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Monday, March 24, 2014

Puppies give Boston employees a break from busy season

Always willing to try something new, the McGladrey Boston office added a new animal to its busy season stress relief strategy – puppies. Every Wednesday, from February 19-March 26, Last Hope K9 Rescue brought in adorable puppies to give employees a break from busy season for “puppy stress reduction sessions.” Employees were encouraged to drop in to spend time playing and cuddling with these lively creatures. Several employees have even taken the next step to adopt some of the puppies, giving them a permanent home and lots of love.

Puppy Wednesday is a hit with Boston employees

Puppy Wednesday is the brainchild of the Boston Social Club and Alex Monahan, a consulting supervisor, who has served as the treasurer of the Last Hope K9 Rescue since November 2012. Alex said the idea evolved after he initiated an information booth in the Boston office, a common occurrence to raise awareness of charitable causes, to encourage donations, volunteerism and, most importantly, adoptions of the rescued puppies.

“Our social club suggested that we bring in the puppies periodically during busy season as a way for employees to take a break,” said Alex. “Every Wednesday, about 40-50 people show up to play with 4-6 dogs, ranging in age from several weeks to about two years.”

“Most people stay for about 20 minutes to play with the puppies and then go back to work. But, the program has also raised awareness of the need for good homes for the dogs. Since starting the program, one employee has adopted a dog, three more have applied for adoptions and many others have signed up to volunteer with Last Hope,” said Alex.

Since Last Hope K9 Rescue was founded in March 2012, the organization has found homes for just under 2,000 dogs. The success of Puppy Wednesday is also starting to catch on with other businesses who have heard about the program.

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