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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Podcast: Summer Intern Describes His Experience at McGladrey

Earlier this summer, we introduced you to Phil Li, a Summer Intern in our California Economic Unit (EU). In the second of a series of podcasts, Phil tells us a little more about the work he was involved with at McGladrey this summer, plus he shares with us his experience at McGladrey's Capstone Summer Internship Conference.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Podcast: WorkLife Culture and Programs

Over the past year, we've had numerous posts regarding McGladrey's commitment to work-life flexibility. Teresa Hopke, McGladrey's Director of Talent Management and resident work-life expert, explains in a recently recorded Podcast what the components of our work-life culture are, the programs that support these initiatives, the recognition we have received, and the effect that these programs are having on our workforce.

Our work-life culture and programs are a core component to the employee experience here at McGladrey. To learn more, please click on the link below.

Click here to listen to the Podcast

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pathways Extern Event - Davenport, IA

In our continuing effort to illustrate for you the Pathways Externship experience at McGladrey, today we have a first hand account of an event recently held in our Davenport, IA office. Steve K., an Accounting Major at the University of Iowa tells us more:

"The Pathways event was an excellent experience. The entire day allowed me to enhance my skills and gain knowledge I will need to achieve my career aspirations. Some highlights of the day included the CPA exam and Resume breakouts. During the CPA exam breakout, I learned many new things. I found out the incentives McGladrey will provide for employees who complete the CPA exam with in 8, 12, and 18 months. I also found out that a person can take parts of the CPA exam after they have 120 credit hours, they just can’t get their certificate until they have completed 150 hours. The resume breakout was very helpful in giving me information I can use to make my resume stronger. I was able to review good and bad resumes with a group and hear others’ thoughts on strengths and weaknesses. During the resume breakout I was able to note a few things that will help me make my resume stand out. One of the Directors talked about things he looks for in a resume, along with information he feels should be included in a resume and what information should be left out.

The Q & A session with some of the Partners of the firm was extremely beneficial. This gave a great insight into McGladrey, and allowed all participants to get a feel for what keeps people working at the firm. It was also helpful to hear tips for success from people who have spent their entire careers in public accounting. They responded differently than the standard booklet answers that are available in recruiting centers. I also appreciated that they were very up front with the demands of the job. It really seemed as though they were being honest with the group, not avoiding the question to try to sell everyone on the company.

Another part of the day which stood out was the breakout session tables that were set up for different focus areas. Here, different employees talked about and answered questions about what they do at the firm. For instance, there was an audit table, tax table, internship table, etc. This was a good way to get people’s opinions about their jobs, and hear what they like and dislike. It also was great that there were people from different levels in the company at these tables; from people who have started recently to people who have been at the firm for 15 years. This was nice because it allowed everyone to hear not only what things would be like directly out of school, but also as their careers progressed.

A final great thing about the event is the itinerary for the day. The way the event was scheduled was very beneficial. We would have information breakouts and then an activity, or activities during information breakouts. The schedule allowed me to digest information and really take in some of the key points instead of being an information overload. The group activities were beneficial because they allowed me to network and strengthen my teamwork skills. "

The pictures below are from the event in Davenport, and from similar events that happened in other offices in the Great Plains EU, including Denver, CO, Omaha, NE, and Kansas City, MO.

To learn more about our Pathways program, be sure to see us on Campus this fall.

Monday, August 17, 2009

McGladrey Interns Raise Over $5K for MDA

This summer, McGladrey interns across the country were involved in a variety of community service activities. One of the more creative and successful activities happened in McGladrey's MidAtlantic Economic Unit (EU). The interns in the MidAtlantic had a goal to raise more than $4000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and had a fun way to do it. The EU's Executive Managing Director, Mitch Gorochow, was 'locked-up' (hypothetically, not for real of course), and the interns had to 'raise bail money' to get him out. This theme certainly got the attention of the entire EU, which helped engage more than just the interns in this effort.

Interns for several EU offices got into the act:
  • The interns from the Timonium, MD office hosted a Happy Hour night at a local restaurant. The purchase of a wristband got attendees drink specials all night long and the chance to win various door prizes ranging from gift cards to bottles of wine. Ten percent of all sales went towards the MDA along with the money raised from the sale of wristbands.
  • The Vienna, VA interns hosted a raffle with an array of prizes. The grand prize was four tickets to a Nationals game while other prizes included Starbucks gift cards and gift cards to local restaurants.
  • The interns in the Frederick, MD office created their very own vending machine, which included candy bars and homemade snacks.
  • The Gaithersburg, MD interns hosted a “restaurant night” at a nearby location with a portion of a night’s profits donated, and they hosted a bake sale as well.
  • Finally, a Jeans Day occurred in the EU on July 30, with all $5 donations going to the MDA.
All in all, the efforts of these interns went above and beyond expectations. The interns raised $5006 for the MDA, and could potentially present a check to the MDA during the National Jerry's Kids Telethon on September 7th. Congrats to our interns for their wonderful work supporting a great organization.

If you would like to donate yourself to the MDA, donations are also being collected through the following website, Feel free to contribute - any donation is greatly appreciated!

*** Special thanks to Jen Poklemba, Campus Recruiter and Kim G., Tax Intern for contributing to this post.***

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

McGladrey is a Best Employer in North Carolina!

Kudos to our North Carolina Economic Unit (EU), which was just recently recognized by NC Magazine as #2 on their list of Best Employers in 2009. According to the publication:

NC Magazine strives to recognize greatness, innovation and success in North Carolina’s business community. That’s why, this year, NC Magazine and the North Carolina Chamber chose to work with the Best Companies Group, a nationally recognized organization dedicated to singling out companies who create workplace excellence, to create NC Magazine’s Best Employers 2009.

To choose from among the outstanding entries from a variety of industries, Best Companies Group used a two-part process — a questionnaire filled out by the employers about benefits and policies, and an engagement and satisfaction survey completed by the employees.

We have several locations throughout the state, including offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Greenville, Morehead City, New Bern, Rocky Mount, Shelby and Wilmington. In fact, we have an opening available currently in North Carolina, check it out below and maybe you might have an opportunity to work for the 2nd Best Employer in North Carolina yourself!

Audit Manager - Charlotte or Raleigh, NC

Monday, August 10, 2009

July Poll Results

The results of our July poll are in, and like me, most of you (34%) prefer to go to the beach when on vacation. In fact that's where I was last week, on the Delaware shore, enjoying the sun, the sand, steamed crabs, etc.

I won't go into alot of detail from the results of this poll as it was really just for fun. I can't say that in this day and age that 13% of you don't foresee any vacation coming at all. Hopefully you can find some time for some rest and relaxation, even if it's in your own backyard. What I was shocked to see was that none of the 44 respondents liked to go to Amusement Parks. No one goes to Disney anymore?

We are back though and have lots of news, insights and information coming up for you over the next couple weeks, so make sure to check back often. In the meantime, I'm a bit more tan today, but back at work nonetheless. Vacations never last long enough, do they?