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Monday, December 6, 2010

Your Transition to McGladrey

Written by, Jonathan Norman, Chicago Financial Services Tax Associate. Jonathan graduated from Indiana University and joined McGladrey in August 2010.

“Let’s go celebrate!”

These were the first words out of my mouth after receiving my offer from McGladrey. Getting a job with a prestigious firm such as McGladrey is quite an accomplishment. Celebrate the occasion! However, don’t forget to prepare for your career ahead.

There were several obstacles to overcome after accepting my offer to McGladrey. The easiest was to finish school. Don’t forget to keep your head above the water and finish strong. Finishing off your college career on a great foot is one of the best ways to leave and to begin the next step: the CPA exams.

Preparation for the exams takes a lot of time and research. Make sure to do your due diligence! I wish I knew that it can take up to eight weeks for your state board of examiners to evaluate your education credentials. You need to have this done before you can take your exams. Start researching now and ask questions to your friends or ask your recruiter to put you in touch with an associate or senior associate would will have current and up-to-date information on the CPA exam. Also, choose Becker. I signed up for the highly recommended Becker Fast Pass course this past summer. The course is designed to help you understand the materials and finish the exams within 3 months. This is a great idea! You do not want to study for the CPA while you are working! (It feels like busy season ALL the time.)

Last, McGladrey will eventually send you materials in preparation for you first days. Read the materials provided to you. Don’t forget to have fun! The firm makes it very easy to start working so take advantage and listen to your “buddy”. He or she will welcome and help you from the start. But for now, back to celebrating!

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