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Monday, October 28, 2013

"MudGladrey" Tough

by Jen Poklemba
Talent Acquisition Manager
Baltimore, MD

Are you MudGladrey tough? We are! Our team, Team MudGladrey, pictured below, can officially call ourselves “Tough Mudders.”  So what is a Tough Mudder - Tough Mudder events are hardcore obstacle courses designed to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. On Saturday, October 19th, our team of 6 McGladrey females fought through 11 miles of mountainous, muddy terrain in West Virginia trenching through mud, swimming in 28 degree ice water and then passing through 10,000 volts of live electrical wires. We climbed 12 foot walls, crawled through a series of muddy water filled pipes, jumped from a 15’ platform in to cold water, and even took turns carrying each other in an obstacle called the “Wounded Warrior.”  You’re probably asking yourself – are they crazy? Well… yes, but we aren’t alone! We are now part of a family of over 1 million participants who have tested their limits and endured the challenge all for a good cause, to support the Wounded Warrior Project. I’ve done a lot of races in the past – 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons, even a 210 mile relay race; but this by far takes the cake. The satisfaction we got by crossing the finish line as a team made the moment that much richer.

As a recruiter for McGladrey I spend a lot of time promoting the firm and talking about our family culture and how our teams work so well together. This experience couldn’t be more proof of what I preach every day. Represented on our team were members from audit, tax, HR and recruiting all coming together to accomplish the same goal. And we nailed it! I feel so thankful to have completed this challenge with such an outstanding group.

To learn more about what we went through, or to sign up for future Tough Mudder events, visit:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Current HR trends and the impact to the employee

By B.J. Snelling
National Talent Acquisition Manager
Denver, CO

As a Talent Acquisition manager at McGladrey, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend this year’s annual HR Technology conference which was held in Las Vegas. It was a chance to see trends in the human resources space from other companies and from HR software providers. As I thought about my key-take-away items and what I could share, there were a few common themes that stood out. In an age where employees are a company’s most valued asset, there needs to be a commitment to making the most of engaging the employee and providing value to help develop them in their career. Even if their career isn’t at just one firm, the focus needs to be on an enriched employee experience – from the time the individual enters the arena as a candidate through their career life-cycle at the firm.  

There has been a culture shift amongst progressive companies, like McGladrey, from ‘what can I get out of the employee’, to ‘what can the employee get out of the firm’. When this is embraced at all levels in the company, the employee is able to achieve growth and excellence, which in turn makes for positive benefits all around for the firm when serving the needs of their clients and reaching their own goals. 

HR Software is evolving to encompass all phases and needs of the full employee experience, including on-boarding with a firm, goal setting and performance feedback, training and career development options, and even social components of the employee within the firm – such as learning about volunteer opportunities, office happenings, and other relevant social activities to nourish their personal development.

I came away from Vegas feeling energized and excited - excited to be an employee at a firm that strives to develop me as an individual contributor, but also to know that those we are working to recruit to join McGladrey will benefit from all the positive benefits of these trends along with me!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Campus Brand Champion at the University of Maryland

By Chris Waddail
Baltimore, MD

At the conclusion of my summer assurance internship in Baltimore, MD I was offered the unique opportunity to help represent McGladrey on campus for my senior year at the University of Maryland. My role as a Campus Brand Champion was described as assisting in recruiting efforts, attending networking events, and helping to improve upon the already successful McGladrey brand on campus. 

A month or so into the semester it’s been great serving in this role. I’ve attended career fairs, information sessions, and networking nights and anticipate the upcoming tailgate at the conclusion of our on-campus interviews. Throughout these events I’ve stood right next to full-time employees, answering eager questions and identifying talented prospects. At first it took me a second to realize how lucky I was that McGladrey trusted me, a senior in college, to talk on behalf of the company. This was yet another example of the care and effort the company puts into developing its interns into full-time employees. I was honored. 

UMD Pre-Interview Reception
I was certainly elated when I found out I would be joining McGladrey full-time after I graduate. Part of my excitement was founded in the relief I felt of knowing I had a job. However, more importantly came the excitement to join such a wonderful group of professionals that truly care about each other, their clients, and the community. The campus recruiting process can be vigorous and overwhelming for undergraduates, but McGladrey made a point to help me along the way.

So, as I continue to assist in my role as a Campus Brand Champion on campus, I hope to be able to provide some of that same relief to my fellow peers. The company offers so many great opportunities for college students with the Pathways Program and Internships, both of which I participated in and enjoyed thoroughly. I hope to share with other students what made those experiences so influential, keeping in mind what it means to ‘Experience the Power of Being Understood.’