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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finding my Home

By Morgan Quesinberry
Assurance Intern
Orlando, FL

Morgan Quesinberry
As I began my journey into the world of accounting there were numerous road bumps that would stand in my way. Going through college as an accounting major, I soon realized some things have to be compromised. Late nights hanging out with friends turned into late nights studying for intermediate financial accounting. As I worked hard within my accounting major, I realized that the late nights and hours of studying paid off. With all the hard work I had put into school, as well as trying to balance a social life, I was able to graduate in December with my undergrad and begin my internship with McGladrey the first week in January.

I started the recruiting process later than most of my peers, my junior year of college. I showed up to my first UCF Meet the Firms with a suit that was too small for me (last time I believe I wore it was in high school), my massive purple purse, and a bright pink folder that held my resumes. I learned quickly I was unprepared and stuck out like a sore thumb. As all my peers have already mapped out their plan of attack on all the firms, I was contemplating going home! Instead of running for the hills, I decided to stick it out. I kept reminding myself that I would not know how to prepare myself for the next chance I would get, if I didn’t even try. This was a big life lesson on being prepared in the business world. Ultimately, it prepared me for the next event UCF would hold.

I continued to attend Meet the Firms and Career Fairs, making sure I stopped by McGladrey and met different people. One thing I noticed when I approached McGladrey was the relaxed atmosphere. Other firms seemed uptight and wore full suits, McGladrey was different. And I like different. I liked how I could be myself and talk comfortably with the McGladrey employees. 

My McGladrey journey really began after being accepted into McGladrey’s Pathways Program. Through those short three days of Pathways, I soon realized how much I continued to enjoy the people that made up McGladrey and the foundations McGladrey was built upon. At Pathways one of the things that I appreciated was that one of the audit partners came in and welcomed us to Pathways. It was such a shock for me to see an owner of McGladrey taking time out of his busy day just to say hi. He told us all about his story and how he ended up at McGladrey. If he cared that much about the firm, then I thought I should too! 

After Pathways, I was selected for an opportunity for the Winter Assurance Internship! I was so excited to start my career with McGladrey and work with the people I had met throughout the recruiting process. Orientation and training were great experiences. For orientation all the Florida interns met in Orlando. We spent a few days together learning the basics of the internship and more about McGladrey. We received our laptops and everyone was eager to open them. I was excited to see my schedule for the internship. I was thrilled with the clients I would be working on, especially since one of my clients was located in Tampa. For training, the Orlando and Jacksonville audit interns spent two days together learning what to expect for our first audit. Before orientation and training I had no idea what to expect, however after training, I felt extremely comfortable when I walked into the location of my first client.  

Even as an intern, I feel like a part of the McGladrey family. We are invited to all the events they have, even the annual holiday party. I never felt like I was “just an intern,” I was a part of a team. When I went on my first audit assignment it was with all new auditors. Even while only working with the team for a little over a week, I felt at home. Everyone I met was so welcoming and generally wanted to help me succeed. Going from engagement to engagement the process is similar and my in-charge gave me an abundance of advice and help as I completed a task. I am currently only on my second audit engagement, but I am looking forward to all the memories and people I will meet as I continue my internship. 

As you can see, I have come a long way from my first recruitment event. I have come so far and found a career and a home with McGladrey. Although I hope you decided to begin your career with McGladrey, I wish you the best of luck with finding the firm that’s right for you.

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