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Friday, February 1, 2013

Disclaimer: This Blog May Make You Hungry

Written by Selin Terzi
Tax Intern
Stamford, CT
This is me!  Selin Terzi, junior at
Baruch College in NYC.

Since my first introduction to McGladrey, I have noticed one lesser discussed of the company’s strong values: FOOD. McGladrey LOVES to feed their employees. Last June I participated in the Pathways Program, a three-day externship program offered to college students who have a year or more until their graduation date.  The three days in that program were filled with information, a client visit…and let’s not forget food, food and more food! To say the least those three days were savory and filling! The participants even had the opportunity to make their own personal pie on a pizza truck. If that’s how McGladrey treated their potential employees, imagine the experience of visiting McGladrey’s training center aka “The Q Center.” The center was filled with buffets upon buffets of every kind of food imaginable. Thankfully, there was a gym in the Q—but I didn’t even step foot in it.

Now that I’ve assured you that you will never be hungry when you’re employed by McGladrey, let me rewind.

A plate of my food from the Q
As previously mentioned, this past summer I participated in the Pathways Program. The three day externship gave an insight into McGladrey as a firm. While I had always thought of McGladrey as the largest provider of assurance, tax and consulting services to the middle market, this program provided me with my first practical exposure to the firm. Leading up to the program I was afraid and nervous that I would get lost in the crowd. Fortunately, one aspect that sets McGladrey apart is that while it has the feel of a small firm, it maintains the resources of a large firm. I felt right at home from the minute I walked in. After a fun two days, the third day of the program was dedicated to interviews for winter and summer internships. I was ready to go. I had prepped and was prepared with an answer to every potential question I could imagine. What I was not prepared for, however, was the curveball they threw us the morning of the interviews. We were no longer getting interviewed one on one; instead we would be interviewing a partner in groups and then making a presentation about the interview process. We had only a short amount of time to prepare. Thankfully all went well! I interviewed a tax partner, Jerry Landau. Might I say, he did quite well… I would hire him any day! I suppose he felt the same way about me, because a few weeks later I got the phone call from Jen—the CT recruiter, and I was offered the winter internship! 
My ride from the airport to the Q Center…  Courtesy of McGladrey!

After months of anticipation, it was finally time for orientation. The first day of orientation was held in the NYC office. Here, a group of associates and interns gathered and listened to a day’s worth of information. A week later we were off to Illinois! I had the pleasure of meeting other amazing McGladrey associates and interns from all over the country. The training was pretty exhausting; we had class Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm. The classes were hands-on as we were exposed to ProFx (tax software) and did a couple of tax returns for practice. Of course, there were also fun activities scheduled throughout the week. My stay at the Q reminded me of why I chose McGladrey in the first place. Simply put: the people. Every single person I came across was friendly and welcoming. Now I’m back at the office and being the only intern at this location this winter, things are getting pretty busy!
Thank you for reading my blog!
Here are some McGladrey cookies.
As Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” McGladrey is for ‘hungry’ individuals who want to continually be challenged and want to take pride in their careers. Trust me; McGladrey is able to feed those hungry individuals, in more ways than one.  More to come next month!


Dana Kelly said...

Great blog Selin. Looking forward to reading more! Dana Kelly

B. Marcel Jones said...

Excellent post! I didn't know that you were blogging for Mcgladrey. I might have posed for some pictures :-). Congratulations and I look forward to reading more. Sent this out to some of our fellow interns as well

Helen Bi said...

Thanks for the great post... LOL when seeing the cookies... Maybe we can get some of those for this busy season...