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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Social Media Props for McGladrey

So I'm on LinkedIn earlier this week, and in the company-related news section (which I love BTW) was a blog post about McGladrey's relationship with Natalie Gulbis and the "Who's Behind Your Success" promotion. We posted information about this promotion earlier this year, so I was very familiar with what it was all about.

What I didn't know however was the extent our Marketing department went to reach out to online social media. The blog post goes on to praise McGladrey as being
"...ahead of the curve not only in the accounting/finance world, but in the general business world with respect to their marketing strategies. They have incorporated social media marketing and succeeded with it while some companies are still trying to hone in on what the difference between and blog and a discussion board actually is. This is a big step forward for the blogosphere, RSM McGladrey and Natalie Gulbis"

Very nice compliments indeed. I like to think that we are being progressive with Success starts here, as we are one of only a few companies that actually have active corporate recruiting blogs (along with Microsoft (and here), Sodexo, and HCA West Florida). Corporate blogging, whether marketing or recruiting-related however is still in it's infancy.

Our marketing department has been very supportive of our efforts to date, so it's great to see them recognized in the blogosphere for their open willingness to embrace social media.

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Sodexo Careers said...

Thanks for the mention - I follow your blog and enjoy reading about the great things McGladrey is doing nationwide!