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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

San Diego's Employee Activity Committee

The sunny seventy degree weather isn’t the only amazing part of working in RSM’s San Diego office, it’s also the positive corporate culture. One of the major contributors to this is the office’s Employee Activity Committee, aka the EAC. One of the EAC’s members, Marta Bertsos, shared this about the committee’s purpose, “I believe the mission of the EAC is to promote a more positive, energetic and cohesive office culture and to unify the lines of business. We strive to build and maintain employee morale by showing appreciation through hosting fun, unique office events. At the end of the day, the employees and culture are most important and I believe the San Diego office has a culture that is seldom experienced in other corporate environments.”

So what does the EAC do exactly to promote this culture? The EAC always listens to employees and understands what they want from the company they work for. They hold monthly meetings to discuss office news and events. Recently, employees discussed wanting healthier snacks in the office during busy season so the EAC purchased a Ninja for the office kitchen and provides all the supplies to make smoothies anytime! They are always hosting happy hours in the office and offsite particularly for holidays and to blow off steam during the busy season. Additional events are held during the busy season to keep the stress at a minimum including Trivia and Poker nights. The EAC makes sure there are plenty of opportunities to give back and are planning a night to cook dinner at the local Ronald McDonald house and looking to potentially partner with Habitat for Humanity in some projects. They also plan and host the annual Christmas Party which was held downtown at the Hard Rock Hotel this year with plenty of food, drinks, and dancing. Overall, the EAC makes RSM an even better place to work!

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