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Friday, September 5, 2008

Team Building...and eating. A lot of eating.

This post was contributed by one of the Supervisors on the Health Care / Not for Profit team, Rick.

"Every year our team goes up to one of our team members cabin’s during the week for a fun night away from work. We usually end up boating, playing yard games, and enjoying a few adult beverages. We have been lucky every year so far with the weather, and have enjoyed ourselves a lot. It is a good way to talk to your co-workers, of all levels (partner through staff), and get to know them on a more personal level. Our team has a lot of fun together, and we typically grow some really good bonds through events like this, as well as other events we have annually (i.e. Saint Patties day party, Annual Eating Competition, and random other events. I think it shows a lot of who we are that our partner’s not only allow us, but strongly encourage us, to all to take two days of a normal work week to go up to a cabin and just have fun. We look forward to this event all year long, we usually start planning this event in “prime-time” to give us something to look forward to and to insure that all of us have no excuse to go."

***Note from Jay***

While Rick does an excellent job of describing how the team does a great job of enjoying time together outside of the office with the cabin event, you might have noticed a little mention in his post about an eating competition.

For the past couple of years one of the Directors on the Health Care / Not for Profit team sponsors an eating competition at Chipotle. McGladrey auditors come from miles around to witness the competition which takes place during busy season.

The Challenge: Who can eat the most burritos in 15 or 30 minutes.

While he might be to modest to brag, Rick has won the past two years. And to prove it, here's a picture of him in the heat of the competition!
Rick, your eating ability is an inspiration to us all! Good luck in 2009!
Interested in joining Rick's team? Check out the open positions below for the Health Care / Not for Profit Audit team:

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