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Monday, October 31, 2011

Join the Consulting Practice at McGladrey

Written by Matt Rasul
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

A lot of times I hear  – “I thought a CPA firm only provides Tax and Assurance Services.” Here at McGladrey we provide a full array of services to our clients which include Tax, Assurance, and Consulting. Our Consulting practice at McGladrey is in growth mode and we are looking to expand our services. Currently we have Technology Services, Financial Advisory, and Risk Advisory Services.  Some job functions in Consulting include Internal Auditing, Financial Fraud and Litigation, Valuation, SAP implementation, .NET, Performance Improvement, Healthcare Coders, and Data Analytics just to name a few. The Consulting Practice will give you a hands on approach with the clients we serve and the team you work with on a daily basis.  If you are interested in learning more about Consulting Services at McGladrey please feel free to reach out directly via email (, visit our LinkedIn page or the McGladrey Consulting website,

Interested in joining our Consulting team? McGladrey currently has over 170 consulting job openings. Visit to search and apply.

Friday, October 28, 2011

In Office Interviews - What to Expect

Written by Trina Moody
Talent Acquisition Manager
Dallas, TX

No matter what your major is in school, or what professional track you decide is your journey, one thing is for sure—to secure employment after graduation, everyone will have some form of an interview take place with their future employer.

The traditional interviewing process, for those graduating from school/college, consists of two very different components: 1.) On-Campus Interviewing and 2.) In-Office Interviewing. On-Campus interviewing normally takes place on school property. The interviewing length, date, and time with your “potential employer” is managed by someone in your school’s career center. In-Office Interviews, on the other hand, are managed by someone that actually works for the company that you are interviewing with (Human Resources, hiring manager, etc.).

What’s the difference between the two? One will be much more formal and longer (the office interview) than the other (the campus interview). When you are asked to attend an office visit, one thing is for sure, you’ve impressed the organization to the point where they would like to have you continue along in their recruitment process as a candidate. Now it’s time for you to finish out the process and get that job offer! Here is a list of the type of things that you can expect to experience during an office visit:

·  Tour of the Office
·  Breakfast, Lunch, or dinner with some of the employees that work for the organization
·  Multiple interviews with multiple people (one of your interviews may be with one of the leaders in the firm)
·  Additional explanation of the job, firm and industry
·  The opportunity for you to “sell yourself” and explain even further why you are the perfect fit for the job

The important things to remember throughout this process are to prepare, ask questions, and be yourself.

Good luck!

McGladrey is currently recruiting on campus for interns and associates. Learn more:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

McGladrey Recognized by AWSCPA for Championing Women’s Issues in the Workplace

Sherri Brillhart, Director, RSM McGladrey

McGladrey was recently presented with the "Leadership – Lead By Example Award" by the American Women's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) during the organization's 2011 Annual Conference for Women in Accounting luncheon at the Westin in Charlotte, North Carolina.
"We have more than 7,000 employees working from more than 80 offices to serve clients across the country," said Sheri Brillhart, a director with RSM McGladrey, who accepted the award on behalf of the firm. "Currently, nearly 500 of our 3,500 female employees are taking advantage of flexible work options. The real value comes through the dedication and commitment our employees demonstrate when they have the ability – and flexibility – to serve our clients in the way that best suits them and each individual client."
The award was presented by Ivy Defino, national president at AWSCPA, who stated McGladrey is a champion for women's issues in the CPA workplace. "McGladrey values different perspectives offered by people of varying backgrounds," said Defino. "The firm focuses on providing networking opportunities at national and local events, fostering business development skills critical to success, mentoring to provide support and guidance for employees and work/life integration."
About the AWSCPA
The American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) is a national organization dedicated to serving all women CPAs. The AWSCPA provides a supportive environment and valuable resources for members to achieve their personal and professional goals through various opportunities including leadership, networking and education.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Cross Country Recruiting Journey at McGladrey

Written by Logan Gans
Tax Associate
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Recruiting out-of-region can be an intimidating experience as it is certainly the road less traveled in campus recruiting.  Most students will usually try to work for offices close to their university as many have local ties to the area or choose their school based on its location in a city where they may want to live in the future.  I received a large scholarship from a prestigious program at Boston College that I could not turn down.  However, I needed to return to South Florida because of strong personal ties to the area.  I knew that I would be choosing the less-traveled road back home.  My goal is to share with you a few tips learned on the successful journey that led me from Boston College to a Tax Associate position in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As most students know, the steps to a successful on-campus recruiting season are to: 1. Network with the firm to lock in a first-round interview, 2. Receive a call-back after the first-round interview, and 3. Earn an offer after the second-round office interview.

With networking, the first step, it is best to make as many in-firm McGladrey connections as possible, regardless of the location of the office where you hope to work.  Going to school networkers and career fairs is a great idea.  Reaching out to McGladrey alumni from your undergraduate and/or graduate schools is also helpful.  Keep business cards and contact information.  Learn anything you can about the firm.

When going through on-campus recruiting, realize that the first-round interview will take place on campus at your school, and that the local office will have to refer you to the office of your regional preference.  Though it is likely that the Manager or Partner who initially interviews you will thus be from an office outside your preferred region, rest assured that McGladrey’s offices work closely with each other. 

During the on-campus interview, it is very important to establish strong ties to the region of the office where you hope to work.  For example, a strong affinity for the Los Angeles Lakers may not impress an East Coast interviewer, but noting your family lives in California may carry more weight. 

