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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Top 8 of '08

What a year it's been. The election, the economy, the Olympics, the weather are just a few of the things that have made 2008 one of most amazing years in recent memory. This year has brought numerous personal and professional challenges and victories for me as well.

One of the achievements that I'll most remember from this year was the launch of Success starts here. This corporate recruiting blog has been a few years in the making (in my mind), but five months, 50+ posts and 3800+ visitors (3K in the last three months) later, it's off to a good start in my estimation. There's alot more for us to do here at Success starts here however. In 2009, we'll have new contributors, more multimedia, and more opportunities for this to be an interactive forum as well. And if there is anything that you would like to see here, tell us!

Above all, I'd like to thank Ken, BJ, LoriAnn, Jay, Todd and Dave (and many many more) for their contributions and support of Success starts here. The success of this blog wouldn't be possible without everyone's enthusiastic participation.

This will be the final post for 2008 as most of us will be taking time off between now and the new year. To wrap up 2008, I'd like adapt the tradition of end-of-year 'Best Of' list making, and offer up to you my Top 8 of '08. My selections (in chronological order) are purely subjective in nature, based solely on my opinion. So, without further adieu...

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