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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

International transfer the realization of a lifelong dream for employee

Kathy Maher estimates she's traveled to 15 or 16 countries. Her favorite destination? "Probably Switzerland," she says. "We did some hang gliding, hiking and canyoning - a lot of adventurous stuff when we were there." Her biggest adventure, however, is about to begin.

As an assurance manager in McGladrey's Madison, Wisconsin office, Kathy is finalizing plans for an international transfer to Melbourne, Australia in June. She will transfer to RSM Bird Cameron in Australia's second-largest city. It's the culmination of a lifelong dream for the St. Louis native.

Seeds planted by New Zealand experience
Before joining McGladrey in 2013, Kathy did a four-month secondment in New Zealand as part of her work for a St. Louis-based regional firm. The experience whet her appetite for more international experiences.

"I liked living in a place that is very different from the U.S. and just absorbing the local culture," she recalls. "It was good to broaden my personal and professional horizons."

While a future longer-term international experience remained in her radar, a family medical challenge brought new urgency to her goal. "My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and it got me thinking about how little time we all have," she says. "And so I figured, why wait?"

Support "Beyond my greatest expectations"
With an English-speaking destination in mind, Kathy focused her attention on Australia and RSM Bird Cameron.

"So many people have been so supportive of me in this," Kathy says. "It was beyond my greatest expectations." She singled out Wisconsin managing partner Shawn Carney and her career advisor, partner Lisa Hanmer, for their support.

"I told them how important this was to me and how much I wanted to stay in the McGladrey family," Kathy recalls. "They were among the people who worked so hard to get me connected to the right people."

Senior International HR Generalist, Lisa McGinty says, while transfers like Kathy are not possible for every employee in every instance, the firm is committed to the development of its employees.

"Supporting our employees' professional goals is a priority for McGladrey," Lisa says. "Whenever it's feasible, as it was in this case for Kathy, we'll do what we can to help them pursue those goals and take ownership of their future."

Global perspective among transfer's benefits
So in addition to planning an April wedding, Kathy is preparing to leave for Australia in mid-May. "I'm really excited about having this experience with my fiancée," Kathy says, noting doctors were able to remove the cancer from her mother, who is doing well. "I think it will make our relationship stronger."

Professionally, Kathy sees many benefits for herself and McGladrey as part of her Australian adventure. "I'm excited to learn more about the global companies that we're seeing more and more of at McGladrey," she says. "And establishing relationships with our affiliate firms is vital to the firm's future, so I'm eager to meet new people as part of my work there."

Kathy's transfer is for four years, and she believes at the conclusion she will be a better, more effective member of the McGladrey family. "I think this will make me a better manager, and hopefully, partner someday," she concludes. "I'm going to get experiences under my bely that will benefit me the rest of my career."

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