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Monday, July 7, 2008

Two Company Names? What Does It All Mean?

Describing our company can be a challenge at times. As you have probably noticed already, we use two names, RSM McGladrey and McGladrey & Pullen. RSM McGladrey is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of HR Block that provides accounting, tax and business consulting services. McGladrey & Pullen is a partner-owned CPA firm that provides audit and attest services. So why the two different (yet similar) names?

Federal and state regulations and laws exist to ensure that licensed CPA firms are separate legal entities and are fully able to act independently in service to their clients. The rules and regulations state that a public company cannot own any share of, control any aspect of, or share in the profits of a licensed CPA firm. The Alternative Practice Structure (APS) that we operate under enables us to fully comply with the spirit, rules and regulations that govern our business. So, although we operate as separate and independent legal entities, we work together to serve our clients needs.

A bit confusing? Yes, but necessary nonetheless. For the sake of being simple and direct, we will just be using the name McGladrey when we refer to our company on this site. I hope this helps to clears up the multiple company names issue for you however. To learn more, please visit the About Us section on our website.

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