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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

McGladrey Rotation Program: “A very valuable experience”

Written by Milton Marcotte
Managing Director
Chicago, IL

Milton Marcotte, Managing Director

Last May marked the beginning of an exciting new rotation program that enabled 17 McGladrey assurance staff members to experience what it’s like to be a part of the business consulting transaction advisory services practice during audit’s traditional non-busy season. The program helps McGladrey become the leader in serving private equity groups (PEGs) and their portfolio companies and enhances the skill sets of our PEG client servers.  
Mike Stuckey, senior audit associate-Boston, says the program was a very valuable experience. He learned how to perform more analytics and analysis using graphs and also interpret data in many different ways.

“Another thing I really liked was the team atmosphere,” says Mike. “You really get the sense of how big the firm actually is. Coming from audit, you work with people from your local office and local engagement teams. But in transaction advisory services you could be working one week with people from our New York and Chicago offices, and the next week you might be working and networking with people from different offices all over the United States and the world.”

Would he do it again?

“Yes, definitely,” Mike says. “I’m planning on it, and I encourage others to try it if they’re looking to branch out from audit because it’s an entirely new experience.” 

The program’s four primary goals include:
  • Develop additional resources and capabilities to support our PEG growth efforts in transaction advisory services and audit
  • Provide employees with additional learning opportunities and career alternatives
  • Increase retention of high-performing employees
  • Enhance  service quality to PEGs and portfolio companies by broadening the capabilities of our people
Two rotation program participants enjoyed the experience so much; they elected to transfer full-time into the transaction advisory services group. In addition, two recent transaction advisory services hires will do an audit rotation during the 2012 busy season.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Associate Reflects on McGladrey Orientation

Written by Allie Orlando
Assurance Associate
Boston, MA
I was anxious and excited in the weeks leading up to our first day of training in the Boston office. The evening before, I ironed every piece of business casual attire I own and modeled each one to find the perfect “first impression” outfit.  That morning, I checked what I was bringing at least five times to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything before finally walking out the door, only to find that everything I needed was provided for me when I got there.  I also quickly realized that everyone was nervous - about meeting new people, about what our week-long training would be like, about our future with McGladrey.  Our nerves were calmed at the end of the day, when we had the opportunity to meet other members of the firm in a relaxed environment of cocktails and appetizers.
The next day, we flew out to Chicago.  I slept for three hours the night before.  After settling into the Q Center, we walked down to a large hall and joined more than 400 other new hires.  The experience was overwhelming at first, but after a few days, I felt that I had made the right decision with McGladrey.  Everyone I met was so nice, and Karaoke Night at the Q Center’s pub was proof that we could have fun together.  The Boston office quickly became known as the outgoing group among our peers.
The week at the Q Center was a time to learn, but learning was only one part of our orientation.  We made connections with people in our office as well as others around the country.  One evening, we all participated in a charity event to make Build-A-Bears for a local children’s hospital.  This event was an entertaining way for us to forge bonds between different offices, while getting in touch with our inner child.
We also had plenty of opportunities to spend free time with our own officemates.  We ate meals together, exercised, and relaxed together.  We even organized a trip to Chicago one evening, stylishly traveling in four limousines.  When we returned to Boston, we admitted that we would miss each other and we began looking forward to our next training, when we would all be together again. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Social Media Success Story: Hired through LinkedIn at McGladrey

Written by Courtney Blonigan
Talent Acquisition, Minneapolis

John De Goey
Recruitment Source: LinkedIn
Assurance Associate
Milwaukee, WI

Earlier this year, John De Goey was apprehensive about signing up for LinkedIn, but ended up deciding it couldn’t hurt, right? Just two months after creating a profile on LinkedIn, McGladrey first reached out to John via LinkedIn InMail. Our recruiter noticed John’s profile and saw that although he was currently employed, he had the kind of experience we were looking for. Even if John wasn’t searching for a new job, our recruiter thought he might know someone that would be a good fit for a position we were hiring for in Minneapolis.  When our recruiter reached out to John, it turned out that he was in fact looking for an opportunity with a public accounting firm that would allow him to transfer to Milwaukee. John and McGladrey recruiters kept in touch over the next few months to discuss opportunities in Milwaukee. In September, six months after LinkedIn communications began, John started on McGladrey’s assurance team in Milwaukee.

John said that he didn’t realize LinkedIn would be as great of a tool for him as it ended up being. He explained another benefit of using LinkedIn is finding contacts you thought you had lost touch with. John went to college at UW-La Crosse and while he was there he developed a good relationship with a Director in McGladrey’s La Crosse office. But unfortunately he no longer had this contact’s information. When we reached out to John, he was able to use LinkedIn to contact the Director in La Crosse who provided a reference for John. “Had it not been for LinkedIn, it would have been a lot harder for me to get in contact with him,” explains John.

John says, “Be open to any communication on LinkedIn, because you never know what it might lead to!”

Connect with McGladrey and a McGladrey recruiter on LinkedIn:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Footprints on McGladrey through Pathways

Written by Farah Hussain
Assurance Associate
Charlotte, NC

Being in your last year of college can be the very intimidating. Trying to do well in your classes, cramming for the CPA Exam, and even working part time; sleep is a luxury, and the end seems never-reaching. The most nerve-wracking aspect in this period of your life is just hoping and praying that you’ll be recruited to work for the accounting firm of your desire.

