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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McGladrey Named to Working Mother's 100 Best Companies List

For the third time, RSM McGladrey has been named to Working Mother Magazine's 100 Best Companies List, and in particular was recognized as a Best-In-Class company for our flexibility initiatives.

Despite the economy, our approach to WorkLife, performance management, career development and family-friendly benefits is focused on the key concepts of respect for the individual and a flexible work environment. Our ability to maintain these benefits, along with leadership’s commitment to flexibility, helped place McGladrey on this prestigious list. Some of our differentiating benefits and services include:
  • New Parent Coach
  • Wellness program (EAP, StayWell, GlobalFit, Intranet Wellness Pages)
  • Extended Care Cash
  • Adoption Benefit
  • Concierge program
  • Paternity leave
  • WorkLife programs, tools, resources, podcasts, etc.
We believe that our commitment to WorkLife strategies is what truly distinguishes our firm from our peers. McGladrey was one of the first accounting firms to develop a WorkLife goal program, which enables employees to sit down with their managers and establish actionable life goals that they can incorporate into their performance-management process. This could include anything from coaching little league to volunteering or taking the summer off to spend on family activities.

Our Flexible Work Environment also offers a wide variety of programs, services and opportunities to support the many demands of an employee’s busy life, including the following: compressed work week, telecommuting, job sharing, flextime, reduced work schedules, and summer hours. New programs that were launched that have proven popular with employees include FlexCareer and FlexYear.
  • FlexCareer enables employees to take up to a five-year leave for personal reasons and provides resources to keep participants connected with the organization and industry to help them return to employment at McGladrey.
  • FlexYear is similar to a teacher’s contract and permits employees to take time off (summers, holidays, particular months) for a portion of the year.
Ultimately, this is another in a long line of awards and recognition related to our WorkLife Initiatives. Other recent awards include the Innovative Excellence Award for our Coach-on-Call program and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Top 100 Companies List. In fact, we have received several other awards recently, and will share (and celebrate) those with you over the next couple of weeks.

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