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Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Sure Your New Job is the Right Fit

Written by Terra Carbert
Senior Recruiter
Minneapolis, MN

Many times when I speak with candidates about opportunities here at McGladrey, I’m very surprised at how little they do to ensure they are making the right decision for them.  I often guide that discussion to determine if there is a fit on both sides and to ensure they really think through their interest both in the role and our firm.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that address both your personal and your professional desires in an interview.  Some candidates do a great job of this and leave me thinking, “This person really wants to make the right choice for them and if they become an employee it will be a long term fit.”  Here are a few of them:

1.     My experience at firm x laid a great foundation for me to get exposure to a variety of industries but I would really like to specialize in an industry. Can I do that here?
2.     It’s important for me personally to spend time volunteering in the local community.  Does McGladrey provide opportunities to do this during working hours occasionally?  What causes, if any does McGladrey support?
3.     I’m currently working in a role that keeps me focused on limited sections of an audit, although I’m early in my career, I’d like more client exposure.  Will I get that with McGladrey?
4.     One of the things I really miss about my time in public accounting is the variety of clients both in industry and size.  Will this team provide wide variety or will I work on just a few large engagements?
5.     I have a passion for non-profit clients that are small in size.  Is that part of the client base I could be assigned to?
6.     How do you handle ethical concerns?
7.     I understand that busy season is a lot of hours, given the field of work I’m in.  What kind of off-busy season hours do people at my level typically work?  I’d like to have a little more down time than I get with my current firm.
8.     I really want to move out east in three or four years.  Do you support internal transfers?

I’m happy to answer these questions for candidates who ask them.  In fact, I wish more people did. 

Looking for a new job can be exciting, scary and frustrating.  No matter what the circumstances are surrounding a job search, it’s important for us to remember career decisions stay with us for a lifetime.  The earlier we are in our professional careers, the more our choices define us as professionals.  The further we get into our profession, our personal lives blend in and these choices become part of who we are both inside and outside of the office.  Ensuring a fit for ourselves is equally as important as convincing a potential employer that we are the right person for the position. 

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