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Thursday, July 28, 2011

McGladrey Pasadena Office Moves to Los Angeles

Written by LoriAnn Boyer
Regional Recruitment Business Partner
Los Angeles, CA

This past June, the Pasadena office of McGladrey packed up their wares and moved to the bustling city of Los Angeles.  Any of you who have been part of an office move know all too well what a daunting undertaking this is. The Pasadena office was established over 20 years ago and was a recognized business leader in the community.  A few years ago, Joe Mazza, Office Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office, became an advocate of McGladrey having a footprint in the Los Angeles market and became the driving force behind moving the office to Los Angeles.  Not because we’d run out of great places to have lunch, but due to needing to be closer to our current clients, and future clients, as well as establish a stronger presence amongst our competitors.  As a result we’ve been able to ascertain new business and a well deserved validity that has been a long time coming.  After the Big 4, McGladrey is the only other public accounting firm to have our name on a building in Los Angeles.  Positioned squarely in the heart of Los Angeles, the office will strengthen our firm’s ability to serve clients throughout the region, as well as enhance our efforts in recruiting talent and networking with other firms. 

As with any move, there’s a sense of risk.  At present, the positives have far outweighed any concerns initially had.  We’ve even secured a couple of new clients as a result of being based in Los Angeles, which is a huge win.  Key decision makers in the business community have taken notice that McGladrey has earned its rightful place at the table and they’re beginning to dialogue more strongly with us about partnering together.  Additionally, there’s a palpable energy that exists on the streets of Los Angeles that gets easily transferred to the office.  Employees come into work excited and energized about working here.  In a day and age when so many firms are facing low morale and weak growth, it’s exciting to be part of a firm that’s on the cutting edge, where people enjoy coming into work and contributing to the overall growth and success of the firm.

If you’d like to work with the great folks of our Los Angeles office, or any of our offices, please feel free to visit our careers page at  

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