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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Practice Spotlight: Forensics and Litigation Support

by Kristi Saeger, Talent Acquisition, Philadelphia

Gregory Cowhey, Principal
In April 2014, McGladrey was excited to announce the addition of a local Forensics and Litigation Support consulting practice in the Greater Philadelphia region. The practice is led by Principal, Gregory Cowhey, ASA CBA, and is based out of the newly renovated City Center office. Gregory came to McGladrey as a subject matter expert in the field of forensic accounting, business/intangible asset appraisal, economic damages and litigation support. Since joining, Gregory has built a team of six practitioners, ranging from intern to experienced manager-level.

Commenting on the experience since joining McGladrey, Gregory noted, "Thankfully, we have been extremely busy since joining McGladrey and we find that our team approach and the McGladrey brand has been well received in the local legal community, even after a short period of time. We judiciously recruit talented professionals that bring a myriad of skills and life experiences to allow for a well-reasoned analysis of often quite complex financial/economic problems. Most importantly, our team functions well together as one to bring about a group effort for best-in-class expert services."

The most tenured team member, experienced associate Meagan Farrow, JD, says, "We all come from different professional backgrounds...tangible asset valuation, a military veteran who was deployed overseas, an attorney, a forensic accountant, an insurance expert, as well as a recent finance and accounting graduate." While looking through the extensive list of files on her desk, she adds, "The subject matter of our caseload varies significantly from one case to another, so having different strengths allows us to support each other." The hire of Jenn Pollard, senior associate, rounds the team out with the addition of Big 4 experience. Her ability to transition transferrable skills as a tangible asset value consultant to McGladrey's financial forensics practice has been a valuable asset to the team.

Team members: Jamie DePetris, Meagan Farrow and
Jeff Baresciano congregate to discuss recent case work
Known around the office as the "fun team", this tight-knit group takes a break from daily work to ensure they get outside of the office. They've been known to plan exciting outings such as trips to the bowling alley, Super Bowl gatherings, or attending the local Young Professionals Networking events. Associate Nick DiGalbo jokes, "A lot of people around the office think our team is a strong-knit group team because of our weekly lunches and occasional bowling excursions. But what truly makes this group special is the readiness and eagerness to help one another. Each case we receive is a team effort from start to finish."  

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this practice area, along with all other lines of business at McGladrey, is the opportunity for consultants of all levels to gain the opportunity to work alongside their team leads - managers, directors, and partners/principals. As a campus hire and entry-level intern, accounting major Jamie DePetris is grateful to have been given the chance to work directly with Gregory, along with both supervisor, Ryan Haag, and manager, Jeff Baresciano. "[This position] offers experience in an area of business that encourages the use of analytical skill, while utilizing the foundation of knowledge gained in college. Each engagement is a unique situation that presents a learning opportunity through the ability to observe from start to finish," she says. "With the field of forensic accounting on the rise, this position could develop into a tremendous opportunity for career growth in the future."

Together, the practice has successfully serviced a number of clients of varying needs in the past ten months. McGladrey Consulting looks forward to further expansion in the Pennsylvania marketplace through the Financial Forensics practice and the acquisition of Fesnak, LLP in 2015.

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John Mclaughlin said...

It is interesting to be able to think about all the different options that are available when it comes to being able to have a great financial assistant. Something that really stood out was that you mentioned that there are certain things that can be done, especially when you are looking for help from a team. From the sound of it there are so many different ways to ensure that someone is getting the most out of their finances, and it seems like it would be an amazing addition to anyone's backup plan. Thank you for sharing.