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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New York State of Mind

Written by Robyn Brooks
New York, NY
Campus Recruiter

Since I arrived at McGladrey in November, I have been asked at least once per week, “What is it like to work in NYC?”

It’s a funny question for me, because I’ve lived here all my life, and what “it’s like,” is like home.  Working and living in NY is what I do, and can’t imagine it any other way.  I travel the subway each morning with New Yorkers, jammed into train cars, while they read the paper, or iPad version of it- others read over their seatmates shoulder until their stop.  From the subway I walk to 1185 Avenue of the Americas and place my ID card on a scanner to enter through the turn-style and approach the elevator bank.  At the fourth floor I say good morning to my colleagues and partners as I walk to my office.  

Our building has 42 floors, and McGladrey occupies six of them.  We share a building with the NHL, and from time to time, you’ll recognize a player or coach.  I hear the 21st Floor belongs to the Brazilian consulate, and I know that because security accidentally sent an intern candidate there.  After 20 minutes of conversations surrounding him in Portuguese, our intern candidate recognized something wasn’t quite right!

So what is it like working in New York City?  I was recently in Charlotte, NC with our 2011 Summer Intern class.  It was our first visit to the McGladrey office in North Carolina.  The first thing I noticed was that McGladrey employees have free parking there, but New Yorkers typically don’t drive!  Last week, I was in Boston for our Pathways Program.  Every hour we would hear the boom of the U.S.S. Constitution’s canon from the Harbor outside. In NY, you hear the taxi cabs honking as people rush between cars as the red light turns green again to get to Rockefeller Center or Times Square.  In the winter, hundreds crowd the streets to see the tree lighting, in March the St. Patrick’s Day Parade marches down the street and the summer brings free outdoor movies in Bryant Park.

Maybe I am not the best person to describe what it’s like working in NYC, since I’ve been working here all my life.  Perhaps some of the 31 interns in our office can give us an idea!

Assurance Intern, Todd Ferreira of Lehigh University, lives in CT and commutes to New York City each day. He says, “There is never a dull moment in the city itself which means there are endless options for activities after work.”

“I come from a small suburban town where the tallest building is probably a nursing home, so coming to and working in NYC was an experience to say the least. Everything from the sights, food and entertainment options of the city accent your work week. Trying something new is as hard as walking a few feet;  just yesterday I found a cart that sells really good Indian food right outside the office.

“Coming from a small town where you drive everywhere, living in the city is definitely a change of pace. I love the fast-paced atmosphere it brings though,” explains Matt Santucci, Assurance Intern, Syracuse University.

Melissa Rutkowski is a consulting intern attending Ursinus College and is originally from Pennsylvania.  She says, “Lunch breaks are always great because there is an endless amount of restaurants nearby. The commute is quick, but hectic on the subway in comparison to drives in farm-filled Lancaster. The location is the best because of its proximity to shops and parks.”

“Seeing people around you at all times, and watching the illuminated advertising panels around the buildings makes me feel energized,” describes Suen Campos, Assurance Intern, Rutgers Newark.  “I participated in volunteer activities supporting the McGladrey team such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate challenge to raise funds for the Central Park Conservancy.”

New York city delivers many opportunities!.  This summer, our interns will participate in a volunteer event at the Central Park Zoo.  And to complete our summer, we’re all going to a Mets game at the new CitiField! Our interns take full advantage of all that NYC has to offer, as our professionals do every day.  

I am still not sure how to answer the question, “What is it like working in New York City,” but I believe Consulting Intern, Louis Musto, St. John’s University answers it best when he says, “We live and work in the financial capital of the world….why go anywhere else?”

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