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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Newest McGladrey expats look forward to opportunities

UK expats Katie Johnson and Will Meconi
It’s been only a couple weeks since McGladrey’s new U.K. expats touched down in London. But already it’s clear that Will Meconi and Katie Johnson will have plenty to keep them busy—and grow their careers—during the next two–three years.

According to Will, an assurance director from Boston, “It’s obvious that I am going to learn a ton about London’s business culture, as well as the general culture of London and the rest of Europe.” While in London, Will and Katie will support U.S.-based audit teams with component audit needs in the U.K. and surrounding countries. 

“Katie and I will work with our expats in Germany to ensure that all of the current engagement team needs are met in a timely fashion with a high quality work product,” says Will. “After we get through busy season, our focus will turn to driving business development here in the UK, ideally with opportunities that will result in outbound referral work to the US.”

Katie, an assurance manager from Chicago, will focus specifically on network growth of financial services industry opportunities. “But I’m happy to assist with other industries in any way I can,” she says. “I’ll also be responsible for workpaper reviews and onsite proposal support in Europe.”

With only seven days on the ground, McGladrey’s newest expats have nothing but great things to say about their temporary hometown. “London is amazing. I certainly won’t be bored here anytime soon,” Will says. “I have a friend in London who has been an expat with another firm for the past four years. All he talks about is how easy travelling Europe is and what an amazing experience it has been for him. I’m really looking forward to taking advantage of everything this opportunity has to offer.”

Katie and Will are currently based at RSM International headquarters in London. “Everyone we’ve met so far has been very supportive and friendly,” says Will. And Katie adds, “It was very clear to me right away that the RSM International employees are working diligently to make us a global company and support the network firms.”

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