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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Clear to Me Why I Chose McGladrey to Begin My Career

Written by Heather Tangradi
Assurance Associate
Blue Bell, PA

I have been working at McGladrey for two years now.  As I look back, I can remember my first interview as if it were yesterday. It is still clear to me why I chose McGladrey over my other options. I was looking for an opportunity to work with individuals that operate in a team environment that encourages the success of others.  During the interview process, I was treated as part of the team and I could see myself coming to work here every day.  In addition, I felt that I would be provided with the opportunity to work on many different industries, and I would gain a well rounded experience while also being able to move up in within the company rather quickly.

At the beginning of my first busy season, I was anxious and a bit nervous as to what was expected of me. From the first engagement through the last engagement during my first busy season I received an incredible amount of encouragement and guidance. After my first busy season it was clear how important the CPA license is to the accounting profession. I was encouraged by my co-workers from associates through partners on the importance of completing the CPA exam. There are many opportunities available when you graduate college and I encourage you to get a jump start on the exam. Unlike other firms, McGladrey will make time available to you to study and take the test, by providing you with study days in addition to your test days.  I would encourage anyone starting out in accounting to take advantage of the time given to you to study and to pass the exam as soon as possible.  It will only become harder as you move up the chain and as your personal life begins to blossom. 

The amount of encouragement and opportunities that I have been given over the last couple of years has been astonishing. As I look back over the last two years I find it hard to believe how much I have grown my network and my accounting knowledge. At McGladrey, I was given the tools and resources to learn more about the accounting industry then I could have ever imagined.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

McGladrey Secondee Broadens His Horizons in Australia

Written by Andrew Godfrey
Sr. Associate
Vienna, VA
A few weeks ago it dawned on me that our time was running short in Sydney, so we really got in gear in terms of seeing the sites and trying to experience everything there was to experience in Australia.
Four weekends ago, I had Elisa & Holly from the Perth office come visit for the weekend. We tried to pack all of Sydney into one weekend. We started by taking a ferry to Manly (an island off the coast of Sydney), we went out for a nice dinner in the Harbour and then we saw all of the tourist sites in the city on the Sunday.
The following weekend I went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park where I was able to pet the koalas and kangaroos. The zoos are awesome in Australia because they let you touch most of the animals except for the dangerous ones and even then you are able to get within inches of them. 
Two weekends ago we went to a National Rugby League (NRL) game and to the Blue Mountains. NRL is the closest sport to American football in Australia. I don’t quite understand everything that’s going on during the game, but I still cheer like I do!
This past weekend we threw a party at our house and watched the Rugby World Cup. The game was Australia v. USA and we (USA) lost 67-5. On Saturday, I visited one of my friends in Penrith and cheered on his baseball team. Watching Australians play baseball is fun because most of them swing the bat like they’re playing cricket. The rules are the same in the US, but it’s obvious that they didn’t grow up playing the sport. 
It’s sad making a bunch of close friends here and then leaving in a few weeks, but I’ve already made plans to see several people in the office in the near future. I have one co-worker coming to visit me in the US in November and another in December. And others are hoping to come on secondment in the next few years; so I will definitely maintain most of my friendships made in Australia.
What clients have you worked on and what have you learned?
I’ve had three main clients (industries) in Australia: mining, finance, and manufacturing. Mining is a large industry in Australia; however, my client was performing exploration in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. When a mining company is in the exploration phase of the audit, there is no revenue recognized, instead the Company receives money from investors for exploration costs which are all capitalized until the minerals have been discovered and the mining begins. I found this industry interesting because it was interesting to see the costs incurred in order to gain permits to explore on people’s lands. In order to gain these permits the project managers would buy the landowners head dresses, flowers, and pigs.
My manufacturing client manufactures ‘port-a- potties’.  This client was interesting because it was way out in the bush. It was approximately a 3 hour commute from Sydney so I stayed in a roadside motel out in the country. This was a good experience because as the locals in Wyoming, Australia said, I was able to see “the real Australia.”
Finally, I’ve had two clients in the financial services industry. Both of these clients manage financial portfolios for mostly extraordinarily wealthy individuals in Australia. From a financial audit standpoint, these clients are extremely easy to audit. However, the more complex area was measuring if compliance with their ASFL license; which is a principle-based certification which certifies that the financial service provider is acting both competently and ethically on behalf of the parties its serving.
How does the office culture differ from the office culture in Vienna?
The culture in the Sydney office is very different from the office culture in the Vienna, Virginia office. I feel that the Sydney office has a much more rigid structure between partners, managers, and staff.  In Virginia managers will often help with managing the client and with some of the more complex areas of the audit. In Sydney, the managers will not look at a file until it has been signed off by the “in charge” and the partners will not look at the file until it has been fully reviewed by the manager.  It’s also very rare for a manager or a partner to visit the client in Sydney, but it seems that the partners and managers in Vienna try to come out to the client at least once during every audit.  The work life balance in the Sydney office seems to be a little more intact than in the US. It’s very rare for anyone to come into the office to work during the busy season, and almost everyone is back in the office at 5pm every Friday for Friday night drinks.
What do you have planned for the remainder of your secondment?
We have three weeks left of work on our secondment; two weeks of client work and the final week to wrap up. This upcoming weekend I’m going down to Melbourne to go to an AFL Grand Final party.  The following weekend we’re having a farewell dinner, and in the final week of my secondment my parents are coming to visit. Once my secondment is over, my family and I are going to Ayer’s Rock, and then to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef. The following week I’m touring New Zealand and then I’m off to Thailand and Hong Kong before returning to the US in mid-November.

