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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts from a McGladrey New Hire

Written by Jack Kinnally
Assurance Associate
Baltimore, MD

Coming from four years of college, a summer full of finishing credits mixed with Becker review classes as well as a couple last days of sleeping in late during the middle of the week (just for old times), one can imagine the possible feeling of apprehension associated with starting ones first full time job. Apprehension mixed with excitement and uncertainty would be the way I would describe my personal feelings in the days leading up to beginning work for McGladrey. To be honest, after four years of sleeping in, classes that might not start until 3:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon, and constantly being surrounded by roommates or friends, the idea of switching gears into an entirely new working environment can appear a little daunting .

Sitting here now two months into my career at McGladrey, with my first busy season right around the corner I can say with certainty that there was no need for any apprehension. I have found my transition into my career in public accounting has been an easy process due to the steps that McGladrey has developed in order to aid new hires as they begin their careers in public accounting. The first stage of this process consisted of national new hire orientation held in Chicago. Upon arrival I found I was surrounded by roughly four hundred and fifty other new hires that were all in the first week of starting their public accounting careers. If your mind is flashing back to college freshman orientation and first week of dorm life, you may not be terribly far off actually.

During new hire training I learned many firm policies, on the job skills, audit and tax software and a variety of other information that is useful for a successful start to a future career with the firm. The most important lesson I learned though, dealt with the people that make up McGladrey. The reason why I wanted to work for McGladrey was because of the people I encountered during the hiring process, and during a summer internship program I had taken part in one year before my full time start date. At national new hire training I learned that the individuals, who make up McGladrey at a national level not just an individual office level, make you feel welcome from day one. From day one you are a fellow employee and a peer and while you have much to learn, there isn’t an individual I have meet yet within the firm who will not stop and lend you a hand in learning whatever task or assignment you may be working on.

After completing new hire training I returned to my local office and was welcome by the partners of my audit team on my first day, actually my first morning at the Baltimore office. I met my career advisor and my navigator; both individuals who work on my audit team, and have valuable experience and advice they openly share with me. Further, among the many people I can turn to for help or input I know they are always available if I need someone to point me in the right direction or explain the process of completing a work paper.

My first few weeks at my local office have been an exciting time. Earlier I spoke of the feeling in college of always being surrounded by roommates and friends. At McGladrey, I feel as though I am always sounded by team members and friends, because from day one I have felt part of the team. The work has been challenging at times and the learning curve is step, but every day I am acquiring new skills. Each day I am given the opportunity to contribute towards the overall success of an engagement, and I have yet to find myself in a possession where another team member isn’t just a phone call away for guidance and help. Going forward I maintain my feelings of excitement and uncertainty. I am uncertain about the lessons I will learn during my first upcoming busy season, and I am excited about the experiences and opportunities that McGladrey will provide me in weeks and months to come.


Imtiaz Shamim said...

Great blog!!! I felt like I was there with you. I also want to work with great people who can mentor me and guide me to right direction. I will certainly apply for internship with McGladrey and hopefully I will be able to impress them.

Imtiaz Shamim
University of South Florida

Eddie He said...

Hi, good blog! Is the new hire program at Chicago for Associates only or is it for all hires at all levels?

I am starting at McGladrey later this month.


Courtney said...

Thanks for the comment, Eddie! Each office has a local orientation for new employees. Looking forward to your start at McGladrey!

Eddie He said...

Thanks for the response, Courtney. I look forward to starting at McGladrey!