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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Networking is still key

By Dan Gradel
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Dallas, TX

I read an article the other day on the importance of networking in today’s job market and I wanted to share some details with you to keep in mind through busy season. I believe the foundation for success is a solid team, committed to each other and the firm’s clients. In short, the one thing that ensures we continue to provide great service and grow is simply talent. The growth of McGladrey is tied to our ability to continuously attract and hire great talent. The article sampled a number of companies and found an increase in referral hiring along with a decrease in the utilization and perception of major job boards. Moreover, referral hires are 15% less likely to quit which lead to stronger teams and more growth opportunities. All these facts help call attention to this important detail: Networking is an activity that most dread to do but is essential to your survival in the professional world. With today’s electronic age it’s easier to keep in touch with past friends and co-workers and I suggest you take advantage of that as well as your various professional association events. If you’re interested in networking with McGladrey, connect with me on LinkedIn at

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