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Monday, May 21, 2012

Springing Ahead

Written by B.J. Snelling
Talent Acquisition Manager
Denver, CO

May is always an exciting time for me.  Spring in full bloom, summer months with longer days awaiting, more quality time with my children, more chances to spend time outside, planting spring flowers and looking ahead on what will bloom next in my life.  Career wise it’s the same for me- May at McGladrey is one year ending and a new one just beginning.   A chance to reflect on both accomplishments and lessons learned from last year and opportunities to seek growth in the next year. 

Whether you are at McGladrey or not, we all experience that excitement of setting that next goal, setting our path on the next milestone in our career, and spending time reflecting on what our passions are and how to get personal satisfaction out of our work life. 

As a project to get me focused and inspired on looking ahead to new goals, I recently asked two of my children what they want to do as they grow up.  My oldest son, who is 12, has his heart set on becoming a Navy Seal.  My daughter, who is almost 5, wants to be a babysitter.  Both different answers but both based on their experiences that surround them and intercept with their lives – making an impression.  I stopped to think about my son’s response first – a Navy Seal- Well, as we all know, it was an elite group of Navy Seals that brought an end to one of the US’s most wanted figures – how much he has heard about the bravery, the ambitions, the devoted work of such individuals and how he has found inspiration in that.  Next my daughter – a babysitter…seems simple enough, but to her, she is already seeing the magnitude of how much impact (either positive or negative) we can have on each other.  She has a nanny whom she adores and who finds creative, fun, and imaginative things for her to do each day – what she sees is an inner desire to grow up and do the same for others.  In thinking about my children and what motivates and drives them, I realize that it’s all about past and present experiences and then using these experiences to spring-board into the next step of life and career. What moves us?  What inspires us?  As we take in more and experience more, our ideas of what we want changes over the course of time.  So, we recalculate, set new goals, aim for higher achievements.  We grow.

Maybe you are where I am – looking ahead to the next year, setting new goals, finding out what’s behind your success – so whether you are looking for an internship or coming out of college, or looking at making a change in your already well developed career…assess what’s important to you – find a culture that will support you and assist you on and off the clock.  Maybe that is at McGladrey or maybe not – but my hope is that you find that passion somewhere, somehow.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Four Tips for your Interview on Campus

Written by Gabrielle Nader
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Blue Bell, PA

I suppose I look somewhat young, especially to college students. I often use that as the excuse as to why candidates continually mess up a perfectly good interview by saying something completely inappropriate. Year after year I find myself wondering, “What were they thinking?” Coming from someone who conducts a significant number of interviews each year, I wanted to share some important interview reminders with you. These may seem like common sense, but you would be amazed how often candidates forget these important tips.

1. Know who you are interviewing with. It sounds simple, I know. Interviewers know you are interviewing with multiple firms in a relatively short period of time, but that doesn’t excuse the example I am about to share with you. I once had a candidate tell me how badly he wanted to work at [a specific Big Four firm], why we are such a great firm and why he sees himself succeeding in our type of environment. I continually, casually mentioned McGladrey throughout our meeting, but it just wasn’t sinking in. Finally, I stopped him and said, “You have mentioned this Big Four firm multiple times throughout this interview, but I am from McGladrey.” Before I could say anything more, the candidate turned bright red, was extremely apologetic and explained his interview with the other firm was immediately following our meeting. An invitation to continue the interview process was obviously not extended to this candidate.

2. Maintain a level of professionalism. We do encourage candidates to relax and be themselves in their meetings with us, but to a certain extent. Using slang phrases, curse words and speaking to interviewers as you would speak to your friends is not the way to go. I have had multiple candidates use words or phrases (e.g. “sucks” or “boozing with friends”) that should never be mentioned in an interview. Although memorable, this doesn’t lead to standing out from your peers in a good way.

3. Learn to listen. During an interview, nerves sometimes take over, but I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a question and the candidate answers a completely different question. Listen completely to what your interviewer is asking before you begin to formulate an answer. It’s ok to listen to the question and pause while thinking of your answer before responding. Oh, and another important thing, do not interrupt your interviewer. I was just conducting some on campus interviews this spring, and one candidate wouldn’t let me speak or ask any questions beyond me asking the first question. After I asked the first question, he responded and continued talking for twenty-five minutes. I tried speaking and was continually interrupted. The interview should be a give-and-take. One person should not be doing all the talking.

4. Always have questions for your interviewer. Typically during an in-office interview day, a candidate is meeting multiple professionals (this includes partners through staff and Human Resources). One of the worst things you can do is tell your interviewer you don’t have any questions.  It shows you have no interest in the firm and you haven’t done your research. I recently asked a candidate if she had any questions. Her response, “I didn’t have any time to research the firm, ya know? Tell me what I should know about your company.” Um, no, I don’t know. I don’t know how you knew about this interview for weeks and didn’t have ten minutes to go to our website to gather some information on the firm. Knowing about the firm and its recent events leads to the ability to ask intelligent questions and also answer questions intelligently.

Just remember, the interviewer is not your friend, no matter how young he or she may look to you. Be professional, be prepared and don’t treat your interview as casual conversation with a friend!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Post Busy Season Celebrations

Written by Heather French
Talent Acquistion Specialist
Atlanta, GA

Around these parts, there is nothing quite as special as getting to May 1st. It marks the end of busy season and our fiscal year end as well. It’s like getting through final exams and passing with flying colors! Many of our offices celebrated the end of busy season in their own unique way. Here is just a glimpse at Life at McGladrey…

Everyone from the Atlanta office and their families got together at Turner Field to watch the Braves take on the Phillies. Unfortunately, the home team lost, but that did not dampen the spirits of our staff. It was a wonderful day spent together getting to know each other better and see some of our co-workers who had been out on the road all busy season. 


The Boston office celebrated the end of “busier” season with an early Cinco de Mayo fiesta in the office! They had a Mariachi band, foosball tables, a Mexican feast and a margarita bar. Not to mention, a mechanical bull. Here is the Boston Office Managing Partner, Chris MacKenzie, taking his turn.

Fort Lauderdale
Our Fort Lauderdale staff was able to enjoy spending time with each other at Tap42, just a few short blocks from the office. Everyone got together for appetizers, drinks and some well deserved down time with their colleagues. And leaving the office a little early didn’t hurt either. J

Dave & Buster’s played host to our Orlando office’s end of season party. They spent time eating and playing games. In addition, there was a team building scavenger hunt where the team winner was determined by a cheer contest. Sounds like the Orlando office knows how to have a good time!