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Friday, January 28, 2011

McGladrey Spring 2011 Intern Capstone Conference

Written by, Chris Clayville
McGladrey Intern, Phoenix, AZ office

I just returned from the Capstone Conference which is held for McGladrey interns during every internship. It is held at the Q Center outside of Chicago. I got my first taste of public accounting with plane delays caused by weather! I imagine that business travel goes something like this!

All of the interns and faculty were given a chance to meet and interact when we made felt blankets for the children of the Rockford, IL school district. McGladrey emphasized the importance of being involved in the community by donating time and other resources. Ken Bansemer, Senior Director of National Recruiting and Talent Management, presented on the importance of setting goals and following through. Ken’s message was about setting goals and priorities, and pursuing those that are most important to you. As John “The Penguin” Bingham said, “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” Ken participates in triathlons and road racing in addition to his demanding career at McGladrey.

Prior to attending the conference, each of the interns took an online assessment using the Kolbe Index, a tool used to gauge how a person is most likely act if left to his/her own devices. For example, it can help determine if you are the type of person to base decisions on the accumulation of large amounts of data or if you are the type to thrive in highly changing environments. John Blumberg joined us on the second day and gave a presentation on being Successfully Instinctive. It was interesting to learn more about myself and fun to discuss the results with the other interns.

All of the participants were then able to choose from a selection of workshops. I chose to attend “Put Your Swag On” and “Marketing YOU! Understanding Your Personal Brand.” I enjoyed learning more about how to create a personal presence and understand the value of networking and adopting an attitude of service.

I was impressed that we met the McGladrey Leadership Team that evening. We were able to question the panel about their professional experiences and where they want to take the firm in the future.

Rounding out the conference was a “surprise” evening, a business simulation in which the interns formed our own Leadership Team and comedian Joel Zeff whose message centered around the power of a positive attitude in work and personal life, doing what you love and following your passion even if it leads you where you never thought you would go.

The spring 2011 McGladrey Capstone Conference was a great way to launch my spring internship with McGladrey. I am back in the Phoenix office now and ready to find out what a ‘real’ busy season looks and feels like in public accounting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Career opportunities with McGladrey’s growing Transaction Advisory Services practice!

by: Christine Perna, McGladrey Consulting Recruiter - Eastern Markets

The Transaction Advisory Services practice is looking for Senior Associates who want to expand their skills and industry exposure and continue to build a career at McGladrey.

Our Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) practice is a national team that works with private equity groups and strategic buyers to help maximize value at every point in the transaction lifecycle. Services include: buy side & sell side due diligence, working capital assistance, business integration & optimization, divestures & carve outs, valuation and cost management.

As part of our engagements a TAS Senior Associate prepares financial analyses to help clients evaluate the finan¬cial and operational performance of the company that will be included in our due diligence report. This report is used by our clients to negotiate deal points in the purchase agreement, purchase price adjustment mechanisms and acquisi¬tion structures. This report also helps clients evaluate the financing requirements of the transaction. Our environment is team oriented and promotes continued professional development and certification through formal training, on-the-job training, mentoring and numerous other opportunities for professional and personal development.

A typical TAS consulting assignment is relatively short in duration allowing Senior Associates to gain exposure to a number of clients and industries. As part of the National TAS team, Senior Associates are afforded the opportunity to gain high visibility nationwide through direct interaction with other regions and other practice groups throughout the firm. Senior Associates also actively participate in client meetings and site visits while interacting with top-level management.

We are looking for highly qualified and motivated professionals with leadership potential, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a good balance of strong audit skills and business acumen and a passion for working in a client centric environment.

Top five reasons to join our Transaction Advisory Services group:

1. Diverse client base. Work with private equity groups and other strategic acquirors in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, software, healthcare, business services, consumer products and food and beverage.

2. Growth. Become part of a growing team and help build a high performing, profitable group. Rapid growth means promotion based on merit not length of tenure.

3. Fast paced environment. Individual projects are generally 3-4 weeks in length with tight reporting deadlines. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a significant impact in a relatively short period of time.

4. Focus on middle market. Work on a broad range of projects each with a unique process as a result of our middle-market focus.

5. Positioned to win. Use well-developed tools and methodologies that will position you to win with clients.

Check out our Career Page and apply on-line

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