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Thursday, December 22, 2011

McGladrey Talent Community: Staying in touch with Career Opportunities at McGladrey

Written by Dan Gradel
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

We recently launched a new way for anyone to stay in touch with McGladrey and our career opportunities called the McGladrey Talent Community. The job search process has many factors that need to be met to provide success, and timing is often one of the wildcard variables that can’t be controlled, especially in public accounting. As a recruiter, I network with many people throughout the year for a variety of reasons such as recruiting for open positions, networking events, completing references and following up on voicemails. The result of a lot of these calls is that people are not quite ready to make a move from their current employer due to the time of year. In public accounting we all know that we have “seasons” in which it is hard to leave due to work load and being a stand up employee so as not to leave your current company in a tight spot.

We have launched the McGladrey Talent Community to make this easier for you. The McGladrey Talent Community will keep you informed of current and future career opportunities that match your preferences, it is a fully customizable job alert that allows you to chose when you want to make that move or learn more without making a commitment today. If you are in tax, assurance, consulting or another group within public accounting we can keep you in the loop on the exact opportunities that you want to hear about and help make that timing issue a little easier and less painful by bringing the opportunities to you on the timeframe you determine. Take a moment to look at what we have to offer and sign up for your job updates: Join The McGladrey Talent Community today!

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