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Thursday, September 24, 2009 Names McGladrey at Top 25 Intern Employer

McGladrey is receiving a lot of great recognition these days as a great place to work. Being an intern at McGladrey is certainly no exception. Recently, named McGladrey to it's Top 25 Intern Employer list. Making this list is primarily based upon the number of interns that each company hires in a year, so at the very least we are being recognized for having a large Internship program. This does provide us however the opportunity to tell you a little more about what makes our Internship program the success that it is.

Over the past year, we have had numerous posts here about our Internship program, including a weekly series from Rachel (a Winter Intern in our Charlotte, NC office), a podcast series from Phil (a Summer Intern in Southern California) and recaps from our Winter and Summer Capstone Intern Conferences. If you are interested in what it's like to be a McGladrey Intern, I encourage you to read through all of our Intern-related posts. Here's some additional reasons why a McGladrey Internship is such a great experience:
  • An internship at McGladrey is one of the best ways to be considered for a full-time, New Associate position after you graduate as a majority of our interns receive offers as a result of their internship experience.
  • McGladrey Interns get hands-on experience doing client work.
  • McGladrey Interns also have the opportunity to get involved with local community service events.
  • Firm-wide webinars, local social events, and The Capstone Intern Conference provide excellent opportunities for our interns to get to know their peers not only in their offices but at our offices across the United States and Canada.
To learn more about how to become a Winter or Summer McGladrey Intern, please visit the Internship page on our Career Website. We also are visiting over 135 campuses across the country this year, so if we are visiting your campus, be sure to stop by and see us to ask for more information about the specific internship opportunities that will available in 2010.

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