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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nothing like an internship to get you through the cold

By Precious Dannug
Assurance Intern
Chicago, IL

If Chicago hasn’t already made it clear (who am I kidding – it has never been clearer), it is FREEZING. So, what’s better than snuggling up on your couch with a heated blanket and Netflix playing all of your favorite shows? An internship with McGladrey. The people are warm and the things I have learned so far are worth exponentially more than what I gain from an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. Needless to say, it has only been a few weeks, and my internship at McGladrey is going fantastic.

Precious Dannug
The way this internship is set up is extremely helpful. For one, every intern has a navigator, who is essentially our ‘buddy’ that has gone through the same internship process and we can easily come to for questions. Additionally, when interns are in the office and not at a client, we all work in the seminar room together. Not only does this create friendships with such awesome people, but if anyone’s lost on something, chances are, one of us can help. It has shown me that teamwork is a key component in this industry – especially during busy season. So, it’s nice to know that I have others who have my back when Microsoft Excel does not.

One thing that I feel very lucky to be a part of is a global investment firm’s audit engagement team. Our team has been at the client site for about two weeks. Being surrounded by the knowledgeable, hard-working, and helpful members of my team makes my internship much more beneficial. I am exposed to enlightening conversations, educated inquiries about the audit process, and loads of great teamwork. I also feel involved and trusted in the audit process. They don’t just have me doing simple tasks; instead, I am assigned complex projects that might have one or two bumps along the way, but leave me feeling accomplished when completed. 

You remember those days when you were stuck at home with a cold and your mom brought you hot tea and made you feel all the better? Well, Chicago weather is that long seasonal bitter cold and McGladrey provides all the comforts of home. McGladrey cares. It doesn’t hurt that they have an assortment of teabags to choose from, either. Oh, and did I mention the Keurig? It’s wonderful. Even during busy season, they make sure we are setting aside time for ourselves and also staying happily fed with dinners provided for those who stay late. This is relieving because even though busy season can be a stressful time, at McGladrey, it’s not a stressful environment by any means. In fact, this internship so far is a comfy-clothes-hot-chocolate-kind-of-day and I can’t wait to see what else comes my way in the next few months.

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Shivani Patel said...

So happy for your successes!