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Thursday, January 26, 2012

McGladrey receives Patriot Award for support of deployed employee

Written by Peter Pentland
Tax Associate
Davenport, IA

Staff Sergeant Peter Pentland
 Associate Peter Pentland is grateful every time he thinks about the support he got from McGladrey when he went from tax intern to new hire to soldier deployed to Afghanistan and back to his desk in Davenport, Iowa. Here is the essay he submitted to successfully nominate McGladrey for an Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Patriot Award.

I work for a public accounting firm called McGladrey at their Davenport, Iowa location. In the spring of 2009, prior to becoming a full time staff, I participated in McGladrey's internship program. Following the completion of the internship, McGladrey offered me a full time position. I accepted and we agreed to a start date in November 2010. During the hiatus that followed, I was ordered to active duty as a member of the Iowa National Guard. The order stated that I would begin Title 10 status in November 2010.

Hesitantly, I informed McGladrey's Human Resources department that I was unable to begin in November due to deployment. The department asked to call me back after it had sorted through some information.

The next day, I received a phone call from Human Resources with a different proposition. McGladrey assured me that the deployment would not affect the status of my employment agreement. In fact, after learning of my deployment, the managing partner at the Davenport location suggested that I begin working immediately so that I did not have to seek employment elsewhere before deploying. Human Resources also informed me that I would be paid the difference in my salaries between the military and McGladrey while I was on deployment, further establishing the company's commitment to the military. Let's just say that I smiled a little bit that day.

McGladrey has exemplified the merits which are deserving of the Patriot Award. The company has gone above and beyond the expectations of this civilian solider. Its employees, my coworkers, equally deserve recognition. They continually sent me emails and care packages letting me know that they were thinking about me.

When I retell this account, I am greeted each time with surprise and praise that such an employer exists. I could not agree more. Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,
Staff Sergeant Peter Pentland
Army Reserve officers (far left and far right) and Peter Pentland
presented the Patriot Award to Davenport OMP Steve McCann
and Tax Partner John Romano.

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