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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Associate Reflects on McGladrey Orientation

Written by Allie Orlando
Assurance Associate
Boston, MA
I was anxious and excited in the weeks leading up to our first day of training in the Boston office. The evening before, I ironed every piece of business casual attire I own and modeled each one to find the perfect “first impression” outfit.  That morning, I checked what I was bringing at least five times to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything before finally walking out the door, only to find that everything I needed was provided for me when I got there.  I also quickly realized that everyone was nervous - about meeting new people, about what our week-long training would be like, about our future with McGladrey.  Our nerves were calmed at the end of the day, when we had the opportunity to meet other members of the firm in a relaxed environment of cocktails and appetizers.
The next day, we flew out to Chicago.  I slept for three hours the night before.  After settling into the Q Center, we walked down to a large hall and joined more than 400 other new hires.  The experience was overwhelming at first, but after a few days, I felt that I had made the right decision with McGladrey.  Everyone I met was so nice, and Karaoke Night at the Q Center’s pub was proof that we could have fun together.  The Boston office quickly became known as the outgoing group among our peers.
The week at the Q Center was a time to learn, but learning was only one part of our orientation.  We made connections with people in our office as well as others around the country.  One evening, we all participated in a charity event to make Build-A-Bears for a local children’s hospital.  This event was an entertaining way for us to forge bonds between different offices, while getting in touch with our inner child.
We also had plenty of opportunities to spend free time with our own officemates.  We ate meals together, exercised, and relaxed together.  We even organized a trip to Chicago one evening, stylishly traveling in four limousines.  When we returned to Boston, we admitted that we would miss each other and we began looking forward to our next training, when we would all be together again. 

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