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Thursday, March 6, 2014

4 College Recruiting Myths Debunked, from a Recruiter’s Perspective

By Anne Hoang
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Chicago, IL

As each recruiting season rolls around, both campus recruiters and students strive to make the most of their time and energy. Here is a peek inside a recruiter’s brain for tips on a successful recruiting season!

Myth #1: “I can’t really prepare for a career fair.”

Reality: Let’s face it, students dread job fairs more often than not, and feel overwhelmed long before the fair even begins. Sometimes we hear from students that there really is no way to prepare for the event. This is entirely false. Since you only have two or three hours, you need to maximize your time and make the best impression. Prioritize companies so you are able to allocate enough time to visit all of the booths that fall into your #1 category. Do research into not only the firms themselves but also their available positions. I can’t count the number of times a student has visited our booth but not done any research on who we are, or the positions we have posted. Make sure you understand the organization and ask insightful questions that will help you make your decisions! 

Myth #2: “At a career fair, I should wait in line to speak with the campus recruiter.”

Reality: Career fairs get extremely hectic. Sometimes, there are lines wrapped around the corner to talk with a recruiter. Students sometimes have a false belief that they need to speak with a recruiter in order to make a lasting impression. This is not the best way to secure an interview. We want candidates to talk to our professionals and ambassadors. These are the people that took time out of their days to meet prospective candidates and potential coworkers. These are also the people that have a say in who moves onto the next round. Only when you have a specific question only a recruiter can answer should you wait in line. You will get the best perspective from someone working in the field!

Myth #3: “I will have better chances of getting an interview if I apply to multiple McGladrey job postings.”

Reality: Every year, we get students who apply to numerous McGladrey job postings within the same recruiting season. Some even apply to all. They might think that applying for more than one job increases their chances of scoring an interview with us. Sadly, this is not the case. Recruiters want to see that you know which job you want, and in which location. Although the student may want to appear “flexible” by applying to everything, it makes us think they are unsure and will settle for any job instead of THE job he or she actually wants. This is a turnoff. Do not apply to multiple McGladrey jobs on your career center website within the same recruiting season. Show confidence in yourself, and go for your #1 position!

Myth #4: “I need to attend every McGladrey event on campus.”

Reality: Candidates often feel pressured to attend every firm sponsored event on campus when they are trying to land an interview or job. This is not necessary. Yes, make sure to attend at least one or two events, but go for quality not quantity. When you attend events, are you having great conversations, networking with multiple professionals, and asking good questions? If you have already made a great impression on us, do not feel pressured to attend every single event to simply get more “face time.”  Make sure we know who you are in a good way. We realize student schedules are just as crazy as ours, and we never expect you to show up to every campus event. Use your time wisely, and make the most out of the events you are able to attend!

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