gilmartin, and BJ Snelling who gave us interns the opportunity to learn about the simulation that we will be involved in on the third day.  This simulation will require creativity as we will be acting as partners for a firm that we create.  We have the chance to choose what we would like to name our firm, which industry to focus on, and which line of business is our firm’s expertise.  Once we were briefed on the simulation, we had the chance to get to know our team through two activities.  The lesson to be learned from the first activity was that a client may give us more information than we need, but we need to be able to sort through it to find the relevant information.  Also, the activity was good practice communicating within our teams quickly and efficiently.  The second activity was time based and challenged us to think on our feet.  These activities provided us with a great opportunity to get to know our team and be better prepared for the third day.

After the workshops, we had John Blumberg present to the whole intern class about the Kolbe Index and our results from our questionnaire.  This seemed to be the most anticipated event.  Before John gave us our results, he made sure we understood what the results were about and what they meant.  He added that there are three parts to our minds, and that the Kolbe Index only focuses on the Conative part, or the “doing” part.  Before handing out our individual results, he sent three interns out of the room.  He showed us their scores and he made predictions about how these three would act when working together.  When they came back into the room and had to complete the task John asked of them, they confirmed most of his predictions which made for a good laugh.  He ended his presentation by giving us a packet with our results and what the results mean to us.  This activity and presentation helped to define our strengths and taught us that an effective team will have a mixture of people with different wants and needs. 

The eventful day came to an end as we were allowed a break to eat dinner and relax before our evening event started.  For the evening event, we played a variety of casino games.  Music was playing and the games included everything from blackjack to roulette.  At the end, we turned in our chip winnings for tickets to be entered into a raffle that will be drawn tomorrow.

It was a busy, but very informative and inspiring second day.  The speakers kept the presentations interesting and made sure to keep everyone engaged.  As interns, we learned how we can be effective both inside and outside of McGladrey.  We are the faces and future of McGladrey and a day like today is essential to understanding the true importance of that.