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Friday, October 28, 2011

In Office Interviews - What to Expect

Written by Trina Moody
Talent Acquisition Manager
Dallas, TX

No matter what your major is in school, or what professional track you decide is your journey, one thing is for sure—to secure employment after graduation, everyone will have some form of an interview take place with their future employer.

The traditional interviewing process, for those graduating from school/college, consists of two very different components: 1.) On-Campus Interviewing and 2.) In-Office Interviewing. On-Campus interviewing normally takes place on school property. The interviewing length, date, and time with your “potential employer” is managed by someone in your school’s career center. In-Office Interviews, on the other hand, are managed by someone that actually works for the company that you are interviewing with (Human Resources, hiring manager, etc.).

What’s the difference between the two? One will be much more formal and longer (the office interview) than the other (the campus interview). When you are asked to attend an office visit, one thing is for sure, you’ve impressed the organization to the point where they would like to have you continue along in their recruitment process as a candidate. Now it’s time for you to finish out the process and get that job offer! Here is a list of the type of things that you can expect to experience during an office visit:

·  Tour of the Office
·  Breakfast, Lunch, or dinner with some of the employees that work for the organization
·  Multiple interviews with multiple people (one of your interviews may be with one of the leaders in the firm)
·  Additional explanation of the job, firm and industry
·  The opportunity for you to “sell yourself” and explain even further why you are the perfect fit for the job

The important things to remember throughout this process are to prepare, ask questions, and be yourself.

Good luck!

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