Friday, September 23, 2011

McGladrey Intern Shares his Experience

McGladrey’s campus recruiting season is well on its way! We are recruiting now for internships and full time associate positions for 2012. Our recruiters will be on over 100 campuses this fall, and you can also apply online at

Chris Chumbley interned on McGladrey’s assurance team this past summer. He will be starting with the firm full time next fall. Below he explains why his internship at McGladrey was an excellent experience.

“Throughout my internship at McGladrey, I learned not only about the day-to-day operations of an accounting firm, but also how to become a professional.  The thing that surprised me the most during my internship was the amount of industries I was able to see.  I had at least one full day of experience in every single industry the office serves* except for casinos.  The experience you gain at McGladrey is unmatched by any other firm because of how much you learn in the short time period you are there.  Overall, McGladrey is an excellent firm to intern with and the information you gain about accounting in unrivaled!”

*McGladrey serves the following industries: Banking/Financial Institutions, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Government Entities, Health Care, Life Sciences, Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution, Not-for-Profit, Private Equity Groups, Real Estate, Specialized Industries (including Gaming), and Technology.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

McGladrey Recognized for Exemplary Flexible Workplace Practices

No matter what your passions are: a devoted runner, a working parent, a pet owner, a dedicated sports fan, McGladrey’s commitment to a Flexible Work Environment can help you be successful.  

As announced on Monday, McGladrey has been honored with the 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for its use of flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success. This prestigious award, part of the national When Work Works project, recognizes employers of all sizes and types across the country. 72 of McGladrey’s offices were recognized with the award. 
“As a recipient of the 2011 Sloan Award, McGladrey ranks in the top 20% of employers nationally in terms of its programs, policies and culture for creating an effective and flexible workplace,” states Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institue. “In addition, what makes this honor so special is that their employees have corroborated this, affirming that it is indeed an effective and flexible workplace.”
What is your secret to Work Life Success?
Tansy Jefferies, Director from Fort Lauderdale, is just one of many employees that has benefited from the flexible work options offered by McGladrey. This year she worked a FlexYear schedule, which allowed her to spend three months backpacking in South America over the summer. McGladrey’s FlexYear program allows employees to vary their work schedules during the year. They might work a full-time or reduced work schedule during part of the year and then take an extended period of time off.
McGladrey: What benefit/program has helped you be more effective personally and/or professionally?
Tansy Jefferies: I worked a FlexYear which allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with my husband, take a break from our hectic schedules and to fulfill our dream to travel around South America. We hiked the Inca Trail in Peru, canoed the Amazon in Brazil, cycled through the Atacama Desert in Chile and down the Death Road in Bolivia, paraglided over Rio in Brazil and dived with hammerheads and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, to name a few of the highlights.
MG: In what ways have you been more effective and/or seen a positive impact?
TJ: I returned to the office mentally refreshed and positive, having fulfilled many life goals over one summer, feeling ready to tackle my job with 100% commitment.
MG: Specifically, what did you do to integrate your personal and professional life?
TJ: While I was away, I checked my work emails on my phone when I had WiFi access, which was pretty easy to find. I had ensured all my clients were aware of my plans and had an alternative contact to assist them while I was away. I also provided handover notes on my clients to colleagues, so in actual fact there was not too much that came up in my absence that required by input. I probably communicated in some way either with a colleague or client around once a week on average.
For more information about the When Work Works project and the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, visit

