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Friday, July 25, 2008

What does Public Accounting look like? An intern video

Earlier this summer, the interns in our Phoenix office were extended a challenge, to explain using any media available the concept of 'What does Public Accounting look like' to the outside world. The 'actors' in the video include the Phoenix office Managing Partner, Dan Williams, along with 3 full-time staff members (Tait, Ross and David), and 4 interns (Jordan, Chris, Theresa and Ian). 3 other interns in the office (Tracy, Melissa and Jill) also took part.

What they came up with was creative, funny, maybe even Oscar-worthy??? Check it out and see for yourself!


Valerie Wilson said...

The Phoenix Interns had a great time producing this movie. You don't see the remainder of the introductions by the Interns at the end of the hall (this led to a live action presentation by all 7 Interns). Dan Williams and our Phoenix office had a great time joining in the video we shared withe everyone. I loved their creativity and I hope you did too!

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