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Monday, April 1, 2013

Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes

By Selin Terzi
Tax Intern
Stamford, CT

Came in to find this on my desk
one morning, “Thank you for all of your
hard work during this peak season.
Here are some treats to get you through”
 I’ve thought of a million different ways to say this, but I cannot believe I’m already at the end of my internship at McGladrey. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would during my time here. I learned not only about tax rules and compliance but also things like who the best rapper is—apparently Jay-Z is at the top of the list. All Jokes aside, my internship at McGladrey has left me with not just tax experience but perhaps even more importantly, life lessons that I will carry with me. Every single person from associate to partner has made me feel comfortable and helped me with the various questions I’ve had along the way. I’ve worked on several different types of returns including individuals, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations and trusts. I’ve been trusted to speak with clients and given the freedom to approach projects the way I thought best. But, let’s not stray too far from what brought me to McGladrey in the first place - food! Yet again, McGladrey has proven its passion for food. At a recent intern event held at a cupcake venue in NYC, the CT and NY interns gathered and baked cupcakes together. We made a variety of cupcake types including banana, vanilla and chocolate with several different frosting flavors like cream cheese, vanilla and chocolate. The banana cupcakes were by far the best, considering that’s what my table made! I never realized how much work went into baking cupcakes and the systemic nature of the steps that must be followed to bake them. The cupcakes came out delicious and my family loved me for bringing a box home! 

As I was working with the other interns, it hit me that this is exactly what McGladrey values: teamwork. It amazed me how well everyone worked together. The venue was not very large, yet everyone swiftly worked their way around and took turns frosting cupcakes. It seemed like we knew each other forever, while in reality most of us never met before! I think that perfectly reflects the culture of McGladrey. Although we’re not baking cupcakes in the office, everyone works together to achieve the best results possible. And throughout the process you gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in addition to obtaining lifelong friends. 

Probably the best picture ever...
Icing their cupcakes with passion
Now this wouldn’t be a good old Selin post if I didn’t end it with a quote. “Don’t cry that it’s over, smile because it happened” – Dr. Seuss. Although I am sad that my internship is now ending, I cannot help but smile when I reflect on all that I’ve learned and all the new people I have welcomed into my life. So readers don’t be upset that this is my final post - I’m sure you will hear from me soon! Most importantly, thank you for all of your support throughout my internship!
The final product

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