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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McGladrey Spends the Day Working at the Beach… for Real!

Written by LoriAnn Boyer
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

On November 17th, the Los Angeles and Irvine, CA offices met on the sands of the Long Beach, Belmont Pier to participate in a Volunteer Beach Clean-Up Day.  McGladrey is an avid supporter and participant in community outreach and this event was no exception.  Donned with McGladrey tee shirts, plastic gloves, grabbers, trash bags and a strong spirit of good will, we hit the beach like a cleaning force to be reckoned with.  Within three hours we had filled several trash bags with our findings.  It was amazing to see how much debris we recovered and was able to rid the beach of.  The biggest and most intriguing find was an old suitcase, found by our Marketing Director, Ben Boyer.  He got the prize for the biggest piece of trash found.

Aside from having fun, while taking part in cleaning the beach, we came away with a deeper understanding and renewed respect of how we can all do our part to take care of our fragile marine environment.  We learned about the vital impact the debris causes on our biggest natural resource.  We all share the beach and, as such, we need to collectively care for our coastline, not only for ourselves but for the sea life that inhabit these waters.  We’re all part of a delicate eco-system and something as simple as not littering our beaches can help in our preservation. 

We also came away with a tremendous sense of community and accomplishment, and are looking forward to our next volunteer event. Several of our volunteers commented on how random people biking, running, or walking by, stopped to thank them for supporting California’s beach cleanup efforts.  Clearly McGladrey made a huge impact on the Long Beach community that day.

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