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Friday, March 4, 2016

What brought me to RSM...?

Simon Campbell
Talent Acquisition Senior Associate
Boston, MA
What brought me to & keeps me at RSM? Two words: personal connections.

Our business & personal lives have become increasingly remote: Skype, conference calls, Facebook, IM conversations. These tools have increased our productivity exponentially & cut down on the hassles of traveling. Yet, there’s a final bridge that technology often can’t cross for us: helping to develop deep, meaningful relationships with our colleagues.

What drew me to RSM was the chance to develop these meaningful relationships – I had spent my career in environments working remotely and while I certainly was able to develop strong connections I felt something was lacking. Since my first day here at RSM I have been able to meet with, work alongside, and support my clients (RMS’s internal lines of business, in my case) in a live environment.

The connections go beyond simply working face-to-face. My peers, mentors, and manager have all taken an interest in not only my success here at RSM, but also my continued personal & professional growth.

Here at RSM, we are truly invested in our employees & maintaining these personal relationships is key to both the firm & our own growth.

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