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Monday, December 15, 2008

Surveying our way to Success

30 to 60 days after you have been hired by McGladrey, you get an email from me to complete a survey. This survey essentially measures your experience in our hiring process from the time we invite you in for an interview up to your first day of employment. The survey also provides us with valuable information regarding what resources our new hires used while looking for a new job, and why they accepted our offer of employment.

Overall, the results have been very positive, but we do get negative feedback as well. By allowing our new hires to leave comments, we have been able to learn more details regarding what may of not gone well in their experience, therefore providing us insight into what process improvements may be necessary if those issues were discovered to be systemic.

I was reviewing the most recent survey results just last week when I came across a comment that was not just very positive in nature, but glowing to the extent that I felt it should be shared with you. Susan C., a recently hired Tax Supervisor in our Greensboro, NC office had this to say about her experience in our hiring process:

“It was a wonderful experience. After getting a few offers from other public accounting firms and industry firms - McGladrey was just perfect! I immediately loved the people during the interview process and was ecstatic about the additional responsibility with this role. I feel McGladrey, above any other public firm that I know, really puts an emphasis on the people. We don't just feel like an assembly line …we feel like a team here. Even with the other offers, accepting with McGladrey was easy with the great opportunity they presented working with these wonderful people. Managers even took the time to eat lunch with me after the offer, to better get a feel of what I would be doing. Everyone did a great job making me feel welcome - including beautiful flowers sent to my house - which made me feel SO much better after I gave my resignation (to my previous employer). This was a wonderful experience and you guys are doing a great job with recruiting.”

Kudos to the Carolinas Economic Unit and their Talent Acquisition Manager, Caroline Cash, for delivering such a spectacular experience for Susan. And thank you Susan for sharing with us such glowing words of appreciation.

Have you interviewed with McGladrey? Do you have any comments to share? If so, please share them with us here. We are always seeking ways to ensure that our hiring process is a gratifying, engaging and productive experience.

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