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Monday, March 30, 2015

McGladrey and the Three Bears

Grace Green
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Northeast Region (NY & CT)
One of the things that attracted me to McGladrey was the size of the firm. We are the 5th largest accounting firm in the United States, and also have a large global presence as a result of our international affiliations.

When coming to McGladrey from other accounting firms, I always tell candidates my Goldilocks' theory on how McGladrey is "just right":

We aren't "too big"... Many employees of larger firms feel as if they are just another cog in the machine, without any real ability to affect change. Perhaps you don't feel connected to your team because you have been stuck on a client for the last few months and aren't meeting others in the office?

We aren't "too small"... Where you might have cash flow issues, lack of resources or suffer from a branding perspective.

Personally, I feel that McGladrey's size is "just right". Because of this, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to create change, be in the driver seat of our own careers, and to make a real, tangible difference.

Creating change
If you're "too big" there are many obstacles to maneuver when attempting to bring your ideas to fruition. These businesses are so large that they require rigid structures, policies and procedures that do not offer the average employee the ability to have their voice heard.

If you're "too small" you may lack the resources (manpower/cash flow) to implement these ideas and plans that can positively impact your organization.

This is why I feel McGladrey's "just right" size is the perfect fit for me. It gives the employees the flexibility that many other organizations do not. This allows for exciting workplace innovation where our leaders are open to change and new ways to improve the business.

For example, we are able to conduct surveys and have brainstorming meetings on how we can learn to improve. These meetings have led to changes around the office. In NYC, we now have Starbucks machines, free soda, and a busy season calendar full of fun things to do such as a Wii and arcade, yoga/stretch rooms, healthy snacks, among other things.

Driver seat of your career
If you're "too big" it is easy to get lost in the crowd. There tends to be a very competitive culture for promotions and growth opportunities. It can also be very hard to switch lines of business, where you may be more inclined to leave and start fresh at a new firm.

If you're "too small" there may be lack of growth opportunities unless someone resigns. It can also lead to lack of exposure to certain industries and/or clients.

McGladrey's "just right" size gives you more responsibilities sooner, which allows for growth. Employees are sometimes expected to learn and train on the job, which at first can be intense, but ultimately increases their skill level.

To make a difference
At the end of the day, McGladrey is a family... we attend each others weddings and birthdays, support each other no matter what, some of us go on vacations together, and some of us are even roommates. We have summer BBQ events, volunteer days, a firmwide giving program Birdies Fore Love, and we sponsor a PGA Tour golf tournament to raise money for children and family charities. We are making a difference one day at a time!

It's "just right" here at McGladrey! Come join us and see for yourself!

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