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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Poll: Accessing Facebook at Work

Facebook is clearly the most popular online social networking site, but it is also clear that more and more companies are restricting access to Facebook. Although companies are finding more business uses for Facebook, such as groups and Fan Pages (like McGladrey's for example), Facebook is still primarily used for social purposes. It's because of this and other factors that companies are increasing their scrutiny of whether Facebook and sites like it should be available to their employees through their networks.

Our September poll asks you, how would you feel if your employer did not provide you access to Facebook through the company network? Would you not even work for a company like that? Would you be disappointed, but not devastated? Do you access Facebook on your personal devices only anyway? Do you not even use Facebook at all? Take the poll and if you have any specific thoughts or comments on the subject, please comment here as well.

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