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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Interview advice from McGladrey social media fans

By Courtney Blonigan
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Minneapolis, MN
One of our favorite things to do on our social media sites is have discussions with our followers and fans. They ask us great questions and also provide awesome answers to the questions we pose. Check out some of their responses to a couple questions we asked about interviewing. We hope their responses give you a couple more things to think about next time you’re preparing to interview!

How do you prepare for a big job interview?

Luz O.: I'll review my résumé and anticipate questions relating to information on it. Make sure I know what were my main responsibilities in prior jobs etc., have all my documents prepared in my portfolio for easy access, prepare my clothes the night before and last but NOT least drive the day before to where the interview will take place this way I won't be anxious or nervous about getting lost and being late.

Daniel B.: 1. I research the company and attempt to gain a better understanding of its business and culture; 2. I synthesize my relevant past to create a clear picture of who I am and where I want to be heading; 3. I try to draw parallels between myself and the company, which not only creates talking points, but confirms that the company aligns with my goals and personality; 4. Right before the interview I take a deep breath, relax, and remind myself that I'm simply going to be having a pleasant conversation with a kind (hopefully!) individual.

Trish S.: Make sure you are properly dressed! Make sure you have a copy of a resume if you have one. Prepare to be yourself and smile and make sure you are on time to your interview

Enterprise Network Services: Research the organization, figure out your personal wants/needs, have a quality resume, and sell yourself!

Niraj P.: Practice possible interview questions in front of the mirror. Have questions ready for the interviewer. Read the job description for the job you have applied. Find best reasons why you believe you are the best fit. Be enthusiastic, professional, and confident.

John Leonard Employment: 1) Remembering that it's a conversation between two people and 2) driving to the location the day before to scope it out. To take it one step further, try typing the name of the company into Google and click Google's "News" filter to see if the organization has been in the news recently. It's a great talking point in an interview, it shows you have done your homework, and volunteering the information ensures a fluid and insightful conversation.

What is the most difficult interview question you ever had to answer?

Mohit S: Why do you want to change your current job?
David W: Why have you been unemployed for so long?
Stephanie S: If you could meet someone from history who would it be and why?
Patricia R: How have you used leadership skills to inspire group members who aren't pulling their weight?
Mary M: What did you not like about your last supervisor?
Courtney B: What don't you do very well?

What's the best interview question you were ever asked?

Maeden M.: What's your biggest contribution from your previous jobs?
Zakahra W.: Tell me something your proud of that isn't on your resume? 
Angelique S.: How do you plan to impact the company today and in the future? 
Elle H.: Would working with our company make your life more fulfilling? 
Lois H.: What are the three most important things you want to learn on your first day here?
Kevin R.: Why do you want to work for us? 
Terence R.: If you were a superhero, which one would you be?

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