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

McGladrey Secondment Program Participant's 10 Reasons to Work Abroad

McGladrey's secondees are still taking in every moment while working abroad in Perth, Australia and learning more than ever! Holly Klotz has been working in Australia at McGladrey's international affiliate, RSM Bird Cameron, for two months now. Below are her top ten reasons you should look into McGladrey's Secondment Program.

1.     You will learn a new approach to auditing which challenges you to think about the approach you use in your home office giving you a more in-depth understanding of the audit process. 

2.     You get to experience new industries which are not available or as common in your home office.  This is not only interesting, but also is beneficial in developing new on the job problem solving skills.

3.     You will be exposed to different requirements and procedures associated with auditing a publicly held company in a different market which can be beneficial to serving U.S. clients looking for funding sources outside of the United States.

4.     You will work with a new client base with unique issues allowing you to interpret foreign financial statements with a more thorough understanding of both the language and content.

5.     You will have a new skill set to bring back to your home office and serve as a resource to those seeking information on auditing and accounting in a foreign country.

6.     You will encounter cultural norms and customs unique to the country both professionally and casually allowing for enhanced communication with global contacts.

7.     You will meet other Secondees from across the world and learn about their audit approach and working style in addition to those of the country in which you are working.

8.     You will build international contacts and resources which will be beneficial to serving clients with global exposure or those seeking global opportunities.

9.     You will have an international travel opportunity over an extended period of time allowing for a deeper understanding of another culture.

10.  You will be challenged to go out of your comfort zone both at work and in day to day activities that will enhance your ability to think on your feet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

McGladrey Named 100 Best Company by Working Mother

We are excited to announce that McGladrey was recently selected for the fifth time by the Working Mother 100 Best Companies as one of the nation’s leading 100 companies for family-friendly benefits. 2011 Working Mother 100 Best Companies highlights the top companies who are paving the way for new moms and families everywhere. Demonstrating the power of change and their unwavering commitment to parents nationwide, 100 percent of this year’s winning companies offer flextime hours, telecommuting, paid maternity leave and employee assistance programs.

“At McGladrey, we strive to build strong partnerships through genuine understanding,” said Joe Adams, managing partner and CEO for McGladrey & Pullen, LLP.  “Our firms’ ability to care for clients’ needs begins with our ability to care for our employees’ needs. Living in an increasingly fast-paced world, we understand the necessity of flexible work schedules, and believe this approach contributes to our ability to provide clients with exceptional service, which leads to their success.”

McGladrey offers family-oriented benefits, among them adoption, paternity, college savings plan, wellness, Coach-on-Call, and flexibility, earning numerous honors, including placement on Flex-Friendly’s list of Certified Flex-Friendly companies for the second year in a row. McGladrey was also recently named one of America’s Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces by Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and honored with the 2011 Alfred P Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.

“McGladrey, a five-time honoree on Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies list, is honored again this year for offering family-friendly benefits and strong work-life flexibility programs,” said Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media. “We applaud their efforts in creating conducive work environments where every employee can succeed.”

In conjunction with being named to the leading 100 companies list, RSM McGladrey’s Nicole Gingerich, who works out of the firms’ Peoria office, was recognized as the firms’ “Working Mother of the Year.” Gingerich uses the firms’ workplace flexibility benefit to care for her six-year-old daughter, while still meeting and exceeding client needs. (Read her story below)

“We’re honored to have achieved this recognition again, and to recognize one of our own employees as this year’s Working Mother of the Year,” said C.E. Andrews, president for RSM McGladrey. “The recognition shows that the focus we’ve placed on meeting employees’ individual needs results in their increased dedication to exceeding client expectations.” 