If you do well in your first-round interview, the interviewer will write you a referral to your desired office.  The desired office has the option to decline the referral, but if you are a strong candidate and did well in your interview, you may receive a call or email from the out-of-region office of your dreams inviting you to an office interview.

The in-person office interview is the longest interview and thus likely the most stressful, particularly if you are the only candidate from your school interviewing for that location.  As with the in-person campus interview, you should emphasize your connection to the region.

Through my recruiting experience, I learned how efficient McGladrey was, and that the lines of communication between offices are open.  After discussing my strong ties to South Florida during my campus interview, I received a referral from the Boston office for a position in Fort Lauderdale.  When I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Pre-Office Interview Social, I found the Fort Lauderdale office had a very personable culture, similar to the Boston office, which made me feel very at home.  I was thrilled to receive my offer just a few hours after my interview and to reach my dream of working in South Florida.

The out-of-region process can seem lonely, but networking, straightforwardness, and determination will help you to succeed.

Learn more about McGladrey's campus recruiting process:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

McGladrey Assurance Associate Heads Home After Working Abroad in Australia

Andrew has been working in Australia at McGladrey’s international affiliate, RSM Bird Cameron, for three months now. As he wraps up his visit, he reflects back on the past three months he spent participating in McGladrey’s Secondment program.
Written by Andrew Godfrey
Assurance, Sr. Associate
Vienna, VA
Today is the last day of my secondment in Sydney, Australia. The morning consisted of a farewell speech from one of the partners where the office thanked Rudy and me for our help during their busy season. They presented us with Australian jerseys, polo shirts and RSM Bird Cameron hats.  We then met with all of the partners on the team to discuss our secondment.
The way in which the Sydney office stands out seemed clear to me. There is a high level of camaraderie and closeness between the staff. The Sydney audit team meets often for ‘morning tea’, Friday drinks, and month-end drinks.  There were also several planned social events such as netball, an audit team lunch, and team trivia night during our secondment.  I think this benefits the Sydney office because despite the high level of billable hours everyone puts in; they still make time for relaxing and catching up with co-workers.
In the afternoon the seniors and grads took both Rudy and I out to a nice farewell lunch. This was our second farewell lunch, and we’ve also had a farewell dinner and farewell night on the town.  I’ve been surprised with how welcoming and hospitable everyone has been since we’ve arrived in Sydney, and the hospitality continued all the way through the end of our stay.  I consider everyone on my team (as well as the people I’ve met in insolvency and tax) to be good friends and I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone.
This was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime and I’m certainly going to miss Sydney (as well as the rest of Australia) but I’m excited to get home to see friends and family, eat American sized portions, drink 20 oz coffees, and drive on the right side of the road.  I think out of everything I’ve experienced here I’ll miss my Sydney friends the most, and the beautiful sights and weather second. I hope to come back and visit Sydney soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

At McGladrey, I’m a Tax Supervisor and now a PGA Caddie

Written by Matt Stoner
Tax Supervisor
Cedar Rapids, IA

For the past month my wife and I have been looking forward to our trip to The McGladrey Classic, but it really hit us when we crossed the bridge to Sea Island and saw a big sign advertising the tournament. It was hard to believe that the next day I would be Zach Johnson's guest caddie at the Pro-Am.

Our first night on the island we attended the RSM International pairings party at Davis Love III's home. The setting and the food were amazing, and it was fun getting to know some of the McGladrey leaders who were also in attendance. Some of them said they had seen my video and even voted for me. 

We had to wake up early this morning because Zach's tee time was at 8:10 a.m. When we arrived at the course it was neat to see the McGladrey logo everywhere, and the sports marketing team was very helpful and fun to talk to. We were then led to the driving range where we were introduced to Zach and his caddie Damon Green. After Zach finished warming up, we were off to the first tee and it was time for me to carry the bag.

I had a great day with Zach and Damon, and it was fun watching them interact with each other. You can tell that they truly understand each other and make a great team to represent McGladrey. They were both laid back and easy to talk to, which made for an exciting day on a beautiful course.

I appreciate everyone's support and couldn't have asked for a better trip!
The McGladrey Classic PGA Tour takes place October 10 – 16 at the Sea Island Golf Club in Saint Simons Island, GA. The tournament is hosted by the Davis Love Foundation, and charitable beneficiaries include Special Olympics and the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. Team McGladrey members Davis Love III, Zach Johnson and Chris DiMarco are being joined for the 2011 McGladrey Classic by 129 other PGA TOUR Professionals.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advantages to Using LinkedIn

Written by Nancy McCreery
Talent Acquisition Manager
Stamford, CT
While most of us participate in social networking through such websites as Facebook and Twitter, your information on those sites might be a little more focused on the personal side. If you are looking for a place to connect with old and new colleagues, LinkedIn is just the right social networking website for you. (As a Certified Linkedin Expert I should know!) It lets you put the personal life aside and present yourself in a more professional manner, along with retaining your business image. Think of it as an extensive online resume.
Linkedin allows you easily to find past employers, employees, colleagues or companies you worked for as well as search for opportunities at other companies. It is a great way to renew your connections with people with whom you’ve lost touch with along the way.
Networking through Linkedin with old colleagues doesn’t only serve the purpose of bringing back coffee talk chat. Chances are your old co-worker now has new colleagues and new connections. Use this to your advantage; let them open new doors and new opportunities for you!
Take a few minutes out of your busy day and check out Linkedin if you have not done so already and let me know your thoughts!
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