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Monday, March 5, 2012

Social Media Success Story - Found on Facebook

Written by Courtney Blonigan
Talent Acquisition, Minneapolis

Melissa L. Webb
Recruitment Source: Facebook
Tax Associate – Financial Services Industry
Chicago, IL

When I heard that Melissa Webb had been hired at McGladrey, it came as no surprise to me. I had gotten to know Missy pretty well over the last couple months through McGladrey’s social media websites. I knew she was interested in employment at McGladrey and that she was driven to get to know McGladrey (and other companies) better by engaging with them online while she was job searching.

Missy Webb
Missy’s hiring story with McGladrey started a few months ago when she heard about McGladrey for the first time and decided to look us up on Facebook (where else!?). “I was impressed with how interactive McGladrey was with their hopeful candidates on Facebook,” explains Missy. “They seemed to be friendly and care about their employees.” She posted on our Facebook wall asking how she should go about applying, and we suggested the best process to submit her application. “McGladrey’s presence on social media is one of the things that really impressed me about the firm and moved me to submit an application.” Missy posted on our wall again to let us know she had applied and then continued to visit our Facebook page and interact with McGladrey on Twitter. She later shared that she was engaging and interviewing with other large public accounting firms at that time but didn’t see the same type of interaction on their social media sites.

Missy is also a member of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) at her university and saw that McGladrey was going to be at the NABA student convention. So Missy let us know through a wall post that she was going to be attending the conference. “And I felt great going into the conference to interview since I already had a connection with McGladrey,” said Missy.

Fast forward a couple months… Missy is now a Tax Associate at McGladrey. And her social media route from job seeker to hire is becoming a more common path to take. Missy recommends using social media to get to know the companies you are interested in working for during your job search. She recommends seeking out the companies that are sharing what they’re doing in the community or sharing stories, not necessarily just posting positions. “I felt as if I was getting a preview into what it would be like to work there.” 

Missy suggests that once you get to know the company socially, “put your best foot forward and let them know you are interested!”

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