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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coaching Makes a Difference

The August 10th Boston Globe features a nice article, 'Coach Wellness', which features the 'Coach On Call' benefit that we offer our employees, and in particular, highlights the story of an employee based in our Quincy, MA office. "Coach Karen" is quite popular here, and is making a big difference in the life of many of our employees. The work and the hours in our industry can be stressful and long at times, so our ability to offer this benefit is a positive reflection on how much we care for the overall well being of our people.

On a somewhat ironic side note, my former employer, MITRE, is also featured in this article. Both McGladrey and MITRE are well deserving of mention in this article as I can personally attest that both have a strong commitment to ensuring that their employees have the resources available to make them successful both in their work and in their life.

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