Now that was probably a large aspect in my life, and may mirror yours. Luckily, I was recruited to interview for the Summer Pathways program with McGladrey. A lot of times, students attend conferences and later wonder what they really took away from it, sometimes not taking away anything. However, attending the McGladrey Pathways program was far from anything I expected. The speakers were engaging and participants had opportunities to mingle with other students and employees. The organizers of the conference kept it engaging with fun trivia nights, question and answer sessions with partners, and personal strength discussions. The networking aspect of the conference was fantastic, as participants had numerous one-on-one opportunities with partners, directors, and employees throughout the sessions.

Being part of the recruiting process is a two-way street. Not only are we trying to find firms who would want to hire us, but we are also trying to find a place where we would fit. Knowing that I would start working during busy season and be around my co-workers constantly, it was imperative for me to get a feel of McGladrey. A lot of times during the interview process, you may not have the best idea of the office culture aside from what is told to you and what you may experience during an office visit. The great thing about Pathways was that I got a first-hand insider look into how working with McGladrey would be. From bowling with the partners (which I failed at miserably) and white-water rafting with employees from the local and national office, I was able to gauge the work culture at McGladrey. Now as a first year Associate, I can say that my impression of McGladrey was accurate.

After Pathways, I waited for recruiting season to begin. Fortunately for me, attending Pathways not only allowed me to network with everyone at McGladrey, but led me to receive an offer with the firm. I remember sitting at an airport in Phoenix, receiving a call from a partner in regards to my offer. My exact words were “I’m about to do cartwheels.” I of course accepted and in the end, I firmly believe attending Pathways was what led me to receive an offer.

I started working at the end of August, so I’m currently at the two month mark. It was a relief to have some recognizable faces starting with me (as they attended Pathways as well). I can’t share much experience, as I haven’t had a busy season under my belt yet, but a word of advice to all new hires, there is a learning curve starting a career. A lot of the material you have learned throughout college applies, but the real world application may slightly differ. Don’t get discouraged! Just remember to ask a lot of questions, understand why you are doing what you are doing, and you should be on the road to success!

Looking for a sneak peek inside our firm and our industry? McGladrey's Pathways programs is a 2-3 day unpaid externship including orientation, client service experience, and Pathways program events.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

McGladrey Secondee Celebrates Traditions and Gets a Taste of Home

George Allen has completed two months of a three month secondment program working in Melbourne, Australia at McGladrey's international affiliate, RSM Bird Cameron.
Written by George Allen
Sr. Consulting Associate
Miami, FL
Ahhhh…Happy Hour.
One of the forefathers of accounting (probably) said: the group that drinks together, thinks together. 
The partners of the Melbourne office have facilitated this bonding environment by hosting a recurring end-of-the-month happy hour in the office boardroom.  Not only was I lucky enough to experience my first monthly happy hour, but it was enhanced by Trivia Night —their annual celebration of the footy (Australian football) finals.  In true sporting spirit, we formed different teams and were asked by the game’s hosts (seemingly dressed as Pat Sajak and Vanna White) to answer random trivia questions about topics ranging from sports to movie theme songs.
Recently, the cold and rainy weather broke long enough to join some friends at another local celebration: the Cuban Jazz Festival (yes, I came all the way to Australia from Miami to attend a Cuban festival!) Hosted by a winery in the Yarra Valley, the festival offered plenty of wine, food, and music, not to mention a Segway course and helicopter rides. It was the perfect way to spend a gorgeous afternoon in Australia.
I had a different encounter when I got a little taste of home when the Occupy Melbourne protests set up camp (literally) in the middle of the city.  Similar to the protests held around the world, demonstrators set up tents and played music, sat in groups and talked, while others used bullhorns to speak their minds.  I was actually waiting for someone to stop and ask me where I was from—I wanted to say I am an American just to see where the conversation went, but the protesters were too busy spreading their message.  It was interesting to see everyone from hippies to well-dressed business people getting together for a common cause.
Speaking of well-dressed, another difference I’ve noted is the professional attire here.  Men’s suits are completed by “skinny” trousers, and women wear skirts and dresses that are about 3 inches above their knees, complete with fishnet and other patterned stockings (I’m guessing this article I read will only increase the number of skirts in the workplace!)
I’d like to close with a story about one of my first-hand experiences related to our “One McGladrey” philosophy.  One of the partners in the Melbourne office was approached by a client interested in obtaining information about the firm’s experience in dealing with the compliance requirements related to OMB Circular A-133 (federal grants).  Because part of the circular deals with GAAP reporting, I was approached as “the American in the office” about my knowledge of the requirements.  While I had no direct experience, I was able to reach out to Tom from the Maryland office, who in turn put me into contact with Sara (also from the Maryland office) and Michael from the North Carolina office.  Their quick responses and the information they provided was of great value and is a wonderful demonstration of the firm’s teamwork- even over international lines.  I’m sure once the brochures have been developed, they will evidence the deep range of firm experience and allow the Melbourne office to go to market and pitch this revenue-generating service to new and existing clients.
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