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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Busy Season - Work and Entertainment

By Darina Veleva
Tax Intern
Chicago, IL

It is well known that tax season is the “most wonderful” time of the year for tax accountants all over the country. We have all heard stories about people working in public accounting who have worked 40 hour shifts and have slept at the office. As an intern in the Financial Services tax group, I can say that the crazy stories we all have heard are an extremely uncommon occurrence in McGladrey’s Financial Services Tax Group, let’s just say they do not take place at all. Although it is very busy and we work on weekends and late nights, it is also fun because you get to connect with the people around you, and you are also always learning no matter if you are an intern, manager or partner. Also, the company hosts events for employees, which allow us to take a break from work, unwind and enjoy some great food and company. We enjoyed two great events recently, one of which was an intern appreciation event hosted by HR. The intern appreciation event was held at the Little Goat in downtown Chicago and it was a great mid week break for all interns. The other FS interns and I did not plan on going, since it was a very busy week for us, but two of our partners urged us to attend and to allow ourselves a break from work. The event ended up being a great way to recharge and continue working at full speed over the weekend. 

The intern appreciation event was on a Thursday night on the second floor of the restaurant which was reserved for McGladrey. The room had an open floor plan and the kitchen was visible, which was great because we got to see the chef prepare our meals. The atmosphere was very casual and relaxed and the food was delicious. We had a variety of interesting appetizers such as goat empanadas, fried pickles and raw tuna with pumpkin seeds and squash. It was very nice to see friends from training and to learn more about their experience in the different groups and practices. Everyone seemed very satisfied with their work and shared some great stories about their experience at McGladrey. I am grateful for having the opportunity to have met and worked with the professionals at the Financial Services group.

My fellow interns and I have shared some very entertaining moments while working together and have bonded through this experience. We help each other out constantly and also laugh and make jokes very often which makes busy season seem a lot less stressful. It is really nice sharing a room because we can share all the things we have learned, and thus expand our knowledge. We have also become close with many of the associates who give us great advice. I have enjoyed this journey and have learned an immense amount not only about the life of a public accountant and the tax preparation process but also about the importance of communication and relationship building at the workplace. My fellow interns and I all hope to work here in the future and to be able to grow as professionals at McGladrey.

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