Profiles of Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies can be found in the October issue of Working Mother and on their website.

Meet McGladrey’s Working Mother of the Year
For Nicole Gingerich, senior administrative assistant-Accounting Industry Services group in Peoria, her weekday routine is like that of many working moms. She lets the dog out, gets her daughter off to school or summer camp and heads to the office. But some days, reaction replaces routine.

Diagnosed with systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 18 months, Nicole’s daughter, Madelyne, is normally a bundle of fun and energy. The six-year-old loves to play dress up and throw Mom, a.k.a. the queen, into the imaginary dungeon. Simba, her Pomeranian pup, is the apple of her eye. But this little girl has endured more medical poking and prodding than most experience in a lifetime. Her mom has been there for her every step of the way.

At work, Nicole supports four partners and two directors, works on special projects and performs database administration for a team of 40 users. When Madelyne’s condition flares, Nicole must drop whatever she’s doing and switch to mom-mode. Nicole’s flexible work option and tips she learned from McGladrey’s Coach-on-Call program help her navigate whatever comes her way.

It really helps, she says, that she works with an awesome group that’s very in tune to what’s going on with each other. “When something comes up with Madelyne, my team steps in and says ‘what can I do while you’re gone?’ There’s never any worry when any of us has to be away from work because of our close team approach.”

It hasn’t always been that way for Nicole. Before joining McGladrey three years ago, she was anxious when her family obligations collided with work. “It was stressful. I was always worried that my employer was angry when I had to leave for Madelyne,” she recalls. “Here, it’s been wonderful. The partners are very supportive and I really appreciate the flexibility I have. I can work from home when necessary and I’m able to take the time I need to talk with the doctors and drug companies when making the tough decisions my daughter’s condition requires.”

Nicole’s team members know she’s also there for them. “Despite her ongoing challenges, Nicole inspires us by giving back and paying forward at every opportunity, and that keeps our team strong,” says Barb Fletcher, Accounting Industry Services group-Peoria. “With her own generosity of time, energy and finances, she’s always there to offer help when she sees another in need.” Barb nominated Nicole for Working Mother of the Year.

Congratulations, Nicole! Yours is just one example of how McGladrey’s WorkLife benefits help to make a difference in the lives of our employees.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two New Caddies for Team McGladrey

After 22,183 registrations, 61,559 votes and feedback from PGA TOUR standout and 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III, McGladrey is proud to announce that the 2011 Caddie for Love grand prize winner is Claudio Kawecki from Hoboken, New Jersey. As the grand prize winner, Kawecki will receive the once-in-a-lifetime chance to caddie for Team McGladrey Member Davis Love III at the RSM International Pro-Am during the 2011 McGladrey Classic, an invitation to the draw reception at the home of Davis and Robin Love, round-trip airfare for two and two nights of accommodations (Oct. 11 and 12) at Sea Island Resort.

