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Friday, January 27, 2012

Planting My Roots

Written by Valerie Koufidakis
Tax Intern
Boston, MA
It’s hard to believe I’m only two weeks into my internship at McGladrey. You see, I first started networking and making my connections to the firm back in September, a full four months before I would ever step foot in the office- and I’ve felt a strong connection to the firm ever since. As an accounting and finance dual major at Northeastern University in Boston, I’m required to complete cooperative education (“co-op”) experiences in my field of study. Prior to starting with McGladrey, I had two co-ops already under my belt, both in private and public accounting. While both of these experiences were extremely positive, and they helped me realize what I was interested in (and wasn’t!), I knew I hadn’t yet found the right company for me.
Through on-campus career fairs and info sessions, I was able to learn about McGladrey and meet some of the staff members at the Boston office. I liked everything I was hearing, could easily relate to the people I was talking to, and the firm seemed like a great match. Many employers visit our campus every fall to recruit co-op students for the spring, so in the last three years, I’ve been to numerous information sessions, and heard the same sorts of things over and over from each company.  Yet somehow, the message McGladrey was sending out was different, and really resonated with me. Going home afterwards, I felt just plain excited, knowing I would definitely be sending my resume out to them. Although, in full disclosure; my excitement may have also been influenced by this delicious cupcake (how did they know I looooove cupcakes?!?) I got at the info session. The firm had a bakery in Boston’s famous North End prepare these in none other than McGladrey colors! It was surely a sign.
After hearing the different staff members discuss the wonder that is the Boston office, I immediately scheduled a site visit to see it myself- and I was sold. The office, despite having 500+ employees has a great community feel, and a very definitive culture. Within the office we even have an art gallery, showcasing paintings and sculptures of all sorts from local artists. Located just across the river from downtown Boston, I am able to enjoy a beautiful walk home each night. I have the U.S.S. Constitution to my left, the Zakim Bridge and TD Garden (Go Bruins!) to my right, and the stunning city skyline straight ahead.
So yes, even though I am only two weeks in, it seems like it’s been a long ride getting here. I’m still adjusting to working eight hours a day, and am doing my best to not dive into bed as soon as I walk in the door each night. As a college student, making the transition to working full-time is certainly not an easy one. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that balance is key! Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a good daily routine down and be ready to tackle the tax busy season in February. I know I’m going to be working long hours and will probably definitely be under stress, but I am mentally preparing myself for the journey now!
Okay now all of you crazy accountants: what do you do to help relieve stress and find balance during busy season? Please share in the comments, any advice is welcome!


Ms.JenJen said...

I wouldn't say I'm a "crazy accountant"...yet. But there are two things I like to do:
1) Go to the gym!!
2) Get a massage...carrying our business bags to and fro can tighten our shoulders and's when you get a pro to loosen out the kinks. :)

Ken said...

Making sure you know that you are not expected to know all the answers will relieve some stress. Ask questions of others how they deal with you. You will find that you are not alone and the team will carry you through. Make sure to find "you" time on weekends

Mike said...

I get down on the floor and play with our Irish lab. It is impossible to be stressed out when he is climbing on you.