Additionally, McGladrey’s own tax senior associate and fellow Cedar Rapids native will caddie for Zach Johnson at The McGladrey Classic this October. Matt Stoner, won a similar employee-only contest called Caddie Quest. Matt’s essay and video landed him in the winner’s circle. Seventy nine other employees submitted essays. That field was narrowed to five finalists whose videos went under employees’ review. Employees voted and Matt’s video came out on top and secured his win.
After impressive essays and photo entries that garnered thousands of votes, illustrating their knowledge of the respective PGA TOUR pros, the game of golf and The Power of Being Understood – the firm's approach to doing business by first truly understanding clients' needs and then providing exceptional value – Kawecki and Stoner were named semi-finalists. From there, they posted humorous semifinalist videos to and to an employee intranet site. Kawecki's and Stoner's winning videos not only again attracted scores of votes and illustrated the Power of Being Understood, but impressed Love, Johnson and others involved in the voting enough to make them the winners.
"The golfer/caddie relationship is an important one to me, one that contributes greatly to my success, similar to the relationship McGladrey has with its clients," said Love III, tournament host of The McGladrey Classic. "Claudio understood what voters, McGladrey and I were looking for and I'm excited to have him as my guest and caddie at The McGladrey Classic. Claudio and I are going to have fun at Sea Island, but we'll also be doing some serious work."
"I am looking forward to welcoming Matt to my home of Sea Island in October," said Zach Johnson. "It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone who participates in The McGladrey Classic."
"Caddie for Love and Caddie Quest were great successes and helped strengthen the McGladrey brand with our clients, potential clients and employees," said Ricki Lasky, senior director – sports marketing for RSM McGladrey. "We know that many of our clients and potential clients enjoy watching and playing the game of golf, and we're delighted that The McGladrey Classic provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the game. Perhaps most importantly, however, we're proud to support Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Georgia and other local charitable organizations through proceeds raised by the tournament. I look forward to having Claudio and Matt participate in the excitement at Sea Island."
McGladrey Golf Links/URLs:
Caddie for Love Contest Page
McGladrey Golf Blog

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Foot in the Door at McGladrey - Pathways Programs took place this August

Written by Taylor Jaeger
Student at Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

This summer, I had the opportunity to get an inside look at the fifth largest accounting firm in the country.  McGladrey’s Pathways Program is a three day experience that allowed me to meet some of the Firm’s amazing accounting professionals and learn why McGladrey is a great place to launch a career.  My first day in the office was unlike anything I expected. The minute I walked through the door, I was greeted with warm smiles, and by people who genuinely wanted to get to know me, not just on a professional level but also a personal level.  I learned that the key reason McGladrey is so successful, and why everyone I met loved their job, is due to everyone’s willingness to help, support, and understand each other.  Whether an employee is a first year associate, manager, or even partner, he or she is more than happy to help with something you don’t understand and answer any questions you may have.  At McGladrey, everyone’s door is always open and no problem is too big or too small to bring to the table.  Teamwork is also one of the company’s best qualities and is exemplified daily throughout the multiple projects McGladrey has in play.

What truly impressed me was how all of the people at McGladrey are able to work together as one team despite different skill sets, functions and levels.  They just make it work seamlessly.  During the office tour and bowling event, I noticed employees from different departments and positions were working together and having a great time both inside and out of the office.  Meeting all of the outgoing professionals at McGladrey was my favorite part of the experience.

At a client tour during the Pathways Program, I had the opportunity to talk with Phoenix office manager, Ross Grainger, about what makes working at McGladrey so enjoyable.  I learned that Ross and seven other members of the office participated in the Phoenix Spartan race. The Spartan race is an eight mile obstacle course that requires an enormous amount of teamwork and endurance; you can see all of the McGladrey Spartans on the company’s website.  Ross plans to make an office Spartan race for the entire Phoenix McGladrey office. This is just another example of a fun and competitive team building activity that gets the entire McGladrey office together.  Ross was been very helpful answering questions I had about the firm, as well as the accounting industry in general.  We still keep in touch today.

Meeting all of the great accounting professionals in the Phoenix office, and being able to participate in the numerous fun events made my three days at McGladrey’s Pathways Program an unforgettable experience.  If you are interested in investing your career in a successful and exciting accounting firm, I highly recommend you check out Pathways.

If you’d like to attend the McGladrey Pathways Program or work alongside world class professionals like I did, then check out them out at

Friday, September 9, 2011

G'Day from Australia! McGladrey Employee Reports Back on her Time Abroad

Written by Elisa Johnson
Sr. Assurance Associate
Perth, Australia 

G’day from Australia!

I have been in Perth for approximately six weeks and have enjoyed working with everyone at RSM Bird Cameron, being able to interact with a variety of clients, as well as get accustomed to an Australian lifestyle.  The audit group at Bird Cameron is divided into two teams – red and blue.  The red team, which I am on, reminds me a lot of my team in Minneapolis (Construction and Real Estate).  We have a great time working and getting to know each other.  While I generally work on construction clients in Minneapolis, as well as a couple of real estate and manufacturing clients, I have had the opportunity to see a few different industries since my arrival in Perth.  I have worked on a Western Australia government engagement, a couple of exploration audits, an investment trust audit, a real estate trust compliance audit, as well as construction / construction management engagements. 

Auditing over here is similar to the U.S.  The Perth office uses Caseware to import the trial balance and sign off on lead sheets and then uses Lotus Notes to perform testing.  Luckily, both systems are familiar to me, since I started at McGladrey prior to the Caseware implementation.  The clarity standard was implemented this year; therefore the sampling methodology has changed from prior years.  Similar to the US, accounts are first analyzed on a high risk versus low risk approach, and then tested based on whether or not control testing has been performed and analytical procedures can be relied upon.  From there the balance is tested using a predetermined high-value scoping percentage, judgmental selections within a predefined range, or a non-statistical sample.  In essence, it is very similar but yet different to the approach used in the U.S.

Even though it is winter over here, Perth is an absolutely beautiful city and resembles Minneapolis quite a bit.  We have been able to see some great areas around the city – King’s Park (large like Central Park in NYC and just gorgeous), some of the beach towns, watched the sunset over the Indian Ocean, walked along the beautiful Swan River that goes through the city, shopped at the weekend markets, had freshly brewed coffee at quaint cafes, relaxed at some nice pubs, been able to see kangaroos and koalas at the Perth Zoo, hunted for wild kangaroos (with no luck), enjoyed a wine tour through the Swan Valley, attend an Australian Football League game (go Dockers!), and of course had the privilege to interact with a variety of people throughout the city.  We are still planning to journey down to the Margaret River region, as well as visit the other secondees in Sydney!

An interesting item to note about Perth is that everything closes at 5 PM, excluding some of the restaurants and the grocery stores, which stay open until 8 PM during the week.  The suburbs have ‘late night’ until 9 PM on Thursday, and the city has ‘late night’ on Fridays.  It took a little while to adjust to not having everything open late or 24 hours, but now it’s becoming second nature.

And of course, while being here we have also picked up on some differences between what Australians say and what Americans say.  Below are some examples.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Update from McGladrey Employee Working Abroad in Australia

Written by Holly Klotz
Sr. Associate
Perth, Australia

Holly has been working abroad through McGladrey’s Secondment program in Perth, Australia for one month now. Below are three of her reflections from her experiences from month one of her three month assignment.

I’ve been exposed to many different industries.

The mining industry here in Perth is quite significant and accounts for a large portion of the Perth’s office client base.  I served on the audit team of a leading mining company that is involved in exploration, contracting, processing and commodities production and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.  The mining industry in Australia has been rapidly growing over the past few years and is a significant source of revenue for much of the western part of Australia.  Working with a client on the cutting edge of mining was a unique experience as we worked through the obstacles of auditing a company that nearly doubled in size in the last year in both assets and revenue.

Secondment programs are increasingly popular in Australia.

The word “Secondment” was not something I was familiar with prior to my Perth Secondment.  Here in Australia it is a very common arrangement and is widely recognized both in the accounting industry and by the general public as short term employment of individuals from other countries.  Perth in particular has hired Secondees for several years now in order to compensate for the fluctuations of the increased work flow of busy season with Secondees typically originating from Singapore and the United Kingdom.  Due to the recent change in United States dollar, the U.S. has become an attractive option for Secondees and presumably more arrangements between the U.S. and Australia will occur in the future benefiting both McGladrey and RSM Bird Cameron.

There are definitely lifestyle and cultural differences between an Iowan and a Western Australian. 

There are a number of differences between the cultures of the Midwestern United States and Perth Australia.  The diversity in Perth is significantly more dynamic with people from all over the world anywhere from Indonesia, Africa, Italy, Madagascar, Europe, etc.  I have yet to meet someone who has never left the country of Australia.  Western Australians in general are very aware of other cultures and current events around the world.  It is very common for them to regularly travel to a foreign country for vacation and quite common for them to work in a foreign country for a few years early on in their career.  Experiencing Australian’s appreciation for other cultures has opened my eyes to what else the world may have to offer; both in terms of auditing and the resources and knowledge out there to help us improve as an international firm, along with a personal level of appreciating different cultural values.